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I am sooooooo excited today to be chatting with you guys about a topic that I’ve become super passionate about over the past couple years: SKINCARE! I’ve shared quite a bit on this subject now and it’s something I really enjoy doing because skincare is a big deal to me. I have struggled with breakouts and acne for a big chunk of my life, and I honestly wouldn’t wish bad skin on anyone. If you’ve had acne too, you know how awful it can be. It pretty much zaps any self confidence you have and basically makes you want to hide from the world. Thankfully my breakouts have calmed way down as I’ve gotten older, but I’ve been left with annoying scars and I still have very sensitive skin. I have to be super picky about what I put on my face. And now that I’m into my thirties I’m more focused than ever on treating my skin well. I mean, we only get one face and it’s honestly worth it to me to invest in things that I know are good for my skin and that actually work. Several months ago I shared my full skincare routine with you guys and today I’m back to do it again, only this time I’ve added in a few new things that I’m excited to chat about. So grab your coffee, and let’s get to it!

About a year ago I started using Tula products for all my skincare and I was instantly hooked. I’ve been raving about it ever since and I even got my mom using it. All of their products are formulated with probiotics, which I think is what makes them so amazing. They’re also jam packed with things like blueberries, apple extract, flaxseed and lots of other superfoods. You can read more about their products here.

Morning Routine:
  • Purifying Face Cleanser, I absolutely LOOOOOVE this cleanser. I use it morning and night and it does a great job of keeping my skin clear without stripping out all the oil. This is hands down the best cleanser I’ve ever used.
  • Illuminating Face Serum.This is an awesome lightweight serum and I use it after cleansing. This makes my skin so glowy and radiant. I’ve been using this every day for about nine months now and I have seen big improvements in my hyperpigmentation and the discoloration I got with my last pregnancy. I apply a pea-size amount to my entire face and let it soak in about 10 minutes before applying my makeup.
  • For the past few months I’ve been using my Hydrating Day and Night Cream in the morning about three to four days a week. I used to only use this at night, but I added it to my morning routine since it’s winter and the air is so dry. It just gives my skin the extra moisture it needs this time of year and it makes my skin look smooth and firm. I’m learning the more moisturized my skin is the better it looks.
  • I added in this Eye Renewal Serum about a month ago and I’ve really been enjoying it so far. This is the first eye cream I’ve ever used, but I’ve been impressed with how it makes the little lines around my eyes looks softer and it makes my eyes look less puffy. No wants puffy eyes here!

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Evening Routine:
  • Purifying Face Cleanser
  • I added the Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel to my nighttime routine about two months ago. This is a great toner that combines probiotics and glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and it has NO alcohol, which is awesome. I use this about four nights a week and it works really well to give my skin a more radiant appearance. I use it immediately after cleansing. Love this stuff!
  • I apply the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment after the resurfacing gel. I wanted to add this into my routine to up my game when it comes to improving the texture and firmness of my skin. This is meant to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and I also think it works on acne scars. I love how my skin looks in the morning after I use this cream. Right now I apply it three to four nights a week and I use the Hydrating Day & Night Cream on the other nights.

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I also just started using this brand new Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask, which is basically my new favorite part of my skincare routine. I’m all about putting as much moisture into my skin as possible and this mask is jam packed with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. And kefir is apparently well known for its ability to hydrate and moisturize the skin, who knew huh?! It definitely has some kind of magical powers because my skin looks much more plump and smooth after I use it. I’m absolutely looooooooving it so far and I plan on using it twice a week.

Well that’s my new and updated skincare routine. I seriously love each and every one of these products and I’m so grateful that I stumbled on Tula last year. I’ve seen a big improvement in my skin since I started using these products and I gotta say, there is nothing better than feeling good in your own skin. And I have fun news! Tula was kind enough to offer a discount code for you guys, so you can use VINTAGENEST for 20 percent off your entire order!

Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to chat!

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  1. 2.7.18
    Angela Bell said:

    I just started using a couple of Tula products thanks to your last skicare blog. Thank you do much for sharing!!

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh yay!! That is great to hear. I’m so glad you started using it and you love it too!

  2. 2.7.18
    Kristen said:

    I just ordered a few products. I deal with alot of redness and drying and so i am hoping this will make a difference! And of course I ordered the eye serum cause who wants wrinkles!!!!

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Oh girl, you will LOVE their stuff. Let me know what you think after you have used it for a bit! I started seeing results right away.

  3. 2.7.18
    Judy said:

    Love your blog Sarah! Thank you for the sharing about the Tula products too. My question is about your vanity light. We are remodeling our master bathroom and it’s time to select lighting. I love your fixture and it appears to provide good lighting which is very important to me. Any information you can share about it (brand, where purchased) would be very appreciated. Thank you!

  4. 2.7.18
    Brittany Smith said:

    I also started using TULA after reading your blog post and I’m in love! I’ve only been using it for about 3 months now but saw a difference very quickly. Thanks so much!!

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Yay!! That makes me so happy to hear you’ve been loving it and you starting seeing results right away. I was the same way, I noticed a difference immediately. It’s definitely good stuff!

  5. 2.7.18
    Jill Murchison said:

    Hey Sarah! I’ve never heard of Tula. I’m actually really interested to try it. My skin is super sensitive and is prone to breakouts. As I’m getting older, 38, it seems to be getting worse! Do you feel like it works well to diminish fine lines and pores?

    • 2.7.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Jill! I’m not that far behind you (I’ll be 32 this summer) and my skin is sooooo sensitive too. The overnight treatment is great for fine lines and it also helps to diminish the appearance of pores too. And the day and night hydrating moisturizer is also great for that too!

  6. 2.12.18
    Lakin Riley said:

    How long does the discount code last? I tried to use it this evening and it said “unable to find matching code”
    Hope to be able to use it!!

    • 2.13.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Lakin! I had a few others run into issues with the coupons code, so I emailed Tula and they said the code is not valid on auto-delivery orders or the trial kit. Sorry! Let me know if it’s still not working on a regular order.