Friday Favorites: A Few Vintage Finds & More Random Things

Well we started the week singing about Monday-Monday, and now here were are at Friday Favorites already. That went by pretty darn quick. Sooooo how was your week?? It was a good one for me, I’ve actually been a busy little bee working on a big project that I can’t wait to share with you guys soon! It’s coming up in a few weeks. Other than that things were pretty status quo around here. I have been doing a quite a bit of reflecting lately–just about life in general, my blog, and other random things. I told you guys my brain never stops, right? It’s mostly a good thing, but holy cow sometimes I just need to chill out. I’m sure there are a few of you here that can relate. Anyway, I think a lot of my reflecting was brought on by the fact that it’s already April. APRIL. Just stop and really think about that for a hot minute. This year is already a third of the way over. That seriously blows my mind. And it got me looking back on some of the goals I made in January, which leads me to my first favorite this week!

Favorite Quote: Creating the Life You Want

I came across this image on Pinterest this week. It really hit home for me and I knew I had to share it with you guys.

This got me thinking about what I’ve done so far this year and what goals/dreams I’m still working on. And I just love how simple this quote is: if you want something in your life, go after it. Chase it down, work hard, and don’t look back. That’s a pretty powerful concept. It reminded me of the goals I set for 2017 in this post: 1) improve my time management skills. 2) memorize more scripture 3) keep pushing myself past fear and self-doubt. I think I’ve made some pretty good strides in all of those areas so far. I completed a time management class online, you can see read about that in this post, and I learned a ton about being more productive and efficient. I’ve memorized a few verses, but I still need more focus in that area. And lastly, I’ve definitely been pushing myself to do things that scare me. I’ve been pretty open about overcoming my own self-doubt with you guys in the past. I shared some of my struggles in this post about starting a blog and I’ve mentioned it a few other times as well. And the thing I’m realizing is that self-doubt never completely goes away. I think even the most confident person has moments of self-doubt, even if they are teeny tiny. But the key is how you push past that fear and how you move forward even when the road is unclear, even when you’re scared. And the more you do that, the easier it gets. That’s what I’m learning anyway. I’m rambling now, but the point of this is to say that April is a good time to check in on your goals for the year and take an honest look at how you’re doing. Are you kicking butt and takin’ names? I sure as heck hope so.

A Favorite Necklace from The Adopt Shoppe

I told you guys before that I’m pretty picky about my jewelry. I prefer things that aren’t too flashy and have more of a vintage vibe. Well I was going through my tiny collection of jewelry the other day and I found one of my all-time favorite necklaces from The Adopt Shoppe and I thought it would be perfect to share with you all today. I’ve had this necklace for about two years now.

Friday Favorites: Necklace with Bible Verse

I learned about The Adopt Shoppe a few years back–they’re a faith based shop on Etsy that sells the most inspirational necklaces, totes, and lots of other fun things. Their necklaces are my absolute favorite. Mine has one of my most beloved Bible verses on it–Jeremiah 29:11. Don’t you love this verse? It brings so much comfort to my worry-prone mind. (I added the old key myself, just because I love old vintage keys.) The only tricky part is their necklaces sell out super, super fast and you have to keep your eye on their Instagram account to find out when the next restock will be. I believe they just opened up a new batch of necklaces last night, so a few might still be available in their Etsy shop if you hurry. These would make a great Mother’s Day gift!

Friday Favorites: Necklace with Bible Verse

Easter Oreo Bark

Can we just talk about how delicious this Easter Oreo Bark looks right now? Goodness gracious. I need this in my life pronto. PRONTO. I found the recipe on the Suburban Simplicity blog and it looks to be super duper easy. I know my kids will go crazy for this. Pretty sure I am adding this to my weekend to-do list.

Friday Favorites: Easter Oreo Bark

Vintage Find: Grain Sacks

I found these vintage grain sacks a few weeks ago while out junkin’ and I’ve been so anxious to share them with you guys! I got a great deal on these, I think they were only $12.50 each. Score!

Friday Favorites: Vintage Grain Sacks Friday Favorites: Vintage Grain Sacks

I can’t decide what I want to do with these. At first I planned to frame them and hang them in our breakfast nook, but then I started thinking they might also make great pillows too. Decisions, decisions! I’ll be sure to share whatever I ended up doing, but if you have an awesome idea let me know.

Friday Favorites: Vintage Grain Sacks

Vintage Find: Antique Chair

You guys! I’m freaking out over this antique porcelain chair. I just found this yesterday and I’m already obsessed with it. I put it in our dining room for now, but I have lots of ideas for this chair. And the coolest part is that the two lower shelves pull out, so it will be perfect for displaying lots of pretty goodies. I can’t wait to play around with this beauty!

Friday Favorites: A vintage chair and a pitcher of flowers for spring.

Friday Favorites: A vintage chair and a pitcher of flowers for spring.

Friday Favorites: A vintage chair and a pitcher of flowers for spring.

