Favorite Rug, Greenhouse Visit & More

Well I’m a little bummed right now because somehow Spring Break is already almost over. I can’t believe it’s already Friday–this week has gone by SO fast. Why does that always happen?! Breaks always seem to zoom by at record speed and I’m always sad when it’s over. It’s been so nice to have my sweet little guy home this week, and my husband actually took some time off as well, so I’ve been a happy gal with all my crew home together. I wish the time hadn’t gone by so fast, but I’m still grateful that we got to take a little break from the normal routine. Anyway, I hope your week was full of happy things too! Today I wanted to pop in for a quick Friday Favorites post. I don’t have a ton to share, but I did want to show you guys the new rug we got in our living room and a couple other random things!

New Living Room Rug

About two months ago I ordered this rug for our bedroom and I shared it in this post. I’ve been SO happy with it–I love the color, design and it’s super soft too. Well I actually decided to get another one for our living room because the rug we had in there was getting worn out and it was time for it to be replaced. Plus the baby just started crawling (yay!) and I wanted a rug that would be more comfortable on her little knees. We just put it in the living room and I am loving it.

Farmhouse style living room with neutral area rug! Farmhouse style living room with neutral area rug! Farmhouse style living room with neutral area rug!

This rug is seriously so nice, even my husband commented on how good it looks in our living room. It has a vintage vibe and the coloring is a mix of light blue and soft gray. It’s actually pretty thick too, which is so nice for the kids to play on. We got the size 8×10 (that’s also the size that’s in our bedroom) and it’s back on sale right now so I wanted to let you guys know in case any of you might be looking for a new rug!

Farmhouse style living room with neutral area rug!

Remember that lemon botanical pillow I shared in this post about spring decor from Etsy last week? I told you guys that I recently got mine out for spring, so I wanted to show you how darn cute it is!

Farmhouse style spring decor

Greenhouse Visit

This week we celebrated the first day of spring with a visit to a huge greenhouse. They were just starting to get all their spring flowers out and it was so fun to walk around and admire all the pretty things. The kids loved it just as much as I did! And boy oh boy, I have some MAJOR spring fever now. And my desire to be a real plant lady is stronger than ever. Too bad I’m absolutely awful at keeping plants alive.

My Favorite Probiotics

Ok, this might be a little random but I wanted to share my favorite probiotics with you guys. I actually mentioned these on Instagram a while back, but I wanted to share them here too because they’ve truly made a big difference in how I feel. So to give you a bit of back story, several months ago I was feeling super run down and really tired. I obviously wasn’t getting much sleep with a new baby, but it was more than just being sleep deprived. My whole body just felt like it was running on fumes. Anyway, I started drinking those GoodBelly shots, which are packed full of probiotics, and I noticed that whenever I had one of those I would feel much more energized. Once I made that connection between my energy levels and probiotics I started doing some research and found that probiotics are insanely important to our health–much more so than I ever realized. That’s when I decided to start taking probiotics every single day, just to see what would happen with my energy levels. I bought these Dr. Formulated Probiotics and told myself I’d try them for one month to see how I felt. (I get them at my grocery store and the ones I take have to be refrigerated, but there’s also a non-refrigerated version here)

Within just a few days of taking these I started feeling sooooooo much better. I had so much more energy, I felt more clear headed, and just way better overall. I’m not going to say I don’t still feel tired at times (because life with three kids makes you tired!) but I no longer feel that heavy fatigue that I felt before. The only thing I changed was taking these–I take two on an empty stomach every morning right before my coffee. I’ve been taking them for about 4 months now and I absolutely LOVE them. They’re a bit pricey at about $35 a bottle (which lasts me a month) but I think it’s totally worth the investment. I just wanted to share this today because if you aren’t taking probiotics I highly recommend looking into it. I’m obviously not a doctor, but these have made a big difference in how I feel. These are my favorite, but there are a zillion options out there. Just do your research first!

Favorite Maxi Dress

Cute maxi dress and denim utility shirt. Great outfit for spring and summer!

This week I was doing a little spring cleaning in my closet when I found my favorite maxi dress. I’ve shared this with you guys before, but gosh I love this dress so much. I was practically living in this thing last summer and I am so excited to start wearing it again now that the weather is getting warmer. I just ordered another one in this gorgeous rose color for Easter. I also love this light blue option too!


Favorite Maxi Dress EVER!!

Well that’s it for me today my friends. I’m off to enjoy the last of Spring Break with my favorite people. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I’ll see you back here sooooooooooon!! xoxo

Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 3.23.18
    Annie said:

    I just love reading your post and always find it so uplifting. I also love your home today you gave me some great ideas. I’m a lot older and love the dress need to order one! Thanks again for all of your great tips😊

  2. 3.23.18
    Donna Malone said:

    I love your rug. I have one just like it. But mine is grey and blue print on off white. I got it at Waufair and love It! It makes a perfect statement in the living room. I love the lemon pillow. I will have to look for something like that for my couches. My pillows are heavy and I need to lighten the look and feel.
    Thank you for.inspiring and affirming my design.

  3. 3.23.18
    Angel said:

    Great post as per usual!!!! I’m loving that Maxi Dress. The blush pink is dreamy. I’m glad you had a good spring break but time sure does fly! DON’T BLINK I hope you have a great weekend and see you in stories on IG til the next post.

  4. 3.23.18
    Robin said:

    Please look into probiotics before starting to take. There are pros and cons that I won’t go into.

