New Bathroom Vanities–Help Me Pick the Faucet + Mirror!

Ok I’m going to just come out and admit it–I’ve been in a major state of decision paralysis over what to do with our new bathroom vanities. We’ve had them over three months now and I STILL haven’t figured out what faucets I want or what mirror I should get. Terrible, I know. But I just can’t seem to make a decision. I originally wanted vintage brass faucets, but now I’m not sure that will look good with the black tops on our new vanities. I’m honestly not sure what to do, so I thought it might be fun to take a few photos of the new vanities and show you all the options I’m considering for the faucets and mirrors. (I also have a huge coupon code for my candle at the end of this post!) Okie dokie, here’s how the new vanities look:

You might remember that I ordered these vanities after deciding to get rid of our old “dresser vanities”, which weren’t holding up well at all. Plus there was pretty much zero storage in those and I was just tired of dealing with it. So we ordered these vanities (they were on a huge sale) and installed them back in June. I love the look and it’s so nice to have more storage! Now I just need to hurry up and make a decision–I need faucets and I’d like to change out the mirrors too.

Faucet Options:

Option #1: First up, I really love this faucet in vintage brass, which I’ve admired for a looooong time now: I almost ordered this last week, but I just can’t decide if it will look good with the black tops.

Option #2: Here is the same faucet in oil rubbed bronze, which is another really great option and my husband’s favorite choice. I love the cross handles and vintage vibe of this faucet. It comes in a few different color options too!

Option #3: Another option could be this widespread faucet in brushed nickel. I like that this one has a vintage look to it, but it’s a little more sleek.

Option #4: The last option I’m considering is this one that’s a bit shorter, but it comes in matte black, which is kinda hard to find. Again, I love the cross handles and these have the white labeled tops!

Okie dokie, those are the four faucet choices I’m considering, now here are a few of the mirror options I love!

Mirror Options

Option #1: I love the idea of doing a simple round black mirror like this one. I think it would look really nice with the black vanity tops, especially if we did a vintage brass faucet. Plus the price is super affordable.

Option #2: Another round mirror option is this one with the wooden frame. I like natural finish on this one and I think it would go well with the vanities and any of the faucet options too.

Option #3: I absolutely LOVE this vintage brass mirror. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Unfortunately I think it might be a bit too small for the vanities (we’d hang it horizontally), but I’m smitten with it. This would look really cool with the matte black faucet.

Option #4: The last option is another great one if we went with a black or oil rubbed bronze faucet. I love the antique brass finish on this round mirror and the price is pretty affordable too.

Well there are all my options! Now what the heck do I choose?? I think there are several different combos here between the faucets and mirrors that would look great, I just have to find the one that works the best with the vanities (and hopefully goes well with the light fixtures we already have). I’d like to make a decision pronto and get something ordered, so tell me what you think in the comments below!

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Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 9.30.19
    Debbie Hibbert said:

    I would probably go with one of the black faucets. As for the mirrors … I think I’d start by painting the inner white part a black, and see how that works. I like your mirrors!🙂

    • 9.30.19
      Letie said:

      I’m in your exact situation. Renovating guest bathroom. I ended up doing brushed nickel faucet because I had oil rubbed bronze prior and it didn’t hold up well. Drove me nuts with all the white film from the water and always looked dirty. However I love the brass option! I also love the round brass mirror. I have one sitting here along with 2 other options and I can’t decide! I feel your pain.

  2. 9.30.19
    Kelly said:

    I like option 1 or 2 for the faucet. I don’t think option 3 is really going to give you the look you’re going for and option 4 doesn’t have a long/high enough neck, IMO. If you go option 2 faucet I love the rectangular mirror. I think if you go option 1 faucet, I’d stick with the mirrors you have. I like how the rectangle looks with the rectangular vanity.

    Also, thanks for the coupon code! I love your candle and now I have an excuse to get another one 😊

  3. 9.30.19

    I prefer the style of the first two faucets, but I prefer a contrasting finish in a silver tone either chrome, nickel or satin nickel against the black counter. As for the mirror I think the vintage brass mirror really reflects your style, or something similar, if you need a larger size. I would not be opposed to hanging it vertical either. I hope that helps. Your new vanities are pretty! I like that they still have the furniture look!

  4. 9.30.19
    Patti Popp said:

    I would go with the vintage brass fixture with the black round mirror.

