An Antique Suitcase, Farmhouse Cubbies & Lots More

Happpppy Friday you fabulous human being! How was your week? I wish I could tell you that ours was all rainbows and unicorns over here, but that wouldn’t be the truth. Because the truth is this week was full of a lot of rough moments–particularly rough mom moments. I don’t want to bore you with the details too much, but we took little Pearl to the allergy doctor on Monday and she had a hard appointment that involved getting blood work done. If you’ve ever had to do that with an infant you know how absolutely AWFUL it is. It’s basically torture. Poor little thing. It gives me chills just thinking about it. That definitely started our week on a stressful note and things never really improved much from there. It was just one of those weeks, ya know? It was a struggle for a lot of different reasons and I definitely shed a few tears this week. I really hate complaining because I have SO much to be grateful for in this season of life, but dang. It was a rough one. Anyway, enough rambling about all of that. Let’s get on to today’s Friday Favorites post. I have lots of fun goodies to share with you guys. And first up is an antique suitcase and an old fan I found last weekend!

Antique suitcase and vintage fan. Beautiful farmhouse decor! Antique suitcase and vintage fan. Beautiful farmhouse decor!

OK, is that little blue fan the cutest thing ever or what?! You know how much I love antique fans and I’ve never had a small one like this. Plus I love it even more because of its rusty blue color. And that vintage suitcase was another find at the antique show. I’ve been really liking black accents lately and I just love the distressing on this thing. I’m sure it will get moved all over but for now I styled it here on our TV cabinet. It makes me smile very time I see it.

The new olive tree

faux olive tree in the dining room

My new olive tree came and I am loving it. I put it in our dining room for now but I know I’ll be moving this thing around everywhere. It’s amazing how a tree like this can totally bring a room to life!

Olive tree in the dining room

More pretty olive trees:
Cute Farmhouse Cubbies

For the past several weeks I’ve been on the hunt for a cubby for our living room. I found the perfect one at an antique shop a while back, but as usual it wasn’t for sale so I’ve been looking online. I haven’t found exactly what I want yet, but I did come across a few cute options, so I thought I’d share!

Farmhouse chicken coop wall shelf

This vintage inspired chicken coop is AWESOME. I love the look of these and they make such fun storage space. They’re used all the time on Fixer Upper in kids rooms and playrooms. This thing is super cute and functional!

Vintage inspired chicken coop wall shelf

Here’s another chicken coop inspired cubby. I love how this one is a bit smaller, so you could use it more like a shelf in your kitchen or dining room.

The perfect farmhouse wooden wall cubby

And lastly I found this adorable wooden wall cubby and it’s super affordable too. How cute, right?! I’ve actually seen this one on Pinterest many times and I’ve always loved it. And you know what I’m thinking….it would look amazing painted white. I’d remove the label slots, paint it white and distress it a bit, then put them back on. It would be so PERFECT.

Favorite skincare product

Keifer mask

I’ve been using this kefir mask a lot recently and I am obsessed. I was just testing it out when I shared it in my updated skincare post a while back, but it’s seriously so good. My skin looks so much more plump and healthy after I use it and it doesn’t break me out, which is a huge plus. I get all excited when I get to use it because afterwards my skin is glowing. And just FYI–my Tula discount code is still valid. Use VINTAGENEST for 20% off site wide.

Other tidbits from the week:

  • I picked up a pair of these textured floral pillows in white last week and I love them. Perfect for spring. I’ll share them soon!
  • I recently ordered this wet brush and holy smokes, it’s a LIFE CHANGER. That may sound a bit dramatic, but it’s true. I always dread brushing my hair out when it’s wet because it’s usually full of tangles, plus I have a ton of hair so it’s a total pain. But this brush is super flexible, so it makes combing my wet hair really easy (and my daughter’s too!) plus it’s a good flat brush for blowdrying. LOVE it.
  • I noticed the black gooseneck barn lights we used in our reading nook are back in stock. These sold out pretty quick when I mentioned them in that blog post, but they’re back!
  • I posted this photo of little Pearl on IG a few days ago and I had several questions about the little scooter she was sitting in. It’s actually this one here and we’ve had it for a while now. My older daughter used it too. It has wheels so she can scoot herself all over the place and that big tray is large enough for toys and snacks. We absolutely love it!

All right guys, I better wrap it up here because this post is getting LONG. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will see you back here soooooooooon! xo

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  • Suzanne
    March 9, 2018

    Have a fantastic weekend….you deserve it for brightening up the days of your readers. Love your blog!!! (Off to search for some new lights & possibly an olive tree now!) 🙂

    • Sarah
      > Suzanne
      March 9, 2018

      Aw thank you Suzanne!! Hope you have a great weekend too. xoxo

  • Teresa lebario
    March 9, 2018

    Oh Sarah…love how you pull the pieces together and create such comforting vignettes! Think this is the fan you purchased from me, along with the vintage GE shipping crate and the old wooden chicken crate. It makes my ❤️ smile to see how your creativity flows. Hugs – Teresa (Pretty Pickins)

    • Sarah
      > Teresa lebario
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you Teresa! I just loved your booth. Please let me know if you’ll be at any other shows in the area, I’d love to visit!!

  • Brenda
    March 9, 2018

    Praying for little Pearl. And for you too. I hope she feels better soon. Your posts always brighten my day!

    • Sarah
      > Brenda
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you Brenda, I always appreciate the prayers!

