Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker

If you’ve been around the blog for more than a few minutes you probably know that I’m a hard core coffee lover. Coffee is seriously one of my favorite simple pleasures in life and I’m not kidding when I say that I go to bed at night thinking about my coffee the next morning. Crazy, I know. But that’s how much I love it and my husband is the same way. We are big coffee people. Anyway, for a long time now we’ve wanted one of the super popular Nespresso coffee makers and we finally got one! I’m already obsessed with it and it’s seriously one of the coolest things EVER. It’s hands down my new favorite kitchen appliance. I know many of you love coffee as much as I do, so I thought it would be fun to do a review of our Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker!!

Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker


First up, if you don’t know anything about the Nespresso Vertuo coffee maker you can check it out HERE. It’s basically one of the best single cup coffee makers on the market. It’s insanely popular and you’ll even see these coffee machines in lots of fancy places like five star hotels and luxury spas. I’ve heard nothing but raves reviews and I’m seriously so pumped to finally have one of my own. (Mine is from QVC and it’s actually marked way down right now!)

Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker


This Nespresso machine was super easy to set up. I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated because this is obviously more complex than your basic coffee pot, but the initial set up and cleaning process only takes a few minutes. The machine has an automatic cleaning process that you need to do before using it for the fist time. Once that was complete it was ready to go!

Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker


This machine uses coffee capsules and there are TONS of different brewing options. There are light roasts, dark roasts, espresso, double espresso, and lots of flavors to try. And the cool part is each capsule is meant for brewing a specific type of coffee–for example you can do an espresso, latte, basic cup of coffee and more. You don’t even have to select anything–the Nespresso literally reads a little barcode on each capsule that tells it what type of coffee to brew. Isn’t that awesome?! It’s like a mini barista is living in there, just waiting on your order! This thing is so smart. You just choose what kind of coffee you want, put the little capsule in, and the machine knows what to do. I LOVE that. And the best part is it heats up in fifteen seconds, which is super handy if you’re in a rush, running late, or just generally impatient like me. I love the convince of making a cup of coffee in just a few seconds.

One thing to be aware of is that you have to order the capsules directly from Nespresso or on Amazon! At first I wasn’t crazy about the idea of not being able to pick up the capsules from the grocery store, but let’s face it–the majority of what I buy is online. Adding coffee to the list isn’t a big deal!

Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker
Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker


This Nespresso also comes with an awesome milk frother, which means you can make lattes, cappuccinos, etc. This warms your milk, froths the milk, and basically whips it into creamy heaven. It’s SO COOL. I’m still learning how to use this frother, but I love that it comes with this Nespresso. You can basically make any type of coffee your little heart desires!

Review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker


This Nespresso machine is obviously a bit of an investment for your kitchen. But I have to say, I think it’s worth the money if you love really good coffee. This is hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had and I love all the brewing options with this machine. I think it’s going to be especially fun during the holidays when we have lots of company over. The price is a bit high, but right now now QVC has it marked way down for a few days only, so it’s a great time to snag one if you’ve been eyeing it. There are several color options to choose from and it even comes with the milk frother plus 62 capsules!! See it HERE.

 Well that’s my review of the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Maker. I can’t even tell you how much I love this thing and I’m SO excited to finally have one of my own. This basically takes my coffee drinking to the next level and I don’t even have to leave the house! That’s a win/win. I highly recommend it if you’re a homebody AND coffee lover like meeeeeee! xo

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  1. 3.4.20
    Kailee said:

    I think I’d love one of these! I drink more tea than coffee but love a good vanilla latte! I gave up social media for lent & miss watching your stories. 🙂

  2. 3.4.20
    Katie said:

    You can actually find these capsules on Amazon! This has saved me because it comes in 2 days with Prime!

    • 3.4.20
      Sarah said:

      Oh YAY!! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to update my post with that info. xo

  3. 3.4.20
    Penny said:

    I’m excited for you! I’m a huge coffee drinker too, love all kinds and I have 3 different coffee makers, trying to find a favorite. I just might have to add this one to my collection. Haha enjoy! ❤️

  4. 3.4.20
    Diane said:

    We have had one of these for years & absolutely love it! My husband devised a way to use store bought ground coffee & not have to buy the super expensive pods! It works great! I look forward to my morning cup the second I wake it!

    • 3.4.20
      Robin said:

      Diane, can you share how you use your own coffee. I like that idea!

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      oh that’s awesome!! How did he do that??

  5. 3.4.20
    Cathy said:

    My son gave me one for Christmas…best coffee ever! Totally worth it. I actually enjoy my coffee now. The pods from Nespresso come the very next day and are easy and very convenient to order.

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      that’s so awesome Cathy! I am so exciting to finally have one.

  6. 3.4.20
    Shelly said:

    We bought one for our RV and love it! Just so you know, Target sells the capsules, as well, from a variety of coffee companies. Our favorite ones are the Archer Farms brand. (Bonus… They’re the cheapest ones, too!)

  7. 3.4.20
    April said:

    Please let us know about any link you find with good deals on the nespresso pods. I ordered from your link and I’ll need to buy the pods soon! Thanks!

  8. 3.4.20
    Tanya Wilson-Orr said:

    I got one of these for Christmas and love it. Just a hint-there is a Nespresso store at Park Meadows if you are in a pinch. One thing I love is that there is a program to recycle the pods. They have bags at the store that you can drop off right there. Easy peasy!

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks for the heads up Tanya!!

  9. 3.4.20
    Amy Barnhart said:

    I do love the Nespresso coffee! I have had mine over 2 years now and if I could have a do -over I would choose the original line instead of vertuo. I have found what I really love is the espresso or double espresso with the milk frothed. You can do espressos with the original and pay less for the pods. The XL (travel mug size) do not have the same flavor for me. Also a, fyi, a Nespresso rep told me that eventually you will be able to get Vertuo pods from other coffee vendors ( like you can with the original pods) but not until the patent runs out.

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s good to know, thanks for sharing Amy!

  10. 3.4.20
    Michelle said:

    I ordered mine at 2:00 am after watching your story I can’t wait. I’m a huge coffee drinker I’m not going to get rid of my Keurig bit it will be nice to have some options and it’s a great deal. Thank you

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      oh yay!! So exciting! You will LOVE it.

  11. 3.4.20
    Cindy said:

    My sister in law said there is a Nespresso boutique in Park Meadows

  12. 3.4.20
    Jeanne said:

    Hi Sarah, love your blog and the great tips, I love your sugar and creamer in the nespresso blog, where did you get them?

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Jeanne–those are from Target!!

  13. 9.27.20
    TheHotSip said:

    The AeroPress is a small and lightweight equipment that can turn your kitchen into a café. It can be taken anywhere and works similar to a French press by pushing the beans through a circular coffee filter. It is a no-mess coffee brewing method, and a simple rinse can make it suitable to go for the next use. The AeroPress brews a smooth and robust coffee cup using all types of coffee beans and takes time off your hands.

  14. 3.15.21
    Tusher said:

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  15. 1.19.22
    Regina Nolen said:

    Hi! I just recently purchased my first Nespresso and agree with everything you stated in your blog. I also got my machine from QVC, it came with a $50 gift card to so it was a great deal! It has almost been 2 years since you made this post and may have an updated one but I am curious, do you still have and use this machine? And for fun, what is your FAVORITE type/flavor?