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DIY Lace & Burlap Covered Books

If you love burlap, lace, and books I have a feeling you will love this post. Today I’m sharing how to do a fun little book makeover involving all three! This project makes me so happy and the reasons are threefold: 1) it was super easy. 2) It is very affordable. 3) It’s purdy. What more could you possibly want out of life?

DIY Lace and Burlap Covered Books

Supplies Needed:

  • Hardcover Books
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Book Pages
  • Burlap & Lace

Books before

For this project I used 5 hardcover books I bought from a yard sale for .50 cents each. They were all newer books, which I think is what you want for this project. Because if you have an old book you should just leave it alone and let that baby shine. This project is best for those self-help books and others you might be thinking about dropping off at Goodwill. You’ll also want large book pages to line the cover. I randomly picked these up while out junkin’ recently, but any book pages will do.

Paris Gray Chalk Paint

I started off by painting all of the books in Annie Sloan Paris Grey. One coat was plenty. Make sure you paint the inside of the covers too so you don’t see the dark colors peeking out on the edges.

Old Books Chalk Painted Painted
DIY Book Makeover supplies

Warm up your hot glue gun…
Book Pages Lined Book

And then start gluing the page to the book cover. (After the paint dries of course). Since I was adding burlap and lace I didn’t cover the entire thing with the book page. Just a little over half. Then trim the excess with scissors. Easy, right?

DIY old book makeover

Luckily I had this awesome burlap and lace on hand, but I’m pretty sure this came from Hobby Lobby. I simply cut it to size to fit on the front of the book, trimmed the burlap off one side, and glued it on. Boom.
DIY Lace and Burlap Covered Books

DIY Lined Books with Burlap, Book Pages, and Lace

Ta-da! All done. I did two books with the burlap and lace, one book completely covered in book pages, and two books were only painted. I like having some variety in the mix. I felt like I would have more styling options if all 5 didn’t look exactly the same.

DIY Lined Books with Burlap, Book Pages, and Lace

You guys, I loooooove these books. Seriously, I wish I had done this sooner. I couldn’t stop myself from styling them a zillion different ways this afternoon when I was taking photos for this post. My favorite was this look on the coffee table, just sitting pretty, and on the mantel–which you’ll see in a jiffy.
DIY Lace and Burlap Books
DIY Lined Books with Burlap, Book Pages, and Lace

Here’s the mantel style…

Farmhouse Style Mantel with Burlap and Lace Covered Books

DIY Lined Books with Burlap, Book Pages, and Lace

This look worked really well with the combination of covers. It was fun to have a variety. I especially love the one covered completely in book pages.

Farmhouse Style Mantel with Burlap and Lace Covered Books

Farmhouse Mantel with Burlap and Lace Covered Books

So there you have it. Easy peasy project and one that you can do for just a few bucks. And there are so many possibilities–you could paint the books a few different colors, go for linen instead of burlap, or even play around with the style and placement of book pages. Lots of options, so give it a try if you need a good afternoon of DIY. I don’t know about you, but a little DIY therapy is always so good for my soul. Thanks for stopping by my friends!

DIY Lace and Burlap Covered Book

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