  5. 9.30.19
    deanne said:

    vintage brass mirror and first faucet shown, very classic,uet elegant and timeless, that vanity is too dressy for alot of the options shown

  6. 9.30.19
    Jana said:

    All are beautiful options and I can see why you are struggling! The vintage brass is so pretty, but not sure how it would look with the black top either. Are you planning on changing out your towel holders too? I’m thinking the brass may be too formal looking with all the more rustic elements you have going on in the light fixtures and towel holders. My initial thought was option 2 on the faucet and then the round black mirror. But I’m wondering about just painting the existing mirrors out all white and leaving them. Tough decisions for sure!

    • 9.30.19
      Jana said:

      Also noticed your hardware on the cabinets are a brushed nickel or silver color? Will you be changing those out? They would look pretty black as well and then it would keep with the black and white contrast you have going on in the rest of the house. Just another thought.

    • 9.30.19
      betty in arlington said:

      Paint the mirrors gold and go with the brushed nickle for the faucet. Those cabinets are beautiful – I like the roominess (is that a word?) of the bathroom! Can’t wait to see your choice completed!

  7. 9.30.19

    Go with your husband’s choice. Make him feel Good and it is the right choice, I just looked down and saw Debbies comment and that is wha I was going to say, try black paint don’t think small round mirror will look right with long cabinet and light. Can’t wait to see your choice

  8. 9.30.19
    Ruth said:

    I would choose the oil rubbed bronze so it matches your light fixture & gives a little contrast to the black top. …and I would keep your mirrors & just paint them

  9. 9.30.19
    Daveda Newkirk said:

    Option #1 faucet. #3 mirror

    • 9.30.19
      Holly said:

      I love the mirrors you have already or the antique gold rectangle, faucet I would do option 2. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. 9.30.19
    Carey Mosbrucker said:

    # 2 option faucet goes best with your light fixture in my opinion. I agree with other commenter….paint mirror frame or no frame at all mirror that fills the space draws attention to faucets and vanity. Otherwise gets too busy looking, but, hey you’re a great decorator go with what you like ☺️

  11. 9.30.19
    Leslie Carver said:

    Number one for the closet all the way! They are gorgeous countertops and it’s great to do something different then the light fixtures. I think for the mirrors you should do option two because I think that natural wood would look really really nice with your wall color and everything else and just give a little bit of chang. I think it will look beautiful. Good luck!

  12. 9.30.19
    Becky jacobs said:

    Option 3 faucet. The color matches the handles as does the style. I don’t think you will like that last one as it is too low. Option 1 mirror. Stay with the dark to go with lights and countertop. Or paint the existing one as someone else suggested! Try photoshop to tryout the options!!

  13. 9.30.19
    Jenn said:

    Sarah, such a hard decision. I am drawn to the black round mirror with the brass faucet. It really compliments the vanity top. It’s gonna be gorgeous no matter what you decide. 😀😀

  14. 9.30.19
    Patti said:

    I’d go with Option #3 (brushed nickel) Would it match your lighting? I cannot tell if your lighting is brushed nickel or copper? For your mirror Option #2.

  15. 9.30.19
    AnnTN said:

    All are great choices and I can understand why you have decision paralysis.

    If this were my bathroom my choices would be #2 for the faucets and #1or #2 for the mirror.

  16. 9.30.19
    Tammy said:

    The OCD in me like the faucet to match the hardware on the vanity. So I say the brushed nickel faucet with the black mirror. It would give nice consistency of finishes and all flow beautifully. I Love ❤️ the vanities by the way! Good luck!

    • 9.30.19
      Deb said:

      I think that is a great choice too, Brushed nickel faucets to match the knobs. I would use the black mirror to match the counters, but you could always paint the mirror you have – black. I really like the size of the mirror you currently have.

  17. 9.30.19
    Carolyn said:

    I like the nickel with the black top and the hardware that’s on the vanities. And the first black round mirror. Ya know another option could be painting the wood frame of the current mirror matte black to tie in the light fixtures and the vanity top… just a thought and save a little money…

  18. 9.30.19
    Jan said:

    I love the cabinets, are you planning on changing out the knobs to match the antique brass, which I love. If not my choice would be #2. I like the mirrors you have and agree with others to just paint the wood black but if you really want a new mirror the round black is my choice. There all great choices don’t think you could really go wrong with any of them.

  19. 9.30.19
    Melanie said:

    We have a copper faucet (that has taken on a more brass-like patina) with black granite in our kitchen and I love the warmth it adds. We do have oak cabinets though, so if you do use the brass you may have to add some other complementing elements.

  20. 9.30.19
    Pat said:

    I would do either the oil rubbed bronze to match your light, or the nickel finish to match the cabinet knobs, unless you plan to change out all the knobs! I would keep your existing mirrors and possibly paint the natural wood part black. I think the round mirrors would look too small.

