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August Favorites–New Lanterns, Lash Serum + More

OK I realize it’s already September 6th and probably a bit too late for an August favorites post, but I’m doing it anyway. Yep, it’s happening. Better late than never, right? August was such a great month full of some pretty exciting things, so I wanted to share a quick recap as well as a few of my favorites. I always love doing these posts, even if it is a little late, and I hope you enjoy them too! Grab your coffee or a snack and get comfy. Let’s do this!

August Recap

I have to say, August was one of the best months of the entire year so far. We celebrated my daughter’s birthday and mine too, which is always super fun. Then we had the launch of my candle, Warm Caramel Crumble with Antique Candle Co. So many of you showed up BIG for this launch and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t begin to express how much your support of this candle means to me. You guys are the BEST and I’m so grateful for this community. And how dang cute is this cake my husband and the kids surprised me with?! You better believe I ate a ton of that cake. It was delicious.

New Lanterns

A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of large black lanterns from Target and we finally got around to hanging them last weekend. We used these hooks to mount them on the wall and I love them! Super affordable too and it’s a fun little change from the botanical prints I’ve had in this spot for a while.

Random Tidbits & Favorites

  • In early August I got hooked on Rachel Hollis videos on YouTube. I just love her attitude and I always get so inspired anytime I watch her speak. Definitely check out her channel if you need a little extra motivation!
  • It’s safe to say I’ve officially fallen in love with running. I’ve shared a few things about it over on my IG stories, but I’m hooked. It’s been the best stress reliever and it’s not become my favorite part of the day. I made a little running playlist too for any of you that have Spotify. Check it out here.
  • I ordered this vitamin E oil earlier this month after seeing so many people rave about it. So far I’m only using it on a few old acne scars and I think it’s starting to help!
  • All month long I’ve been using this lash serum and I’m finally starting to see a big difference in my lashes! I’ve noticed they are definitely longer, but they’re also thicker and more voluminous which is what I really wanted. I used Latisse for a while and so far I’m liking this better. I’ll share more results soon!
  • These wedge sneakers are my new favorite shoes for fall.
  • I absolutely loved the 40 day prayer challenge/devotional in August. I shared more about it in the post about my favorites books of the year, but it’s had a very powerful impact on me. I highly recommend it.
  • Heads up for those of you that have been waiting on the large wall basket in my office and the girls’ room. It’s finally back in stock!


August was a busy and fun month here on the blog! Now that we’re back in a more regular school routine, I’m trying to get into my old posting schedule again. I’m working hard to have new posts up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Here were the top five blog posts this month:

  1. 5 Affordable Cardigans from Amazon
  2. Easy Letter Board Hack
  3. Simple Fall Decorating Ideas
  4. DIY Peace + Calming Bath Bombs
  5. 10 Creative Ways to Use Wicker Baskets

Well that’s it for my August favorites. Thanks so much for hanging out with me for a bit today. I love when you’re here! I’ll be back on Monday and I plan to start sharing fall decor very sooooooooooon! xoxo

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  • Becky Johnson
    September 6, 2019

    Love your Aug favs, even if it’s sept. No worries. Love this lanterns. Never thought to hang something like that! They look great. I might be needing a book in the near future! Lol.I want that chair too! That’s on my wish list! So reasonable! Have a good week end sarah! Candle yum too!🌻🌾🍂🍁💕

    • Sarah
      > Becky Johnson
      September 8, 2019

      Thanks so much Becky!! xoxo

  • Susan Weiss
    September 6, 2019

    Hi. I love your blog posts! So full of great ideas. You mentioned Vitamin E but not the brand. I was just wondering if there is a specific brand?
    Have a wonderful day, Sarah

    • Sarah
      > Susan Weiss
      September 8, 2019

      Hi Susan, the vitamin E oil is by Healthy Priority. You can see it here: