Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate

Happy Wednesday guys!! Anyone in the mood for a little Christmas DIY project? I hope so because today I’m sharing a very easy DIY Christmas truck crate. You’re probably wondering what in the heck that is and I don’t blame you. I honestly wasn’t sure what to title this post and “Christmas truck crate” is about the best thing I can come up with, so I’m rolling with it. You’ll see what I mean in a minute! Anyway, this is an insanely easy project–the whole thing took maybe fifteen minutes, but it turned out super cute and I think you guys are going to like it as much as I do.

Easy DIY Christmas tree truck crate. Simple Christmas DIY project!

So the first step in this project was finding a small wooden crate. I picked this one up at Michael’s, but a galvanized bucket would also work really well. You just need something that paint can easily adhere to like wood or metal.

Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate

Next I took this adorable Christmas truck stencil I found on Etsy and taped it to the crate. I made sure to center it and I tried to get it as level as possible before I started painting.

Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate

Next up I simply painted over the stencil with white chalk paint. You could use just about any paint you have on hand, but be careful when you’re applying the paint. Applying too much, or putting it on too thick, will cause the paint to run under the stencil and mess up the design. I applied the paint lightly with a small sponge and it worked perfectly!

Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration.

I let the paint dry a few minutes before removing the stencil and then I lightly distressed it with sandpaper. BOOM. Done-zo. Here’s the finished look:

Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration. Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration. Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration.

So adorable, right?! I love how it turned out. And if you wanted to give it a little more pizazz you could definitely paint words on the crate as well, like Christmas Trees or Tree Farm. I just went the easy route and did the truck!

Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration. Easy DIY Christmas Truck Crate. Simple and easy DIY Christmas decoration.

You guys know I love DIY projects and this one definitely falls in the easy peasy category. But that’s why I love it! Simple, quick, and very budget friendly. This stencil would also work great on a Christmas pillow, wooden sign, bucket, or anything really. There are so many fun possibilities and you can literally use the stencil over and over again. I’m actually already planning to make another one of these crates because I love it so much.

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Pin this easy DIY Christmas truck crate for later:

Easy DIY Christmas truck crate. Simple and easy Christmas DIY project.

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  1. 11.28.18
    Melissa Filson said:

    Super cute! Love it!! Etsy has so many cute and affordable stencils! Love the little tree that you put in the crate too 😊

  2. 11.28.18
    Denise N Raley said:

    OMG…..that is adorable. Did the stencil come from Etsy? I’m going to make one or two.

  3. 11.28.18
    Shannon Mulcahy said:

    This is super cute! Totally affordable and easy Christmas DIY!

  4. 11.28.18
    Denise N Raley said:

    how do you have the tree standing up in the box? What did you use?

  5. 11.28.18
    glenda said:

    you’re so full of spirit. looks good.

  6. 11.28.18
    Donna Bergthold said:

    Great diy project! So easy even I could do that! Looks great in your beautiful house.

  7. 11.28.18

    Great quick project!
    Great for gifts, you put a whole family pile of and give them the crate too!

  8. 11.28.18
    Meredith said:

    What size stencil from the Etsy link did you use?

    • 11.28.18
      Sarah said:

      great question! Sorry I should have mentioned that. I ordered the 8.5″x 11″.

  9. 11.28.18
    Sherri Beverly said:

    How cute is that!! I would never thought of this DIY. Thanks!!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Sherri!

  10. 11.28.18
    Kim said:

    Sarah, I have been following your blog for awhile and I love your ideas. Winter is my downtime so I am looking forward to starting with this easy DIY project. Thank you for sharing your awesome ideas!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s awesome Kim, enjoy your down time!

  11. 11.28.18
    Sheila said:


    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      thanks Sheila!

  12. 11.28.18

    That is adorable❤ Such a cute DIY prodject!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Juli! I love how it turned out.

  13. 11.28.18
    Lynn Jackson said:

    Hi Sarah, Congratulations on your featured article in Flea Market Decor magazine! Also, wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Your decorating style is very much like my own, simple, inexpensive and vintage repurposing. I look forward to your emails with new ideas! Keep up the good work!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Lynn, I really appreciate that!! And high five to a fellow vintage lover 🙂

  14. 11.28.18
    Laura Harrie said:

    I would never have thought to use one color for that stencile, the truck looks great like that!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Laura!! I thought one color would be easier haha!

  15. 11.28.18
    Becky said:

    Soooo cute! Can’t get easier than that. Love it. Thanks Sarah💕🎀🎄

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      haha right Becky! Actually I don’t think this should even be called a DIY project based on how easy it is! 🙂

  16. 11.28.18
    ann slezewick said:

    Stencils are the bomb! (meaning the best!)

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      heck yes they are!

  17. 11.28.18
    Gayle said:

    Oh wow 😮 super, super cute and so easy! I love this! I just love your DIY projects because they’re so realistic that anyone can do them, even the kiddies! Thanks for sharing Sarah!

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      Yes Gayle! You know I’m all about the easy projects. I don’t have time for complicated DIY’s 🙂

  18. 11.28.18
    Donna Rudd said:

    What a great idea! I love the way it turned out and your right, the possibilities are endless.

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      thank Donna!

  19. 11.28.18
    Nancy said:

    This is such a cute little project. I bet your son would love to keep his hot wheels or books in it after Christmas in his bedroom if you are willing.

    • 11.29.18
      Sarah said:

      haha yes!! I didn’t even think of that but what a cute idea!

  20. 11.29.18
    Carol Holtorf said:

    Cute DIV project.

  21. 11.30.18

    Seriously! So simple! This is my jam!

  22. 11.30.18
    Jonita said:

    Sarah, Went to 2 different stores looking for the Flea Market Christmas Deack the halls. All they have is January editions. Was looking forward to seeing the article of your home for Christmas.