How to Buy the Best Faux Greenery {VLOG}

Happppppppy Thursday guys!! I am practically peeing my pants right now because I just uploaded my first YouTube video of 2019. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. And this vlog is a fun one because it’s all about how to pick out the best faux greenery for your home. I get sooooooo many questions about my little potted plants, so I figured it would be fun to share a few of my tips and tricks to finding faux greenery that looks like the real deal and is sure to warm up any space. I actually went on a little shopping trip into Michael’s to share what I look for when I’m buying greenery, so grab a snack and get comfy!


Faux greenery shopping tips from this video:

  • Not every faux plant is created equal, so choose carefully! I love shopping at places like Michael’s, TJ Maxx, and Target for most of my greenery.
  • A good faux plant can last for years.
  • Three things to look for when shopping for faux greenery:
    • Color—I love greenery that is a soft, muted shade of green.
    • Texture—I look for faux greenery that’s not too shiny (aka it looks more like plastic). I prefer more of a matte, dusty finish to my faux plants.
    • Size—I love small faux greenery that is already potted. Small pots are the best because I can move them around the house easily and they can be used in SO many ways–on the mantel, coffee table, shelves, etc.

How to buy faux greenery. Three tips to pick out the best faux greenery for a cozy, farmhouse look.

Thanks so much for stopping by the home decor blog today and checking out this video. I hope you enjoyed my simple tips on how to buy faux greenery. These are just a few of the things I look for in faux greenery, but as always do what feels right for your home! xo

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How to buy faux greenery. Three tips to pick out the best faux greenery for a cozy, farmhouse look.



Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 1.10.19
    Kristen said:

    Great post ! I love the video ! It is so much easier to connect and feel like I’m really just hanging out and shopping with you for home decor ! Love it !!!

  2. 1.10.19
    Denise N Raley said:

    You are the bomb!!!! Thank you for this post.

  3. 1.10.19
    Tamara O said:

    I loved this video Sarah! It was informational and I enjoy the relaxing music in between ☺️ Anxious for others you share!

  4. 1.10.19
    April Davis said:

    LOVE the video! The spring section at Michael’s gives me liiiife. I can’t wait for a sale so I can stock up on my spring florals! LOVE those dusty pink and purple blooms at the end.

  5. 1.10.19
    C J said:

    Great video! I look forward to more!

  6. 1.10.19
    Jacy said:

    Love your first video!!! You did great and you’re such a natural!

  7. 1.10.19
    Cheryl said:

    The info was really helpful, as I tend to avoid faux greenery, due to looking fake. Great tips-thanks! Loooove the video format. Was able to apply my moisturizer, while watching the video—multi-tasking—Woot! Woot!😉

  8. 1.10.19
    Carol said:

    Well done on the video …👌 I have very few faux plants, but I do love the ones I have. I only have 2 places that get bright light. My ? Is how to keep them clean? Ugh… the dust bunnies just love my plants lol. Congrats on your 1st youtube!!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      I use baby wipes to wipe the dust off!

  9. 1.10.19
    Becky said:

    Love the video! You did a great job. Thanks for info. Love the faux plants. xoxo💖

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Becky!

  10. 1.10.19
    Suzi said:

    Great job Sarah! I loved the video! I read every blog post, but don’t always comment because I have 5 kiddos!
    Makes me want to go out and buy some faux greenery 😉.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      aw thank you Suzi!! Soooo happy to have you here!

  11. 1.10.19

    SARAH!!!!! I am so proud of you and excited for you and all the things!!!
    You did a fantastic job on this post and video!!! It was so nice to hear and see it without it being in the “stories” setting! You rock!!!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Dena!! You are so sweet. xoxo

  12. 1.10.19
    Dianne Mosser said:

    LOVE, LOVE the videos. I get much more out of them. Keep them coming! Along with your blog the videos are AWESOME!!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Dianne!! I can’t wait to do more!

  13. 1.10.19
    Deedra said:

    Sarah, loved your YouTube video!!! I think these videos are going to be such a nice addition to your blog posts which I look forward to every week. Great work!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Deedra! And I agree, I think these are going to be a lot of fun and a great way to mix it up.

  14. 1.10.19
    Kyla said:

    I LOVED your video, Sarah! So techy! With musical interludes and everything!!! And great tips of course too! It made me feel good that the greenery I was most drawn to were the ones you pointed out as ones you would choose. 🙂

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      haha thank you Kyla, I had fun with it! 🙂

  15. 1.10.19
    Angela Servello said:

    WowOWow!! Excellent video, Sarah. What a great way to start the new year. Loved it. More more more please. 👍👏💜 Angela

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Angela! Cant’ wait to do more of these videos. It was fun!

