Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

So I mentioned recently that I’ve been on decluttering rampage since the day after Christmas. I’ve been whizzing through the house like a crazy lady throwing stuff away, donating things, and just getting this hot mess of a house in order. You guys only see the pretty pictures, but believe me there are plenty of not-so-pretty spaces in my home. And to be honest, I’m embarrassed to say that it’s been waaaaaaay too long since I did a good purge around here. Things have been getting piled up, closets are looking crazy, and don’t even get me started on how out of control my laundry room is right now. It’s just way too easy to let stuff stack up and if you don’t make time to declutter it only gets worse. Anyway I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through the house, one closet and one drawer at a time. And I have to say, it feels soooooooooo darn good. I actually find it really therapeutic to declutter. I crank up the music, put on a fresh pot of coffee and just work my way through all the stuff. And even though I always procrastinate and put it off, I end up really enjoying the process and feel so much better afterwards. So since this has occupied so much of my time lately, I figured it would be fun today to share some easy tips to declutter your home. And let me warn you now: I’m even sharing a shocking photo of our kitchen cabinets that might scare you.

Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

Why we should declutter:

I really believe that decluttering and simplifying our homes has a pretty powerful impact on our minds and energy. I know it may sound like baloney, but it’s true that our stress levels can be greatly impacted by the way our homes look and feel. I know for me personally, I’m always less anxious and more calm when I feel like the house is organized and less weighed down by too much clutter. And since there’s always a steady flow of stuff coming in (school papers, mail, clothes, food, etc) if we don’t make time to declutter and eliminate the unnecessary junk, our homes will continue to fill up more and more as each day passes. And that ain’t good.

How to declutter:
  • I like to work in small sections of our home and focus on just one area at a time. Start with just one closet, one cabinet, or that junk drawer that looks like a war zone. Don’t try do to the whole house at once!
  • Once you’ve decided on where you’re going to declutter, turn on some music (or maybe a podcast or audio book), pour yourself a cup of coffee and get to work. Grab one box for things you’ll donate and one large trash bag for things that can be thrown away.
  • If you come across an item that you’re on the fence about keeping, ask yourself these three questions:
    • Do you love it?
    • Do you really need it?
    • Do you have more than one of the same item? (For example, I donated several large bakeware dishes this week because I realized that I never need more than 1 or 2 at a time. I can’t remember any occasion where I needed 5 large pyrex baking dishes, so they had to go.)
  • If you come across something that is sentimental, ask yourself if you actually love it. Like, truly LOVE it. Many sentimental items we own are things we don’t necessarily like, but we hold onto them because we feel like we need to or have to. Let go of that guilt and only keep what you truly love and value.

One of the many things I’ve decluttered and organized this week has been the large cabinets in our kitchen that hold a lot of our food and dishes. They were loooooong overdue and I knew it needed to be done. Every time I opened the cabinet doors I felt stressed and anxious because it literally looked like a bomb went off in there. It was bad. Soooo bad. But it wasn’t until this week that I finally did something about it. Here, take a look for yourself. But be warned–it’s scary!

Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

I told you. SO BAD. Don’t judge me too harshly, ok? Clearly nothing is organized and each cabinet is literally overflowing with crap. I’m ashamed to even show you guys this, but here’s how it looks after I spent a solid hour cleaning it up:

Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

So much better, right?! You would not believe the pile of junk I pulled out for here. Seriously, I had THREE large bags of trash and one big box of stuff to donate, which was full of large dishes and things I never even used. I don’t even know how it was possible to have that much stuff crammed in there, but somehow I did. To clean up these cabinets I basically removed EVERYTHING and sorted through it all–making a pile of stuff to throw away and then a pile of things to donate, like several large baking dishes that I had too many of. I used large tupperware bins to help organize the small stuff like granola bars and bags of oatmeal. And I also used a few old jars to hold smaller things like candy and nuts. It’s nothing super fancy, but it’s a million times better now and it feels amazing to have this done. I rewarded myself with chocolate.

Easy Tips to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is really powerful because it teaches you a lot about yourself. You’ll learn about what you truly love and value, and you might even learn some lessons that will keep you from acquiring so much stuff in the future. So here’s my challenge for you today: go grab a box and find 10 things you can get rid of in your home right now. I promise you’ll feel really good afterwards. And then you can reward yourself with chocolate too! It will be great.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope these easy tips to declutter your home motivate you to tackle some of your own messy spaces. Here’s a few other posts you might enjoy:

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  1. 1.17.18

    Good job. January is the month to get it done.

