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Master Bedroom Mood Board from Walmart

It’s a scientific fact that master bedrooms are often the last room in a person’s home to get any attention. Really, it’s science. And by science I mean my own science, also known as my opinion which is obviously up for debate. But really! I do think master bedrooms aren’t given the attention they deserve. Your bedroom should be a retreat. A place of coziness and relaxation. Our master bedroom isn’t anything fancy, but it’s cozy and that’s what really matters to me. I love bedroom decor and furniture, so today I thought it would be fun to put together a little master bedroom mood board for you! And best of all, every thing in this room is super budget friendly.
I love how this cozy bedroom came together! I’m actually thinking about ordering this dresser (the reviews are great!) because I desperately need a new one. And how gorgeous is this set of botanical artwork?! For bedding, I like to stick with something neutral and add a pop of color with accent pillows. This embroidered quilt is absolutely gorgeous and so timeless. Another thing I always like to incorporate in a master bedroom is some sort of a seating area. Even if you are limited on space, having one accent chair as a place you can read a book or relax is great. This tufted chair is a good option, but my old beloved recliners are great too–they’re back in stock and less than $300!
I hope this master bedroom mood board gave you a little inspiration to turn your bedroom into a cozy retreat!

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