Well that’s it for my Friday Favorites today my friends–a few vintage finds, a sweet necklace, and Oreo Bark. All good things. I hope you enjoyed today’s post and I hope it got you thinking about the goals you made back in January. Take a few minutes today to think about what you’ve done so far this year and what you’re still working towards–what areas you need to improve and what you’re already doing really well. It’s always a good thing to take time to check-in with ourselves and evaluate how things are going. Plus it helps if you’re doing said goal-checking with a cup of coffee and a warm brownie. Or two. Just a suggestion.

Have a great weekend peeps!

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  1. 4.7.17
    Tammy said:

    Lovin’ that chair. What a great find.

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      Me too, thanks Tammy!

    • 6.29.18
      Dianna said:

      I have one just like do u know how old it is?

  2. 4.7.17
    Marilyn Soto said:

    Going to etsy now -will make a perfect gift for my sister in law. Oh and I can’t wait to see what you do with the grain sacks …….. and that chair ! Oh my what a find !

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      I hope you were able to snag a necklace Marilyn! I know they sell out super fast, but I hope you were able to find something good!

  3. 4.7.17
    jb said:

    I have a passion for chair/stools so much so it is hard for me to walk away from one that says take me home….once in awhile I part with one to replace with another and seeing the picture of your new purchase tug a bit at my heart as I had a chair just like that but mine was red and white and I so much enjoyed it for the time I had it. Have fun with it……love the grain sacks I have a coffee sack that I have hanging on a rod in front of my open nook style panty. Enjoy your weekend.

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      You had a chair like this one?! What in the heck is it called? I’m trying to research it and can’t find anything out about it. Help!

  4. 4.7.17
    Martha S. said:

    Love that porcelain chair! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like it.

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      I haven’t either Martha! And I can’t find anything about it either. Hopefully I find out soon!

  5. 4.7.17
    Patty From Colorado said:

    Sarah, isn’t it beyond “HAPPY” when something so special is found and even better when it is affordable! Again let me express what a hoot I think you are…..I just love the way you word your thoughts. Have a great and Christ centered day ❤️

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      Oh Patty, you are so darn sweet. Thank you SO much for all your support, you rock!

  6. 4.7.17
    Maritza said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I have to tell you that I have been following you on Instagram and reading this lovely blog for about a year now. I have to share with you that it is because of your inspiration that I got the courage to start my own blog. It was scary as you mention, but one of the things I look forward to doing must. I ask kindly that you check it out and hopefully become one of my blogging friends. I would like your input and thoughts because I do admire what you have accomplished thus far. It’s hope to hear from you:)

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      Oh Maritza, you just brought the biggest smile to my face!! I’m so happy to hear that you decided to go for it and start your own blog. Good for you girl. And it looks great–I love your colors! Best of luck as you get started and have FUN!!

  7. 4.7.17
    Brenda said:

    It’s so much fun to find a treasure like the stool! I have never seen one like that, it is really cute! I think the grain sacks would be awesome pillows! Have a great weekend!

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Brenda, I’ve never seen a chair like this either. I’m trying to research more about it, but I can’t figure out what to call it! Haven’t been able to find anything like it yet.

  8. 4.7.17
    Heather Hoben said:

    Sarah, I have the same chair!! My sister in law found it at a garage sale and gave it to me a few years back. It has been on porch with plants on it and recently outside in the summer with plants and watering cans. The possibilities are endless!

    • 4.7.17
      Sarah said:

      OMG! That’s awesome, what is it called?? I tried to look it up because I’m thinking it’s from the 20’s or 30’s but I couldn’t figure out what to call the dang thing in the first place!

  9. 4.7.17

    I’m crushing on all your finds…especially the vintage chair! Thanks for featuring my Easter Oreo Bark. Yum! Happy Easter 🙂

  10. 4.8.17
    Stephanie said:

    I can relate to “my brain won’t stop”, and I know what you mean. It can be the best and worst thing about me I think. I say this as I sit here two hours before my kids get up, researching and reading.
    I use my old feed sack as a pillow cover on the couch. I love it! Lastly, THAT CHAIR. What an awesome find! So many possibilities. It it really cool. Have a good weekend!

  11. 4.10.17
    Jenny said:

    I am so glad that I came across your website. You have great ideas and I find you very funny! Thanks!

    • 4.10.17
      Sarah said:

      Aw thanks Jenny, I’m so glad you found me and enjoy my sense of humor!! 🙂

  12. 4.12.17
    Lauren said:

    Sarah, I believe what you have is a combination sitting stool/stepstool. Those nifty little display shelves pull out to make it into a stepstool and then push back in to make it a chair. The one I have is steel coated in enamel, just like enameled bowls,pitchers,etc.
    Mind you, I’m no expert….just a hunch. At any rate, it’s a treasure.

    • 4.12.17
      Sarah said:

      I think you’re right Lauren!