  2. 1.17.18
    Lisa said:


    Another rule of thumb for decluttering is this:

    If you haven’t used it or worn it in over a year, chances are you won’t. Get rid of it!

    Thanks for the motivation!!


  3. 1.17.18
    Faith said:

    Looks great! If you want more shelves at least you have room for them. They sell little shelf holders at Lowe’s and HD…all you do is drill shallow holes in the walls to fit them in and add a few more. Yay for Fritos! And Kodiak Cakes! (I have a friend whose grandson’s name is Kodiak, different) It does feel good to clean out things…but sometimes those questions are hard to answer, and I wind up not always parting with things I should because you know as soon as you do, you’ll need it! Lol!

  4. 1.17.18
    Vicki said:

    Great post! I get this way in January as well, and it feels so good. Nothing “baloney” at all about a clean and tidy home helping reduce stress and anxiety, I grew up in a home with a hoarder father (depression era child) and a mother with poor housekeeping skills, and It made for a very stressful and anxious childhood, not to mention being embarrassed to have friends over. When we are busy being wives and moms and working, sometimes we just don’t have the time to stay on top of some things, so it’s definitely good to set aside some time at least once a year to purge. You are right about learning while you are in the process what you need to do in the future to help it not get so bad. My biggest issue is buying things when they are a good deal, when I don’t really need it or have the space for it. Happy decluttering!

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      I totally agree Vicki, it’s pretty powerful the impact that our homes can have on our minds. Clutter = stress for me and for many of us I think. I’ve actually grown to love decluttering and I try to do it fairly often so it doesn’t get too piled up. Here’s to a clean home to start 2018! xo

  5. 1.17.18
    Deedra said:

    Such a great post! And this is the perfect time of year to declutter, when it’s cold outside and we are stuck indoors. Now where to start….

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Right! It’s the perfect time of year to get the house it tip-top shape. Happy decluttering Deedra! xo

  6. 1.17.18
    Shaz Isaac said:

    I know what you mean Sarah, I always find decluttering very therapeutic. A tidy house means a tidy mind or something like that. My home is quite small so I tend to go through things every once in a while to see what I can throw out, donate or sell. Like you say, I try to only keep things I really love. We fill our lives with so much stuff we really don’t need. Thanks for the inspiration. I better get onto that garage sale I’ve been meaning to have for a while (boxes full of stuff still in garage). Happy decluttering!

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      It’s SO therapeutic! I love it. And I think going through things every few months is the best way to keep a handle on it. It always feels so good afterwards, right?? I plan to do more this weekend actually!

  7. 1.17.18
    Sherri said:

    Great advice Sarah! Thanks for sharing…I absolutely love that huge cupboard, it looks fantastic!

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Isn’t that a beauty Sherri?! It’s such a special piece.

  8. 1.17.18
    Lillian said:

    I’ve also been decluttering ,, I love to Just clean out everything and I’m painting a lot of my things white .. love love white so fresh and clean

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Ohhhh a girl after my own heart. Painting all the things white is my favorite thing to do! 😉

  9. 1.17.18
    Linda said:

    When I retired last June I gave myself a year to declutter my house. If we don’t count the attic lol I have made it thru all but my bedroom. I will get to it but all I ever do in there is sleep and I can’t see it in the dark lol. But my downstairs I feel just you said. It is my peaceful haven. My little farmhouse/primitive style happy place. Thank you for your blog. Always brightens my day😻

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow, you’ve been busy Linda! I bet that feels amazing to know most of your home has been decluttered. I still have a ways to go, but slowly I am getting there. Thanks for stopping in! xo

  10. 1.17.18
    Cynthia said:

    Don’t you feel satisfied when stuff which seems to multiply behind cupboard doors, is sorted?
    But January? Here in Australia it’s our holiday season, hot, beach weather, picnics, definitely not decluttering time. That’s for June-September.

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Lucky duck! It’s cold and wintertime here. Definitely a good time to declutter!

  11. 1.17.18
    Kelsey said:

    This is so inspiring! I really need to get started decluttering. I’m so impressed by your progress. I have a 5-month-old and a 3-year-old, and it feels like I’m constantly trying to catch up. Thank you for the honest before and after pics! They’re the push I need to get started.

    • 1.18.18
      Sarah said:

      Go for it Kelsey, you’ll feel so much better afterwards!

  12. 7.19.20
    Rebecca said:

    What is the diameter of your table and what is the length of your settee? Thanks!