Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor from Walmart

I know what you’re thinking. And I agree. It’s a bit too early to start thinking about Christmas. BUT in my defense we did have snow a few days ago and that got me dreaming about all things Christmas. And then I went into Walmart last week and they’re already in full blown Christmas mode over there. Have you see it yet?! They have trees out, decor, wreaths, inflatable Santa’s–the whole nine yards. I know their Christmas decor online (especially the trees) sells out super fast each year, so I thought it might be helpful to round up all of the best farmhouse style Christmas decor from Walmart. Hopefully this helps those of you that like to get a jump on Christmas shopping and start decorating in early November. I have the top rated artificial trees, farmhouse style decor, and Christmas wreaths!

Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor from Walmart. The top rated Christmas trees from Walmart.


Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor from Walmart


Farmhouse Style Christmas Decor from Walmart. The best Christmas wreaths from Walmart.


Thanks so much dropping by the blog today! I still plan to do my annual Christmas decor shopping guide once we get into early November, but I hope this helps if you’re shopping now! And if you’re in the Christmas spirit here are a few other holiday posts you might enjoy:

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The Comments

  • Lynda Wells
    October 21, 2019

    Beautiful suggestions. Can’t wait to decorate

  • Suzanne Kalac
    October 21, 2019

    Thanks Sarah! I used your link to buy the basic 7.5 prelit. Price cut $100 and free shipping! Such a great deal!

  • Sheilah Perry-Rosales
    October 21, 2019

    Does Christmas music count? We don’t do gifts but
    boy do we cook and sing a lot!And of course decorate!

  • Jill
    October 21, 2019

    Thank you so much! I’m already shopping and I’m excited to get ready for Xmas. Not decorating just shopping! I want to be ready bc it’s flies by so fast! Can’t wait for more Christmas ideas from you. Thank you! 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  • Sheri Ghee
    October 21, 2019

    Love this round up of Christmas decor! Can not wait to get started, especially with 3 grandkids!! I bought the truck stencil last year and put it on galvanized baskets from Hobby Lobby for gifts, looked awesome!

  • Denise
    October 21, 2019

    It seems waaaayyy too early to be talking Christmas, then I remembered we threw away our Christmas tree last year cuz it was falling apart and we totally need to buy a new one this year! Thanks for the reminder and tips for getting the best and most affordable one!

  • Nancy
    October 21, 2019

    Walmart items would not appear on the screen, therefore, could not on line shop.

  • Jean Barton
    October 22, 2019

    Beautiful!!!! Simple. That’s just my style!!! Thank you!!!

  • Meg
    October 23, 2019

    WalMart has it going on lately!!!!! Clothes to decor, lovin’ it. Thanks for showing this!

  • Ruth Newton
    November 11, 2019

    Thanks for rounding up such great Christmas decor that is so affordable!! You’re the best!