Quick Tips to Easily Transition to Fall Decor

Hey guys and happy Labor Day!! I actually wasn’t planning on posting anything today since it’s a holiday and I know most of you are probably off having fun, but I decided to pop in for a quick little post about how I transition to fall decor in our home. I was actually thinking about this topic over the weekend because it seems like everyone I know is SO excited to decorate for fall. I’m personally still a little ways off, but I am doing a few things now to start preparing our home for the transition from summer to fall decor. It’s nothing super fancy, but there is mental process I always go through when I transition to new any seasonal decor in our home. And really, just creating a game plan beforehand really does make the process so easy. Anyway, I hope these quick tips help if you’re feeling unsure of how to start making that transition to fall decor!

3 Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

3 Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest


Every time I prepare to transition to a new season’s decor, I always ask myself what is my goal? Do I want to have a minimalist approach or do I want to go all in? Do I want every room to be full of fall decor or do I just want to focus on two or three areas of our home? Deciding those things FIRST will definitely help you determine how much decor you need and what kind too. And it also simplifies the whole process. For example, if you want to do a fall mantel, you know you’ll need smaller decor pieces and maybe a fall wreath. Or if you want to do a cozy fall living room, you know you’ll need a few fall pillows, maybe a plaid throw blanket or two, and a couple of pumpkins. BOOM. It’s that easy. Organizing yourself and your goals/ideas beforehand helps SO much.

3 Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest


Once you know what areas of your home you want to decorate for fall, you can then start planning out what you need to purchase. But before you do that, be sure to check your stash first! Bring out any fall decor you have in storage and look through all of that first before you buy anything new. I honestly bought SO much fall decor last year and I know I can re-use all of that this year too, so that saves me a ton of time and money. I think sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and buy seasonal decor we don’t really need because we forget what we already have. Or we don’t really have a plan or goal to help guide us. So save yourself some money and check first!


If you decide to purchase new fall decor, I think it’s a great idea to give yourself a budget to work within. Once you’ve outlined your goals/ideas and then sorted through your stash, start making a wish list of what you’d like to purchase. Writing those things down, along with your budget, really makes it easier to stay on track. And it will hopefully keep you from spending money on things you don’t need!


One thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years when it comes to any seasonal decor is that it’s important to stay true to what you love. If you aren’t a fan of fall colors like orange, red, gold or brown, then simply don’t use them! I always used to feel like fall decor meant I HAD to decorate with those warm colors, so I’d head off to Hobby Lobby or Target and buy all the orange things. But then when I put it in my home I never truly loved the way it looked. It wasn’t until I started to decorate with colors that were more in my go-to, neutral color scheme that I started to fall in love with fall decor. So just a little reminder to use seasonal decor that feels right for your home.

Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

Quick Tips to Transition to Fall Decor. Easy fall decor ideas for your home! #falldecor #falldecorating #littlevintagenest

Well I hope this helps you mentally prepare for an easy transition to fall decor in your home. Obviously everyone does it differently and it’s TOTALLY up to you, but these are just a few things I think about before I start decorating for any new season. And it really does help make the process feel less overwhelming and much more simple. Thanks SO much for dropping in today!! I truly appreciate it. Here’s a few other fun fall posts you might want to check out while you’re here:

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How to Easily Transition to Fall Decor

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  1. 9.3.18
    Claudia Paternoster said:

    Where did you get the pumpkin patch pillow?

  2. 9.3.18
    Becky said:

    Happy Labor day Sarah! These are great ideas. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed when I get my bin of fall decor out. I don’t know where to start. Then I’m always changing things around the rest of the season. What a nut hey! I’m going to figure out things first. Thanks Sarah! xoxo

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      I’ve done that same thing Becky! But having even a little plan going into it always helps. Good luck! And have fun 🙂

  3. 9.3.18
    Brenda said:

    Happy Labor Day Sarah! You always brighten my day. Like you I’m not quite ready to decorate for fall but you’ve given me the approach on how to start thinking of what I want to do. Your home always looks beautiful.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Brenda!! SO grateful you stopped by.

