Walmart’s Express Delivery-Honest Review

A few weeks ago I was super honored to try out Walmart’s Express Delivery. And as a self-professed homebody, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to try it out for myself. I’m all about getting as much as I can delivered right now, especially in this crazy busy season of life, so my answer was HECK YES. Plus I didn’t even know Walmart was offering this kind of thing. Each order placed through the express delivery option will be delivered in two hours or less to your front door. Awesome, right?! I gave it a shot and today I’m excited to share some honest thoughts on the overall process!


  1. Placing an express delivery order was super easy. I went to the Walmart website and clicked on the pickup and delivery tab in the upper left corner. Then I began selecting the groceries we needed at the time and added those to my cart. Easy peasy. The cool thing about delivery is you can also get household products and pretty much anything else Walmart has in stock, so I ordered things like shampoo for the kids,baby wipes, and snacks for school.

2. Once I was done shopping I went to the checkout tab and selected the “Express Delivery” option. I followed the simple steps to check out and BOOM. Done.

3. Wait for the order at home and drink coffee. (That part is optional. Obviously.)


Once I placed my order, I received an email stating that Walmart received it and they were working on it. Then a mere TWENTY SIX minutes later I got another another email that my order was out for delivery. Seriously, 26 minutes?! I was blown away. They were definitely under the two hour mark! My order was sitting on my doorstop faster than it takes me to do a load of laundry. Online grocery shopping for the win!!

Overall, I loved getting my order through Express Delivery. There’s just something so satisfying about having groceries dropped off at your door. However, there is a delivery fee associated with the express option, but I think it’s totally worth it if you’re in a pinch and can’t go to the store. Especially if you’re sick, have a sick kiddo, need diapers ASAP, or just don’t feel comfortable being out in stores right now. Or if if you’re like me and have 20817 other things going on right now! It’s super convenient and definitely an amazing option to keep in mind. Plus the delivery services are available from 8AM to 8PM every day of the week!

Walmart Express delivery is subject to availability at select stores. Standard delivery fee and/or Express delivery fee may apply. Minimum order applies. 

Thanks to Walmart for teaming up with me on this post!

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  1. 6.23.21
    Mary said:

    I order my order on as a gift so it would be boxed, instead I got it from local stores everything was out in view. Because of health problems what I order I don’t want the whole neighborhood to see. Is an insult to my privacy. This was annotated as gift n ignored. For most items is super but not something like disposable underwear.