Easy Letter Board Hack!

You guys!! I just discovered an easy letter board hack and I have to share it with you all because I’m basically geeking out over it. Ok so last Friday I was playing around with my letter board and I started thinking about how cool it would be if this thing would stand up on its own. Of course it works really well if you’re holding it for a cute photo, but otherwise I don’t really use mine because it needs to be propped up on something or laid flat. Anyway, I started brainstorming a few ways I could make this darn thing stand up on its own and then it hit me: use the back stand of an old photo frame!

Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.
Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.

I looked around the house and found an old cheapie photo frame. At first I wanted to remove the back stand, but I knew that was would be tricky with the way it’s screwed in. So I simply removed the entire back piece and hot glued it directly to the back of the letter board. EASY PEASY.

Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.

I made sure to put the piece low enough that it would hold the letter board up straight. You can play around with the positioning to get it just right–it will depend on how long your stand is!

Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.

BOOM. That’s it. This literally took maybe three minutes from start to finish. And the best part is it didn’t cost me any money and now I can use this little letter board wherever I want around the house.

Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.
Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.
Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.
Easy letter board hack! See how simple it is to add a stand to the back of your letter board.

I really haven’t used my letter board for much other than a few fun photos with the kids (these are great for the first day of school!) but I feel like I’ll be able to use it SO much more now that it has this little stand. I can put Bible verses on there, our weekly menu, inspirational quotes, or just whatever strikes my fancy and it can go anywhere I want it around the house.

I am SO excited about this easy letter board hack and I hope it helps you get more use out of your letterboard too! Also be sure to check out this post where I shared 5 ways to use a letter board in your home.

Amazon has lots of affordable letter boards, but here are a few I found:

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  1. 8.19.19
    Trish Turner said:

    OMG can’t wait to add this to mine, you are so SMART!!!

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      yay!!! Thank you Trish!

  2. 8.19.19
    Debbie said:

    I LOVE this idea and now I might get a letter board. I haven’t bought one yet because of needing to hang it on the wall. This is a MUCH better option.

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      Right?! It’s so much more useful now with the stand!

  3. 8.19.19
    Julie said:

    BRILLIANT! โ™ฅ๏ธ

  4. 8.19.19
    Mary said:

    Where would we be without our glue guns?? Great quick fix Sarah ๐ŸŒž

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      haha isn’t that the truth, Mary!

  5. 8.19.19
    Jennifer said:

    Brilliant idea! Sometimes itโ€™s the simple things right?!?

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes totally!!

  6. 8.19.19
    Shawna said:

    OMG, this is brilliant ! I will use mine so much more now.

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      RIGHT?! I’m already using mine more now. So much better!

  7. 8.19.19
    Wendy said:

    LOVE this hack idea! Thank you! You always have the best ideas. So smart and creative!โค๏ธ

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      So glad you love it Wendy! xo

  8. 8.19.19

    How smart is that. Would have never thought of this. You’re the girl!!!!๐Ÿ’• love it๐Ÿ˜Š

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      haha thank you Becky!

  9. 8.19.19

    Thanks for coming back. I was missing you. Love your idea. You are so good at fining solutions to our problems.

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      ahhhh thank you Sally, you are so kind! xo

  10. 8.19.19
    Andrea Mack said:

    I cannot believe that this is the topic today!!! Just several days ago, I realized that I NEVER use my letter board for this very reason. I did put a new message on it and propped it up in front of my fireplace but now I have the perfect hack!

    Thanks Sarah!๐Ÿ˜Š

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      I never used mine either Andrea! But already using it more now with this little hack!

  11. 8.19.19
    Gail said:

    GREAT idea, Sarah!!๐Ÿ˜

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Gail!

  12. 8.19.19
    Angela Servello said:

    Love this, but what I love even more is seeing your happy little email. So happy your back. It’s funny I felt like I lost a good friend. Thanks to all who agreed with me and took the time to express it. Have a blessed day to you and your readers.๐Ÿ™

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Angela! I was surprised to see so many in favorite of emails with every post. I actually love it too, so I’m glad to be back to normal around here! xo

  13. 8.19.19
    Vicki said:

    Great idea! I have used small decorative easels/cookbook stands as well, but this is very inexpensive! Even if you didnโ€™t have a frame, you could pick one up at a thrift store or dollar store. Could be used for other decor as well, basically any small flat wall decor that you want to display on a surface! At our small school, the kids gets to do a table display for highschool graduation and we used a letter board for my daughterโ€™s name and where she was going to college. Then she and roommates used it at college for a โ€œsaying of the weekโ€ that they posted on IG. So many fun ways to use them!

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      That’s such a good point, Vicki! This would work so well for those small flat wall decor pieces.

  14. 8.19.19
    Cindy said:

    I love your idea! So smart! I also LOVE the cabinet it us on! If you talked about it before, I missed it. Can you share any information about it? Thanks!

  15. 8.19.19
    YOOU said:

    OMG!! I was so excited to see this post! I watched The Sorry Girls YouTube channel on a DIY letter board. I collected everything I needed to make one. I had 1 question for them though before I started making it. Sadly, they never answered back. THEN, Aldi’s Grocery had one for under $5.00. I bought 2 of them. Let me tell you, I was sooo excited! A couple of weeks later Aldi’s had a lighted message box for under $10. I was in Heaven. I had been looking for cute/funny signs to put in my informal dining room. I saw signs on Pinterest I wanted to use so I was all set. On the letter board I put I Love You To The Fridge & Back. The light board says Alexa, Clean My House. lol Last time I was in Aldi’s they didn’t have either board or box. Sorrrreeee…
    But, thankfully, you’ve hooked up your readership on where to purchase them. I hope they all have as much fun with them as you & I have. I love your brilliant/clever idea using the back of a picture frame to make it stand up. Sometimes the easiest way is right under our noses but need someone else to point it out. Thx so much!! Hugs

  16. 8.19.19
    Deanna said:

    Oh my goodness!!! That is an amazing idea! I never used my letterboard for the exact reason! I am doing this tomorrow!!!!! Thank you!!!!๐Ÿฅฐ

    • 8.20.19
      Sarah said:

      Right? I never used mine either. I’m already using it so much more now!

  17. 8.27.19
    Brenda Holladay said:

    Thank you for bringing back the email notifications for each blog post. I look forward to those in my inbox – its almost like Christmas when they arrive!