  5. 3.23.18
    Fran said:

    I always look forward to your sweet post, you are such a sweet down to earth gal, nothing phony about you! Your house is so cute and I love seeing what your going to do next, and after seeing your post on the probiotics I really feel I need these especially after having to put my little poodle of 16 years to sleep last Friday. I am having the hardest time, not sleeping in 6 days, still feeling lost and numb and can’t stop thinking even when I try so hard.i keep busy when I’m with my 2 year old grandson but I always have to come back home where I’m having the hardest time so since my oils aren’t helping I better try probiotics! Thanks again!

  6. 3.23.18
    Angie said:

    I’m sad spring break is coming to an end too!! It flew by. Summer will be here before we know it though!! Random question, but do you know if the probiotic is safe to take while nursing? I’m in the same boat you were, feeling sluggish and hoping to find something natural to give me some energy to keep up with my girls. I’m still nursing my 8 month old though, so I wasn’t sure if you nurse your little sweetie and maybe know the answer to my question. Love your rug!!! I may have to look at that one for my bedroom. 😊

    • 3.23.18
      Sarah said:

      Yes I am still nursing too and from what I know probiotics are safe while nursing!

      • 4.6.18
        Angie said:

        Yay!!! I got on to read today’s post and realized I never looked back to see if you responded to my question. Thanks so much!!! I’ll be checking into those for sure!! ❤️

  7. 3.23.18
    Brenda Johnson said:

    That rug is so pretty, I wish I had a place to put it! I take Garden of Life probiotics too, they are great quality and a must for my gut to stay healthy! I have ordered pillows from that Etsy shop and love them! Have a great weekend!

  8. 3.23.18
    Deedra said:

    Beautiful rug! I think it looks really nice in your living room!

  9. 3.24.18
    Sandy said:

    Love reading your posts. Thanks for all your DIY’s. I have just started Spring Break and am looking forward to doing all kinds of home cleaning and a few DIY’s. I was wondering where did you get your chairs in the living room, the ones with the big nail heads? I love them.

  10. 3.24.18
    Amy said:

    I am dying over that rug!! Love reading your blog and so grateful I found you. Have you already done a post on tips and tricks to styling trays? So many bloggers have the cutest arrangements on their trays and when I go to do it….well, let’s just say it doesn’t always look very balanced. And is there a trick to having the throws always look put together? Mine sort of look like blankets that need folded. Looking forward to seeing more of your projects this year.

  11. 3.25.18
    Julia said:

    Will these rugs lay well over carpet without being wavy?

  12. 3.26.18
    Carmen said:

    I ordered the rug. Got it today. So far I’m loving it. I’ve been searching for one and when I saw your post/IG story I thought how pretty and neutral.

    • 3.26.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay!! So glad to hear you love it Carmen. It’s definitely a good one!

      • 5.13.20
        Betsy said:

        Where did you purchase the rug? I may have missed it.. it’s beautiful

  13. 3.27.18
    barbara boxell said:

    I am new to your blog and your home is just beautiful!! I really like the looks of your couch and chairs, would you mind sharing where they are from? I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • 3.27.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Barbara, I’m so happy you found my blog! The couch is from Lazy Boy Furniture, it’s their “Brennan” sofa. And the chairs can be found here: https://rstyle.me/n/cis4jwb6hgf

  14. 3.28.18
    Sherry said:

    Where is the maxi dress from? I’m new your site but love it so far! That dress is perfect, but i’ve been having a hard time finding just the right one. Thanks for your post!

  15. 4.2.18
    Vickie said:

    Sarah I enjoy your post so much and that you find the deals and all I have to do is click and buy. I got the maxi and paired it with denim jacket, it is great and I never would have put together without you.

    • 4.2.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay!! That makes me so happy Vickie. Enjoy the dress!!

  16. 4.3.18
    Kimberly said:

    Hi Sarah! I ordered this rug thanks to your recommendation! I’m so excited to receive it. It’s exactly what I have been looking for. And I have to ask, where did you find the curtain rod (the round shape) in your living room? Love the curtains too! Where do I find those?

    • 4.6.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay!! You will love the rug. And that curtain rod is the industrial rod from Target!

      • 4.13.18
        Kimberly said:

        Oh my gosh I am IN LOVE with my new rug!! It really enhanced the look and feel of my cottage style living room!

        Next up, curtains – thank you!

        • 4.15.18
          Sarah said:

          oh yay!!! SO happy to hear you love the rug Kimberly. Isn’t it amazing how the right rug can totally change the look and feel of a space?!

  17. 5.30.18
    Summer said:

    Hi I’m dying to have this rug. It is exactly what I’m looking for. However when I click your link it only takes me to the rugs on Wayfair and not specifically to this one. Could you tell the name of it so I could find it that way? Thanks so much!

  18. 6.3.18
    Tiffany Rashkin said:

    I love this rug! Is it the Youati Ivory/Gray Area Rug by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse? This would look great in my family room. Thanks!

  19. 6.3.18
    Tiffany said:

    Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly!

  20. 10.21.18
    Kathy said:

    I really enjoy your posts. Where did you find your coffee table? It is so pretty.
    Thank you!

  21. 10.21.18
    Kathy said:

    Love your posts, your house is so cute. Can you please tell me where you found your coffee table? I’ve been looking for one and really like it!!! Thank you.

  22. 11.26.18
    Jessie said:

    Hi Sarah! I love your taste and style! Your living room is perfect and inspired me to give mine an upgrade! Love my new rug! I was wondering where your curtains are from?? I am in LOVE with the simplicity , yet super cute look of them! Thanks so much!!