  21. 9.30.19
    Kasey said:

    Hey Sarah, I’ll have to admit I agree on echoing others suggestions to keep your mirror and paint the wood colored section with black matte paint! It won’t take away from your vanity, and will compliment both the white and black color accents. As for faucets, option 2 for sure. I think it’s the one your husband likes also. My extra 2cents would be to swap out the vanity hardware for a rubber oil bronze as well! Considering the lights and countertops, everything would flow well without being overbearing. Try not to stress too much, worse comes to worse, things can be returned if you change your mind! Even if you go with a whole other idea, I trust what you put together will look great. Hope I could help!

  22. 9.30.19
    Ashley Platt said:

    I love the brass! I’d say #1 brass faucet and #4 brass round mirror. If you go with the black faucet the flat with white knobs is really cute.

  23. 9.30.19
    Karen said:

    I would do the vintage brass faucet, so elegant and timeless. Why don’t just paint the plain wood mirror? White would look good but black would add detail and make it pop!
    Just love your vanities, they are a little dressier, maybe change the knobs to vintage brass too.

  24. 9.30.19
    Melissa said:

    Faucet 2!! I like a black mirror but I feel like round might not be big enough?

  25. 9.30.19
    Marilyn S. said:

    I’m like you I just don’t know what faucets will look best , I’m sure you have spent hours on the internet looking at vanities with various faucets. I do though have an opinion on the mirrors. I would go for a cheap round or rectangular one for now -dont spend a lot , because ultimately they deserve the Perfect antique mirrors. You will one day walk into an antique store and say that’s it that’s the one ! I also think having 2 different ones helps with not making it look like a matching set but more of a found and put together over time look.

  26. 9.30.19
    Kathy said:

    Nickel finish to go with your knobs and try painting the inside wood part of your mirror black, or go with the round black mirror. How have you gone without faucets since June?? 😊

  27. 9.30.19
    Cristin R Allen said:

    Black faucet (#4) and black mirror (#1). Then change out the handles on your vanity to something that is black. Black and white is very classic and will not go out of style.

    • 9.30.19
      Melody said:

      #1 mirror
      #2 faucet

  28. 9.30.19
    Denise N Raley said:

    What color is you pendant lights?

  29. 9.30.19
    Judy Flynn said:

    Love options 1 for both 👍🏼

  30. 9.30.19
    Karen said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I would go with either option 3 or 4 for the faucets, brushed nickel if you’re keeping the vanity hardware and option 1 the black mirror. I couldn’t tell what colour finish your light fixture was, but I would try and keep it consistent.
    Look forward to the final reveal.
    Karen from Vancouver,BC

  31. 9.30.19
    Gayle said:

    Hey Sarah!
    I would go with your husband’s choice or the short matt faucet….along with the wooden mirror! There’s a lot of straight edges and it would look great with a round option. Also the wood will add another element to the area 😄 but I’m sure whatever you choice will look great!! Oh…and I would also add a lovely live plant!

  32. 9.30.19
    Cynthia said:

    I’d go with option #3 on the faucet and option #1 on the mirror, or just paint your existing mirrors black.

  33. 9.30.19
    Heather said:

    I love all your options, but with the black countertops, I think the black faucet, #4 for faucet and #1 black for the mirror! I’m sure it’ll look cute no matter what you choose! 🖤

  34. 9.30.19
    Vick said:

    I would definitely go with one of the tall faucets. I like the idea of contrast with the black countertops, and I think the brass would look gorgeous on the black, but the nickel would coordinate better with the cabinet hardware, and I’m assuming the other fixtures in the room as well. Are the vanity lights black? Also, I don’t know if a round mirror would look right under the rectangular light fixture. I would suggest doing the nickel faucet and live with it awhile before changing the mirrors. I also agree with others that you could paint the existing mirrors, maybe all white. I was also wondering how you have gone without bathroom faucets so long? Good luck deciding!

  35. 9.30.19
    Jacklyne Read said:

    I think option #3 for your faucets, and option #1 for your mirrors.

  36. 9.30.19
    Stefanie said:

    I love faucet option 2 and mirror option 1!!!! Can’t wait to see what you choose!!!!!

  37. 9.30.19
    Katie said:

    I like faucets 3&4. Silver or black would look nice. Also like mirror 1. I would do black.

  38. 9.30.19
    Lisa said:

    I think option #3 for the faucet! You can’t go wrong with the brushed nickel! And option #1 for the mirror. I think the black would work well with the countertop. I love the vintage one but maybe not here.

  39. 9.30.19
    TaRahma Gulledge said:

    I like the oil rubbed bronze faucet your husband likes and like the idea that about keeping the mirror you already have and painting the inside wood part black.