  4. 9.3.18
    joan said:

    everything looks so welcoming and relaxing! you have several pumpkins but because they are such soft colors, it looks very refreshing, without being overwhelming. Where do you get your pumpkins and do you paint them? thank you.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Joan! They’re all from Michael’s.

  5. 9.3.18

    For some reason Fall is the hardest season for me to decorate for. Maybe it’s because, like you, I really don’t like all the oranges and browns typically seen in fall decor. I’m going to follow your tips and use a more neutral color scheme this year. Hopefully that will work better for me.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      I agree Sandy!! It was so hard for me too. And Christmas is hard too because I’m not a fan of bright red and green. But when I started getting more neutral seasonal decor it felt a lot more like me! Remember it’s YOUR home, do what you love. xo

  6. 9.3.18
    Angela Servello said:

    Happy labor day, love this post, it’s like you were reading my mind. I was in Michaels yesterday looking around at all the pretty fall decor and realized I really should go home and
    see what I have. It’s really true you forget year to year. Love all your pumpkins. How long did it take you to get so many? Same here on not being a big fan of fall colors, but your neutral shades are perfect. Have a fun day. Love and hugs🎃💞

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      haha that’s a great question! I actually bought the majority of these pumpkins last fall. I went a little overboard! I’m definitely good this year, I won’t be buying ANY more pumpkins!

  7. 9.3.18

    Great post! I honestly think I get so caught up in pleasing everyone else that I don’t decorate for myself or stay true to what I want. Thanks for the reminder!

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      I hear you on that Cindy! But it’s so important to remember that it’s YOUR home. Make it what YOU want!! xo

  8. 9.3.18
    Pam said:

    Where do you find those cute fall pillows? I’m having an awful time finding any this year!

  9. 9.3.18
    Mary Beth said:

    Great post to kickoff September. I just found your blog yesterday when I was retreading an old magazine.
    I like to slowly transition to fall with sunflowers in September, pumpkins & Halloween decorations in October and pumpkins, gourds, pilgrims and turkeys for November.
    I take photos of my vignettes and save to a holiday folder on my phone and Pinterest folder. He helps as a reminder of what I already own especially since I have multiple bond of decorations.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      That sounds like the perfect plan Mary!! PS: I’m so glad you found my blog!! What magazine was it?

  10. 9.3.18
    Caty said:

    Hey, Sarah. Love the blog! Where do you get your pumpkins from?

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      They’re all from Michael’s!

  11. 9.3.18
    Janie said:

    Love your neutral colors. It fits right in with your beautiful farmhouse.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Janie!

  12. 9.3.18
    Susie said:

    Hey Sarah, I am always looking forward to reading your comments and admiring your talent and ease of putting a room and or a seasonal room together. I have one question though how do you keep all your seasonal décor organized and at easy access to be able to put a room together which it seems to take you no time to change a room. Its not to much its just right.

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Susie!! I keep all of my seasonal decor stored in tubs in our basement and garage. I try to keep it as organized as possible!

  13. 9.3.18
    Kathy said:

    I love your neutral Fall decorations! So clean looking and beautiful!
    Where did you find the chargers you’re using?

    • 9.4.18
      Sarah said:

      Those are from Pier 1!

  14. 9.4.18
    Michele said:

    I decided this year to paint my pumpkins I bought at the dollar store and my gourds I got from my aunt. My color scheme in my home is blues and grays with some light greens. I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the orange because that just makes me think Halloween is already here and I’m not ready for the Halloween decorations to come out yet. I do like your idea too of getting it all out to see what you have before you make impulse buys and then aren’t 100% happy with it. Thanks always for sharing your ideas and your inspirations! 🙂

  15. 9.5.18
    Tracy Woods said:

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I do have one question: do you replace any existing decor or do you just add your Fall decor to what you already have in place? I know I use to replace my existing decor when it was time to decorate for Christmas and this can be quite exhausting!!

    • 9.6.18
      Sarah said:

      I typically use my same decor and I just add in faux pumpkins and other seasonal touches! I like to keep it simple.

  16. 9.9.18

    I love your blog. Great content on Fall Decor! Congrats! I nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award. Visit https://finefabulousfree.blog/2018/09/09/i-was-nominated-for-a-blogger-recognition-award/

    • 9.11.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you SOOOO much!! What an honor!