  • Angela Servello
    March 9, 2018

    So sorry to hear about your experience at the doctors with your precious little girl. As a mom and grandma, I know how hard it is to see your child in pain. Praying that everything will work out okay. Love your finds today, your posts are informative and inspiring. Have a blessed weekend my friend.🙏

    • Sarah
      > Angela Servello
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you Angela, I appreciate that! I’m hoping we don’t have to go through that blood work again any time soon. Hope you have a blessed weekend! xoxo

  • Michele
    March 9, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your week. I never look at it as complaining when you say you’ve had a hard week. It’s a reality we all face. Thanks for sharing. Anyway, I plugged in the coupon code for the Tula products. Is that a one time use only code? I’m super bummed if it is. I LOVE their products!

    • Sarah
      > Michele
      March 10, 2018

      Hi Michelle! I think the coupon code only works one time per customer!! 🙁 Sorry!

  • Teresa lebario
    March 9, 2018

    Had only quickly scanned your photos this morning and not really read your message until while ago. Such a difficult thing to have your precious baby going through allergy tests. My heart goes out to you, as she is too little to understand all this is to help her. Prayers for beautiful little Pearl to get through this as painlessly as possible and for wisdom from the doctors to find the answer for her healing. Do hope it all gets better soon!!

    • Sarah
      > Teresa lebario
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you so much for the prayers Teresa, I really appreciate it!! xoxo

  • Lyn Curtis
    March 9, 2018

    I enjoy reading about your family and I am sorry that little Pearl had to go through this experience. Have you ever heard of DMSO? It is A natural product made from the bark of trees and can be used on all types of skin treatments. The best DMSO comes from the USA.
    My husband drinks a small amount of this everyday and it has helped him reduce his amount of oxycontin, a very addictive prescription narcotic by half, without any withdrawl symptons or pain. He is a military veteran who was put on this drug for a serious vehicle accident which happened 15 years ago. We also purchased from the USA a jar of topical cream which has aloe vera in it and he applies to his leg every day and it has stopped him getting cellulitis in his leg which he was getting regularly. Do some research on DMSO and you will see how good this natural product is. Some medical profesionals don’t like any natural products, and others embrace it. It may work on your sweet little girl, without the need for any other treatment.
    I enjoy reading your posts, and I am sorry for this long reply, but I was thinking of your sweet baby Pearl when I wrote this post. Regards Lyn ( from Australia)

    • Sarah
      > Lyn Curtis
      March 10, 2018

      Hi Lyn! Thanks for the info on the DMSO. I haven’t heard of that but I’ll definitely look into it. That’s awesome it has helped your husband so much!

  • Julie Briones
    March 9, 2018

    I’m so sorry Pearl had to go through blood-draws at this age. My little grandson was the same age when he went through it. I was with my daughter at the lab when it happened, and we specifically asked for a pediatric phlebotomist. The phleb that ended up doing it tried THREE times, and dug and poked and swished the needle in my poor little jelly-bean’s arms (who, btw, was sitting still but just crying his poor eyes out!). My daughter was young, and inexperienced at “throwing her weight around”, and I tried my best to step back and not say anything. But, by the third time, my daughter looked at me with desperate eyes, and I chimed in and said, “We would like another phlebotomist, please.” The next one, OBVIOUSLY much more experienced, hit the vein the very first time with one little prick. Awful, awful experience, so I totally understand. Hugs to you! Have you gotten results back? My grandson is MAJORLY allergic to eggs… and nuts are mild.

    • Sarah
      > Julie Briones
      March 10, 2018

      Oh my gosh, that’s awful. I hate when they just keep trying and trying, even though they can’t get it. That sounds a lot like our experience. The nurse could not get it on her arm after many awful attempts, so they ended up having to do a finger prick, which was slow and painful. The whole thing was terrible. But the results were better than we thought. They were actually conflicting with what the skin prick results were. We still have to do a “food challenge” but it looks like she may not be allergic to dairy and eggs after all, so that is great news!

  • Lorri Rauscher
    March 9, 2018

    Im sorry to hear about your little Pearl..hopefully they can get results from her sample. I just absolutely love the way you styled the old suitcase. So are so creative in your vignettes.

    • Sarah
      > Lorri Rauscher
      March 10, 2018

      Thank you Lorri! Hope you have a great weekend xoxo

  • Tammy Gravelle
    March 12, 2018

    Hi Sarah, love your posts as always!
    Thank you that for some reason the text of the post now is darker and larger. Especially the darker, cause even enlarging it on my phone, the lighter was so hard for me to see.
    Hope your family has a better week this week!

    • Sarah
      > Tammy Gravelle
      March 13, 2018

      Yes!! I made the text larger and darker so it’s easier to read!

  • Gina vanGreuningen
    March 15, 2018

    Hi Sarah,
    I just want to say that I am “Loving” your blog and look forward reading each and every one when I get it. I am in the process of building our dream home as we are now downsizing. I have very similar tastes and you inspire me.

    I thought that in one of your past blogs you did a DIY project with some old hard cover books that you chalk painted white, wrapped part of the book with ‘vintage’ newsprint and then finished them off with burlap and ribbon that I believe you found at Hobby Lobby. I haven’t been able to find that blog since and have all the materials to make them. Could you please send email me the blog if at all possible? Thank you so much and hope you and your family are doing well.

    Take care,
    Gina V.

  • Ivory
    March 25, 2018

    Hi Sarah, as you can see I am still a bit behind in opening my email, but I love taking my time to look at all the beauties posted, as in this case. I love, love, love the chicken coops, as well as the wooden wall cubby. You pull everything you touch together so beautifully with the rest of your deco, and I love the final results always. Thank you for your fabulous posts.

  • Ivory
    April 5, 2018

    You truly knw how to rock designs. Everything is totally fabulous.