  40. 9.30.19
    Rhonda Zientek said:

    Faucet #2. Use the mirrors you have and paint the natural wood black. Love the new vanities!

  41. 9.30.19
    Brenda Masters said:

    I like faucet option #3 (I prefer the taller faucets) and mirror option #2. I actually prefer the mirror you already have in the bathroom. If the room is dark, I’d keep the larger mirror to reflect additional light.

  42. 9.30.19
    Shaina said:

    Honestly, I love the brass facuet and Black mirror. I think that the brass is so timeless and it will really pop on the black countertop! And the mirror will look great with your current light fixture. Of course I’m sure no matter what you choose it’s going to look great! 😉

  43. 9.30.19
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    From personal experience DO NOT go with #3 those handles fall off and strip easily .#2 faucet and I’m thinking #4 mirror

  44. 9.30.19

    O my word, so many choices. How can you ever make a decision! Good luck, it is in your hands now!

  45. 9.30.19
    Angela Servello said:

    Morning, I would go with option #2 for the faucets and #1 for the mirrors. Love the oil bronzed look, I have one in my kitchen. Also, not really a big fan of mixing metals, especially in a smaller room. Anything you choose will look great especially when you put your own spin on it. It’s hard making a decision with so many choices. At this point, to with your gut. Happy ordering🎃👍

  46. 9.30.19
    Cheryl said:

    I’m voting for #3 faucet and #1 for the mirror. The brushed nickel will join in with the cabinets hardware. The black mirror is fabulous with the counters. I’m just a nut about continuity & not bringing in a multitude of finishes. Simple & classic.

  47. 9.30.19
    Susan Daniels said:

    Definitely the brass and gold mirrors!!

  48. 9.30.19
    Mona Brandt said:

    I like your mirrors too. I’m partial to brushed nickel. But bronze or matte black might look great too. I can’t wait to see what you you come up with. You always have clever ideas.

  49. 9.30.19
    Karen said:

    I would go with the nickel faucet since your knobs on the vanity are nickel. I like option one or two for the mirror. You could also just paint the wood part of your mirrors black and keep them.

  50. 9.30.19
    Bailey said:

    Hi Sarah!! Loved the post today, that vanity is so pretty. I’m really loving faucet #2 or #4. We recently got one very similar to #2 and it is just gorgeous! Who knew someone could be so in love with a faucet lol. But I’m also loving either mirror #3 or #4. So hard to choose!

  51. 9.30.19
    Debbie said:

    Option 2 for faucet and Option 2 on round mirror. 😊😊. I like the contrast. Will be interesting to see what you pick.

  52. 9.30.19
    Teresa said:

    I love option 4 on the faucets if it comes in a bronze color and option 4 for the mirror too.

  53. 9.30.19
    Tia said:

    All are great facets but I think you need to go with option #3 (brushed nickel) to coordinate with the knobs on the drawers. I’m not for matchy-matchy but because it’s a stand alone piece of furniture it needs to be cohesive as one. As beautiful as the brass faucet is, it will stand out like a sire thumb because there is nothing else brassy around. Even if you put a brass mirror with it, it may look as though your trying to hard just to make the brass work.
    I love mate black fixtures (I have them in out home), but because the countertop is black, the faucet will be hidden amongst it & you won’t be able to see it’s beauty.
    I vote for the brushed nickel faucet (to match the knobs), and the matte black mirror (to match the countertop).
    Good Luck!! Excited to see the final product!! 🙂

  54. 9.30.19
    Jean Gilmore said:

    Keep your mirrors and paint out the frames… I like #2 in the faucet choices!! Good luck

  55. 9.30.19
    Dot said:

    Decisions! Decisions!
    My choice/vote for the faucet would be #3 as it seems to match the knobs on your vanities. As for the mirror I like the round black one best, BUT I also like your existing mirror. Maybe paint it all white or all black?
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what your final choice is!

  56. 9.30.19
    Shannon said:

    I love those vanities! They are so pretty! I like the oil rubbed bronze with the wooden mirror.

  57. 9.30.19
    Les said:

    The new vanities look great! I’m curious, as we are remodeling our bathroom converting dressers like you had done previously… in what ways did they not hold up? We were going to paint them white and put on vessel sinks. I’d love to know if there is some pitfall in our future that comes with regular use so that we could avoid it if possible. 🙂

  58. 9.30.19
    Tracey said:

    I think I’d stay away from the black because the black counter top. With that said, I like the taller version of the black with white knobs. Or I’d go with the brass. I d go with the black mirror. And I’d go with the black

  59. 9.30.19
    Candy said:

    Sarah I love #2 faucet and #1 mirror…I think it would look awesome, but I am not a decorator as good as you..I mean that sincerely…love everything you so.
    I just love your new vanities!

