Cozy Winter Finds at TJ Maxx

Jumping in again for another post today to share some cozy winter finds from TJ Maxx. You guys know how much I love TJ Max– it’s seriously the best place to buy things like affordable faux greenery and wicker baskets. They just released a bunch of new home decor and furniture for cozy winter, so I sat down with a cup of coffee to browse through their new arrivals and holy smokes they have SO much good stuff right now. From furniture to decor, storage essentials, chunky blankets and tons of greenery. I couldn’t help but round up a few favorites!! Hopefully this helps if you’re looking for a bargain. Happy shopping buddies!!

What do you think? I love adding faux greenery to my winter decor to add some warmth and life! The winter months can be so long and dreary, and the extra pop of green just brightens my mood! And wicker baskets- can you ever have too many?? Another favorite cozy winter trick is to add throw blankets to your decor. I love to toss them over an accent chair, or style them in a basket so they are easily accessible.

My favorite thing about TJ Maxx is how affordable everything is. As much as I love changing up decor, it can get quite pricey. TJ Maxx is truly the way to go!


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