  16. 1.10.19
    Candy said:

    Good Afternoon Sarah
    Congratulations on your first video! I love seeing you doing this with the greenery. I also love the very light colour and soft leaves. Great idea with the little planted plants, love it.
    Also love how you showed how to accommodate these in a farmhouse setting. I look forward to your posts all the time.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Candy! Always appreciate when you stop by. xo

  17. 1.10.19
    Faith said:

    Loved the video….wondered if people were listening and wondering what you were doing at Michaels 😬 you will need calling cards to hand out while on the streets doing videos! Lol…
    I noticed you do have IKEA plants too….another one of my fav places to get them. A question I want to know is, how do you keep your greenery clean? No matter what I do, but especially my front door wreath that can get dirt, they wind up with dust in crevices and on leaves. How do you keep yours clean? Ai tried a Swiffer duster but it doesn’t get those turned in leaves enough. So any tips would be appreciated. From followers too!! Thanks Sarah!

    • 1.11.19
      Vicki said:

      I literally clean most of my greenery by using the spray hose in the shower or outside (gentle spray), shaking gently to remove excess water, and letting it air dry outside or inside on an old towel, depending on weather and if you have pets that might play with it! If greenery is glued in or inserted in styrofoam in container I just rinse off pot and all. Otherwise I remove the greenery from the container if it is loose. I have done this for years. The only issue I can think of is if there are colored flowers or ribbon or embellishments of some kind, the color might bleed, but it definitely works well for greenery.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      Hi Faith! I actually use baby wipes to clean my faux plants. They work great!

      • 1.14.19
        Faith said:

        Brilliant! And I did take my boxwood one that hangs outside on front door, and (we live in equestrian area so the dust is always being raised) used my sink sprayer to spray it and all the dust came off! I think I will have to hot gun all the leaves as one came loose, but worth it. Thx Vicki and Sarah for tips!

  18. 1.10.19
    Bev said:

    The video was great! I love the lemon and olive plants. They might be the perfect touch I need for my foyer and kitchen island! I’m going to my local Michael’s tomorrow!!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh I loved those too!! They weren’t on sale so I didn’t buy them, but I’ll def check back soon.

  19. 1.11.19
    Gayle said:

    Thanks for the video! Glad to know we share the same views when choosing faux greenery! I mainly have real plants because I’m a plant junkie!! But when choosing not real I definitely stay away from the real green shiny ones!! If I walk past faux and mistake it for a real plant/flowers then I know I’m onto a winner!!!
    Keep the videos coming, love it 😁

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      oh you’e so right Gayle! If you mistake it for the real deal then it’s probably a good buy! I’ve been using real plants in our home more and I LOVE them.

  20. 1.11.19
    Melanie said:

    Thank you! This was so helpful! And yes, please do another one about floral stems.

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Melanie!! Can’t wait to do more!

  21. 1.11.19
    Melissa Filson said:

    Ok Sarah, again you read my mind!! I’ve been looking for faux greenery and needed some advice on what to look for!! Can you just come to my house and we can decorate and DIY our little hearts away?!? 👭 Loved the video and your fabulous tips!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      haha oh I would love to Melissa!!

  22. 1.11.19
    Carol Holtorf said:

    Time is perfect for your post as I’m thinking about buying a wreath. I will check those places out you mentioned.

  23. 1.11.19
    Kim said:

    Hi Sarah, Could you please tell me the ingredients and amounts for your bullet coffee? I saw it on your Instagram . Thank you! Have fun in Colorado !

  24. 1.11.19
    Kim said:

    Hi Sarah, Could you please tell me the ingredients and amounts for you bullet coffee. I saw it on your Instagram . Have fun in Colorado ! Thanks!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      Hi kim! I use one scoop of collagen and one teaspoon or so of the MCT oil. I also tried kerrygold butter, which I loved!

  25. 1.11.19
    Vicki said:

    Great job with the video! I am also somewhat addicted to the potted faux greenery from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, etc, so versatile and fun to add the little potted plants to places where a real plant could not be used. I totally agree on the texture issue, but I think faux greenery has come along way and also it depends on what real plant the faux plant is supposed to look like. Some real plants have leaves that’s are more shiny or warmer colors of green. I personally decorate more in warm tones so the softer dustier shades of green don’t look right in my decor, but I can see how it would work better in your home. There definitely is still ugly cheap greenery (and flowers) out there, but it’s pretty easy to spot when compared with the nicer stuff. In general, what I see at Homegoods/Marshall’s/TJ Maxx, Target, and the major craft stores is pretty nice. While I sometimes enjoy making floral/greenery arrangements, especially larger ones or ones where I want specific colors of flowers, etc., those little pots of greenery that are ready to go are so awesome!

    • 1.11.19
      Sarah said:

      I agree! Greenery has come a long way. And I should have clarified that I have bought the shinier faux plants, I just don’t gravitate towards them as much as I do the matte options. But there’s still lots of great choices!

  26. 1.14.19

    Loved this new content! Excited to see what else you have up your sleeve!

    • 1.16.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks girl!!

  27. 1.15.19
    Cyndi said:

    Sarah you are a natural in front of the camera!
    You didn’t babble on and on. You were prepared: camera was already setup and focused. You didn’t film putting your shoes on, driving to Michaels or walking into the store. You stayed on subject, gave us great examples and and smiled!!! I’m a touchy feely kind of person and could totally relate to you.
    I look forward to more of you videos and love your blog.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!!!
    Blessing in 2019

    • 1.16.19
      Sarah said:

      oh thank you so much Cyndi, I can’t wait to do more videos soon!