  60. 9.30.19
    Terry Germain said:

    Like all but I like #3 faucet with #1Mirror. You have such good taste anything you pick will be great

  61. 9.30.19

    Hi Sarah,
    Brass faucet because you love it and then change the knobs on your vanities to black. Black mirror, simple and won’t compete with the faucet. The black faucet is nice too but my experience with a black one that I installed almost two years ago has taught me that they don’t stand up as well as the metals do. There has been chipping around the end of the tap and the black plug in the sink has not done well with the water. I’d be worried that the tap handles would also be susceptible to chips. Love the vanities and love seeing your stories every day!

  62. 9.30.19
    Vicky Morris said:

    I like the vintage brass faucet which will really show up against black counters. Would go with black or brass round mirror. What color are your light fixtures?

  63. 9.30.19
    Linda said:

    I “think” that I would pick #3. First I would remove the white board behind the light. Then depending on the color of the faucet and the knobs (pewter or antique brass) I would paint the mirror that color. Then I would go over it with black and distress it so that the color peaks through.
    Have fun with it and can’t wait to see what you pick.

  64. 9.30.19
    Michele Gaydos said:

    lovely vanities!…and i like mirror option #1 and faucet option #4,good luck with the decision.

  65. 9.30.19
    Andrea said:

    Option #4: faucet
    Option #1: mirror

  66. 9.30.19
    Sharon N said:

    All are nice, however I vote for option 3 on the faucet and option 1 (simple black round) on the mirror. I think those two complement the vanities the best.
    And I LOVE the vanities!!
    Love your blog too!

  67. 9.30.19
    Brenda Johnson said:

    You may have already decided but I like the brushed nickel faucet and the round mirror with black frame.

  68. 9.30.19
    Shari said:

    I think the oil rubbed bronze faucet and the black mirror would be awesome. We are remodeling our bathroom and I chose the oil rubbed bronze faucets. Absolutely stunning! I wanted this finish for so long. Good luck I can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.

  69. 9.30.19
    Jmac said:

    Or…you could keep mirrors you have but just paint the wooden part black, leaving the white trim.

  70. 9.30.19
    Faith said:

    I’d match vanity hardware knobs. Then the mirror could repeat the counter, faucet, or vanity color easily. Personally, I think the round of the light fixtures would compete with a round mirror…an oval set horizontally or rectangle could still work…I wonder if you painted the current outer frames black and inner one your vanity color how it would blend.
    Another trick for faucet color decision…go to Lowe’s buy a set of each color, take home and set the color parts on counter…take pictures of each then return them to store neatly packaged and that can help you decide.
    If they have what you want in store that’s even better…but if you do bronze or brass I’d change vanity hardware to match it. Good luck!

  71. 10.1.19
    Mary Wilson said:

    I like the black round mirrors with the silver faucets. If you put the black faucets it will just fade out black on black. All you will see is the white handles. But what ever you do I’m sure it will look nice. Oh you could put them laying against it and step back like a picture. Good luck or go out side and yell. Lol Maryn

  72. 10.1.19
    Holly said:

    I like the oil rubbed bronze faucet with the round (black) mirror. All are great options though!

  73. 10.1.19
    Denise said:

    Faucet #2, mirror #3

  74. 10.1.19
    Julia Crutchmer said:

    Faucet option #2
    Mirror option #1

  75. 10.1.19
    Barbara said:

    Love the vanities! Ok here is my two cents. If you’re keeping the brushed nickel hardware, I’d go with faucet 2 in brushed nickel if available. The black and oil rubbed bronze would just blend into your countertops. Keep your mirrors because they are the perfect size. Paint the white part black and keep natural wood for warmth. I’d also paint your lights black. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  76. 10.2.19
    Nichole said:

    I liked #1 faucet and number 3 mirror. Need I say more good luck and can’t wait to see what you choose

  77. 10.3.19
    JanL said:

    If you can’t make a choice & you are asking people from the internet who don’t live in your house for their opinions … but your husband expressed his favorite, I believe I would go with his choice. Any of these could be nice.

    • 10.4.19
      Sarah said:

      I’m simply trying to get feedback and making it fun, Jan.

  78. 10.8.19
    Diane said:

    Love your vanities..I love option #3 the brushed nickel. It would be beautiful with your black top. Option 1 the round black mirror (love round mirrors) would give another dimension instead of everything rectangle. I wondered how it would look to paint the inside wood black and distress with white over your original mirror. I enjoy your blog and whatever you choose will look great. Happy Fall🌻