Nordstrom Sale Picks + Random Tidbits

You know what I realized yesterday? That we only have about three weeks left of summer break. THREE WEEKS. How sad is that?! Really, I can’t believe that’s even possible. I hate how fast this summer has gone and I also hate how early kids have to go back to school these days. When I was young, school always, always started after Labor Day. There was none of this early August malarky. Folks around here are already buying school supplies! It’s pure craziness if you ask me and I’m sad just thinking about it. I am nowhere ready for summer break to be over. Not even close. Anyway, enough about that! Let’s move on to today’s Friday Favorites post because I do have a few fun things to share. I also have my picks from the huge Nordstrom sale happening right now, so let’s hop to it!


I recently got a few of these lace up ticking stripe pillows from The Vintage Songbird and I’m obsessed with them. These are the first lace up pillows I’ve had and I think they’re so pretty.

Farmhouse style decor and vintage desk

Farmhouse style living room

Luna Mini

I’ve been using this Foreo Luna Mini to cleanse my face every night for a coupe of weeks now and I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE it! It actually came in my FabFitFun box a while back and I completely forgot about it. But I dug it out and started using it and now I am obsessed. I’ve noticed that it helps improve the texture of my skin and exfoliates without being too abrasive. Plus it’s easy to clean, which is great.

Laundry Room Inspiration

Farmhouse style laundry room inspiration Farmhouse style laundry room inspiration

I stumbled on the GORGEOUS laundry room from the talented Monika Hibbs this week and I love every.single.detail. Our laundry room is such an eyesore, so this gives me major inspiration to tackle that project. Laundry wouldn’t be so bad in a beautiful setting like this, huh?


Today is the first day of public access to the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so I rounded up a few of my favorite finds for you guys!! I have both home and fashion picks, so I hope this helps if you’re on the hunt for a good bargain–so many things are marked way down. And everything is FREE SHIPPING!!


Other tidbits from the week:

  • I found these beautiful thank you cards on Amazon. I love sending cards in the mail and these are so pretty.
  • I made a DIY glow serum this week with a few of my essential oils. I did 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Copaiba, and 10 drops Lavender in a one ounce bottle. Then I filled it up organic rosehip oil. This combo is supposed to be amazing for your skin, so I will definitely share how I like it after I’ve used it for a few weeks.
  • My Pinterest account hit 50,000 followers this week! That number was a goal I had in mind when I started my blog almost three years ago now, so it felt special to finally see that number. Come over and follow me there if you aren’t already!

Well that’s a wrap for me today guys! We are off to the mountains this weekend, but I will see all of you lovely people back here on Monday morning!! xoxo

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  1. 7.20.18
    Becky said:

    Hi Sarah, Happy Friday! I always hated the end of summer. Sometimes I thought I was the only mother that cried when the kids went back to school! It does start way to early. Okay if I had to pick a few things and I do it would be the those pillows, blankets/throws and those long sweaters. All things to keep us toasty for what lerks before us! UGH! Well thanks so much again and congrats on your #s on instagram and Pinterest! Have wonder week-end in the mountains! xoxo

    • 7.22.18
      Sarah said:

      I am right there with you Becky!! I am always so sad when school starts. I wish we had more time!! 🙁

  2. 7.20.18
    Dana said:

    Congratulations on hitting one of your goals!! It’s such a great feeling when a dream (for lack of a better term) becomes a reality. I am proud to be one who is on your follow train!

    • 7.22.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Dana!! So happy to have you following along. xoxo

  3. 7.20.18
    Lauren said:

    So happy you hit your goal! Last year our governor changed back to school until after Labor Day, the way it was when I went to school! Sorry your kids go back so early!

    • 7.22.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s so awesome! I am beyond jealous.