Friday Five: Anthropologie Dupes, New Mirror, Coop Progress + More

It’s currently 23 degrees and snowing in Colorado. We’re in a week long stretch of cold weather and I’m trying not to cry about it because I just want sunshine and warm weather already. We’ve had winter since October and it’s TIME FOR SPRING. Is that really too much to ask?! I guess so. Ugh. I know you’re probably tired of hearing me complain about the cold, so I apologize for being a Negative Nancy. Just keeping it real around here! Anyway, let’s chat about happier things. I have some AMAZING Anthropologie dupes to share with you today, along with some favorites from the week.

Yesterday my Amelie floor mirror was delivered! I ordered this from Arhaus when they were doing their Friends + Family sale back in December and it finallyyyyyy came. I love it so much! I have no clue where I’m going to put this just yet, but for now I have her in the corner of our living room.

Lots of progress is happening on the chicken coop! We moved the chicks out there about two weeks ago and my husband has been building a scratch pen for them. It’s almost done now–we have to put wire on it and secure the lower section so little critters don’t get in there. But I love how it’s looking! My father in law even made that door for us. Super cute!

Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores, but they’re stuff isn’t cheap! Here are some amazing decor and furniture dupes at a fraction of the price:

Click the lower right hand side of the image!


Random Tidbits from the Week:

  • I just started a Bible study on Jesus & Women in the First Century and Now. It’s SO AMAZING. I’m in awe of Jesus and how good He is and it makes me want to learn as much as I can about His life.
  • One of my favorite dusters is on sale for $29! I have size medium.
  • Thank you for the incredible support of my Strong Like a Wildflower top. The re-stock closed on Wednesday night and there were even more orders than the first round. You guys are so awesome!! And I’ve already seen lots of requests for a short-sleeve option and more colors. Stay tuned!
  • I have another Gimme Beauty coupon. These are my favorite high ties! I love the Any Fit Bands. Highly, highly recommend. Use SARAHJOY for 25% off.

Well I’m off to shovel snow. Hope you have the best weekend. xo

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  1. 4.16.21
    June Fisher said:

    Hi. I don’t know what you meant by securing the bottom of the scratch pen but from experience I’ll tell you you need to dig down quite far to bury the wire and weight it down. The “critters” will dig down under the wire if it’s not in deep enough. I love your chicken house and love the whole idea. I just wanted to save you heart ache if you thought just securing on top of the ground or a few inches down would do the trick. It won’t. Love your site, June

    • 4.16.21
      Sarah said:

      Thanks for the input June, that’s exactly what we plan to do!

    • 4.16.21
      Diane said:

      How funny! That was my first thought & I was just going to write that!! The coop & run need to be very secure!!

  2. 4.16.21
    Brooke B said:

    Hey there, your chicken coop looks amazing. do you have the plans for it? could you share them with me?

  3. 4.16.21
    Andrea said:

    Your Anthro dupes are 🔥 🔥 🔥!!


    I can’t imagine how much work it took to gather all that info. But thank you!!!!