BIG News!!

Good morning sunshine and happy Monday!! Ok, so today is a big day because I have some super exciting news to share. And I’ve actually been keeping this news a secret since March, so the fact that I can finally talk about it today feels a little surreal. But here goes…..I’M LAUNCHING A SIGNATURE CANDLE…

Summer Bedroom Refresh

So I went through most of yesterday feeling like it was Monday. Or maybe Sunday?! It was seriously the weirdest thing and I just felt off all day long. Holidays in the middle of the week always throw me for a loop. Anyway, I’m happy it’s the weekend and we get a few more days…

Summer Clothing Haul from Amazon

So I know tomorrow is the 4th of July and most of you are probably busy baking patriotic treats right now, but is anyone up for a little summer clothing haul from Amazon?! I sure hope so because today I have 10 awesome finds to share with you guys. And to be honest–I’m super impressed…

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