Before + After Tour of Our Home

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love January. Despite all the snow and freezing temperatures, it’s one of my favorite months of the entire year. I just love the feeling of a fresh start and new beginning. Plus I kinda geek out over goal setting, so this time of year energizes me. Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to share a little before + after tour of our home. We’ve done so much over these last four months, so it’s really fun to look back and see how things have changed! Let’s start with some before photos of the living room, kitchen and dining room:

Dining Room Before + After

Kitchen Before + After

Living Room Before + After

(That’s my mom!) 

Kitchen + living room sources:

Basement Before + After

 Basement sources: 

And of course I can’t forget the chicken house! We ordered this from The Shed Yard and it’s above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! I can’t wait to get our little chicks this Spring and have farm fresh EGGS!

It’s been such a crazy whirlwind these last four (almost five!) months. We’ve done so much already and it’s been really fun to see this place transform into what I envisioned it could be. Our little house on the prairie really feels like home now and I can’t wait to continue making it ours in 2021! Thank you for being here with me every day. It truly means so much! xoxo

Hi, I'm Sarah. Welcome to my happy place! I'm mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart + Colorado native. Let's decorate. Or maybe go on a Target run?!

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  1. 1.3.21
    Ruth said:

    You have done so much in such a short period of time and your home looks so beautiful!

    • 1.3.21
      Ada said:

      So beautifully done Sarah!

      • 1.3.21
        Sarah said:

        Thank you so much Ada! xo

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Thanks so much Ruth, it’s been a lot of fun to work on all these projects!

      • 1.5.21
        Karen said:

        Is the bathroom floor marble?

        • 1.6.21
          Sarah said:

          yes it is! It’s a marble mosaic tile.

    • 1.15.21
      Ranise said:

      Your home is gorgeous. I have been stressed out about putting two area rugs down for two adjoined rooms. I came here to see how you handled it! Thankful! Did you have any certain thought about the rugs you chose?

      • 1.22.21
        Sarah said:

        I just tried to make sure they complimented each other in color/tone!

  2. 1.3.21
    Kaaren said:

    Where did you get your wreath that hangs over your stove? I love it and think that would be the perfect touch in my kitchen!

  3. 1.3.21
    Debi Lewallen Padgett said:

    Sarah, I’ve loved watching the transformation! Your house is just beautiful & really looks like “you”. Here’s to many happy years there!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you Debi, I really appreciate that so much! xo

  4. 1.3.21
    Lisa piccin said:

    Where did you get your shower curtain?We are building a house I’ve ordered the stools you have in the kitchen and light over table.😀

  5. 1.3.21
    Kim said:

    WOW!! You home looks amazing!! You have such an incredible decorating eye!! I love seeing all your ideas. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Kim, I really appreciate that!! xo

  6. 1.3.21
    Carol said:

    When you walk out of your bedroom every mornIng you must get a smile on your face. Love all the windows and how open your home is.

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh my goodness, I am so grateful for all the windows and sunshine in this home!

  7. 1.3.21
    Jo said:

    You have an incredible style for decorating!
    Can I ask where you got the wall basket hangings that you have in several rooms? I want one of those for my kitchen. Happy New Year and keep blogging!

  8. 1.3.21
    Linda said:

    It’s beautiful💕 I know it was hard in the beginning, I loved your old house too, but you have taken a house and made it a home. God has given you a special gift, Sarah, thank you for sharing it with us. God bless💕

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      YES! It was really hard in the beginning. It took me a good 6-7 weeks to start feeling settled here. But I knew God wanted us here and it’s finally feeling like home. Thanks for being here Linda! xo

  9. 1.3.21
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    Thank you for the before and after photos…I have to confess I have saved each one of them as you were realizing your vision. Not the chicken coup so now it’s saved XXX00 love it

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      ahhh love that Candy!! Thank you for saving them. You are the sweetest!

  10. 1.3.21
    Bev Huffman said:

    As I have shared before, your home is done well! I love your home, but the land surrounding it is such a beautiful thing. It truly is a house on prairie. I’m loving that chicken coop and I can’t wait to see it housing chickens, because I know it will be the cutest coop anywhere!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Ah thank you Bev!! You are so kind. I can’t wait for chickens either, c’mon spring!! xoxo

  11. 1.3.21

    Happy New Year!
    Nice job. Love it all.
    Question: Where did you get the black shower curtain rod?

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Pam, that shower curtain rod is from Target! Kinda tricky to find a black one, but I think it as like $10.

      • 1.3.21
        Pamela said:

        Thanks Sarah.

  12. 1.3.21
    Angela Servello said:

    Bravo, Sarah. Your house is stunning and your vision is spectacular. You really got it. You are truly an inspiration. Happy New Year my soul sister. Again, bravo. Love and hugs, Angela 👏🙏💕

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      ah Angela, you are always too sweet to me!! Thank you for being here. Means so much to me!! xoxo

  13. 1.3.21
    Carey Mosbrucker said:

    Hi. Wondering what your source is for the wall magazine holder you have that you also displayed pictures…great idea!

  14. 1.3.21
    Sally said:

    You have truly made a house a home! Love it!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      It’s definitely feeling like home now. Thank you Sally!

  15. 1.3.21
    Dianne G. said:

    You’ve done an amazing job of making it your own!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Dianne! xoxo

  16. 1.3.21
    Rachel said:

    What is the name of the flooring you used in the kitchen? Beautiful! I would love to use that flooring in my new home.

