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The Ultimate Tula Skincare Guide–My Top Favorites!

Goooooood morning and happy Monday beautiful! I am so excited about today’s post because I’m sharing the ultimate Tula skincare guide–I’m breaking down my all-time favorite products in several different categories! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I hope this helps any of you that have been thinking about trying…

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The Best Fall Pillows

Who wants to talk about fall pillows?! I sure hope you’re raising your hand right now because that’s on the docket today–we’re chatting about the best, coziest fall pillows in all the land. Really, these are hands down my favorite pillows ever and they’re all from With Lavender and Grace. If you’ve been around for…

The Final Step in Our Kitchen Renovation

Holy toledo, I can’t believe we did it. You guys, after four loooooong years of slowly fixing up our 1980’s kitchen, I am so happy to say the renovation is FINALLY done. Cue the happy dance and all the jazz hands!!! Eeeek! We just completed the last piece of the puzzle, which was getting a…