  17. 1.3.21

    Gorgeous!!! Love your style, each space is cozy but so pretty!!

    • 1.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Tanya!

  18. 1.3.21
    Patricia said:

    I’m curious about the bench in your bedroom. Where did you get it?

  19. 1.3.21
    Melissa B said:

    Hi Sarah,
    I love your new home. My husband and I purchased a new build home, after 23 years of moving with the Army. We moved in at the end of September. I have been struggling with it feeling like home, but I keep following your blog for inspiration and hope. I too, style similar to yours, I add a bit of the french country flair. I love looking at your blog for inspiration and to validate it is a process.. Quick question, the hanging metal magazine/ picture racks, where did you find those? I would love one for my panty to hang my cookbooks. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • 1.4.21
      LORRI said:

      Wow!!! Sarah you have done so much to your home. It looks so comfy and beautiful. You can tell Love lives there😍. Enjoy and Be Safe and Healthy.

      • 1.4.21
        Sarah said:

        thank you so much Lorri! Happy New Year. xoxo

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Ah that is awesome, congrats on your new home! It definitely takes time. It took me a long time to feel settled here, but doing projects and making it feel more like “us” really helped that process. You’ll get there!! And that rack is from Wayfair. Walmart has it too! Here’s the link:

  20. 1.3.21
    Brenda Johnson said:

    Your home is super cute, I just love everything you have done! You are so blessed!

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Brenda, I am grateful to have had you here in 2020. Thank you for sticking with me! xoxo

  21. 1.3.21
    Louanna said:

    Where did you find your dining room chairs, love them

  22. 1.3.21
    Betsy said:

    Gorgeous –better than anything I’ve seen done on TV. What is interior paint color? I’m looking for a creamy white.

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh wow, you are so kind Betsy!! Thank you! The interior paint color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. It’s my favorite paint color!

  23. 1.3.21
    Suzee B said:

    Just perfect!

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you!! xo

  24. 1.3.21

    Oh Sarah, How pretty you have made your home. So cozy and warm looking. look forward to 2021 with you. xoxox

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you Becky!! I’m grateful to have you here. xoxo

  25. 1.3.21
    Tricia S. said:

    Hello Sarah,
    You are incredibly artistic. I absolutely love your style and have purchased so many things which you have. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your vision with us all.

  26. 1.3.21
    Tricia S. said:

    Hello Sarah,
    You are incredibly artistic. I have purchased so many things which you have. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your vision with us all.

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      you are so kind, thank you for being here Tricia!

  27. 1.4.21
    Nicole said:

    Hello! You maybe already have a post about your favorite paint colors, but I’m wondering what paint colors you used in your bathroom for your walls and trim? Thank you!

    • 1.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Nicole! Our entire house is painted with Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. But I can’t remember the trim color off the top of my head, I want to say ultra pure white!

      • 2.2.21
        Renee said:

        Sarah, did you paint all your ceilings with the same paint colour and sheen as the walls? I always have painted my ceilings white…but it would save so much hassle to do it all one colour!

  28. 1.5.21
    Janely Blanco said:

    Wao! Beatiful.
    All the natural light 😍

  29. 1.5.21
    Christine said:

    I really appreciate your style. I want to incorporate some of these elements in my home. Best form of flattery, right?
    Where did you get the small chair (with basket on top) in your blog bio picture?
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. 1.5.21
    Karen said:

    Is the bathroom floor marble?

  31. 1.6.21
    Kristy said:

    I love your home. So cozy and fresh! I’ve been on the hunt for new barstools and love yours. Where are they from?

  32. 1.7.21
    CAROL said:

    thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. You are so talented, I love your style and taste and you are one of my favorite bloggers. Did you use Alabaster throughout your entire home? If not, what other wall colors did you use? What is the color of your trim and cabinets? Thanks so much – can’t wait to see what 2021 brings you!

  33. 1.10.21
    Kelly L webster said:

    Hi, very beautiful! Love your style. Can you let me know where your basket on legs sitting in your bathroom came from pleae? Thank you,

  34. 1.12.21
    Julie said:

    I just started following you when the basement was almost finished. It all looks amazing. Got to love before and afters!

    • 1.12.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Julie!

  35. 1.12.21
    Jennifer Lewis said:

    where are your dining room chairs from? They are just what I want!! You’re house is stunning!!

  36. 1.12.21
    Maria said:

    You have done an amazing job of making the house into a beautiful and very comfortable looking home! Thanks for sharing:)

  37. 1.29.21
    Debi said:

    How absolutely breathtaking! The love directed inspiration in what you have accomplished by God’s directive is evident throughout your lovely home!

  38. 2.1.21
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah
    What you have created is beyond my imagination. It is so beautiful.
    May you and your family have many years of love and happiness. God bless you

  39. 2.2.21
    Sara Robinson said:

    LOVE all of your beautiful touches…you’ve inspired me to get a chicken coop here in Los Angeles!

  40. 3.7.21
    Jennifer said:

    We are looking at the Kipton sectionals at Arhaus …what fabric and color did you select on the basement Kipton?

  41. 4.6.21
    Carol said:

    So gorgeous. Tastefully done. Love it all!

    • 4.7.21
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Carol!!