A Vintage Sifter, A New Bag & More

You guys, I feel like a brand new woman this week. SO many good things have happened over the past few days, but best of all baby Ava is getting into more of a routine and life is finally starting to feel somewhat normal again–which has been much needed after a few rough weeks. I’m getting more sleep, tackling a few projects I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I even started working out again. Plus my little guy finished his first full week of Kindergarten, which he absolutely loved. All good things are happening! It’s been glorious. And on top of everything I am feeling energized by the start of a new season with fall just around the corner. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll be hanging on to summer as long as I possibly can, but there’s always something exciting about fall. School is back in session, schedules and routines are starting again, and it kinda feels a lot like January. I love the feeling of fresh beginnings and this new season has me thinking about new things I’d like to do with the ol’ blog. I’ve been doing mostly DIY and home decor for nearly two years now, which I obviously love, but I’d like to start incorporating even more of what I enjoy here on LVN. Many of you have even asked to see more lifestyle related posts, like motherhood and daily life stuff, so I’m hoping to start adding those in the mix every now and then. Maybe even some recipes too! We’ll see how it goes, but I’m looking forward to this new season. Ok, that’s probably enough rambling for now–let’s move on to Friday Favorites. Today I have lots of fun goodies to share, so here we goooooooo.

Dining Room Decisions

So if you follow me on Instagram you might know that I sold our dining room table about two and a half weeks ago. It was a hard decision because I really loved the table we had, but it was just way too big for our dining room. It filled up the entire room and left very little space for anything else. It was starting to really bother me, so I went ahead and listed it on Craigslist. Well it sold within just a few days, which was awesome, but since then I’ve been sitting with an empty dining room. I just can’t seem to find anything I love, despite hours of scouring Craigslist for the perfect vintage table that I can paint. It just ain’t happening, I’ve lost my Craigslist mojo. So the search continues, but today I thought it would be fun to show you two tables that have me really inspired lately.

Stunning French farmhouse dining room.

Ok, how stunning is this French farmhouse style dining room? I found this shot on Pinterest from The Pretty Blog and it literally stopped me in my tracks. I’m just swooning over that simple, white table.

Farmhouse style dining room

Another one I love is this authentic, vintage table from Miss Mustard Seed. Isn’t this just so darn charming? This table is exactly what I’d like to find for our dining room. EXACTLY.

Farmhouse style dining table

Since I’m having little luck on Craigslist lately I’ve started searching for tables from my favorite stores. Right now my top choice is this gorgeous white table from the Magnolia Home line at Pier 1. This is such a cool design and I love the planked top. I’m thinking this could be the one if I can’t find what I want on Craigslist soon. I mean, this search can’t go on forever. I can only leave my dining room empty for so long!

New Bag for Fall

I was browsing in Target the other day and stumbled on this amazing messenger handbag. I fell in love right away and I think it’s the perfect bag for fall.

Isn’t it cute?! And does anyone else notice how it resembles ticking stripe fabric or is it just me? You guys already know I’m obsessed with all things ticking stripe (I shared some favorites in this post) so maybe that’s why I love this purse so much. But really, doesn’t this look like a farmhouse-y style purse? I’m absolutely smitten with this bag. Perfect for fall and it’s affordable too. And look guys–I even managed to get dressed and ready for this picture! Almost six weeks postpartum and I’m feeling human again. Whoot!

The Best Tea EVER

OK, you guys know I’m a die-hard coffee addict. There are few things I enjoy more in this life than a hot cup of coffee. Or two. Or three. But a few weeks ago my mom gave me this hot cinnamon tea and I’ve become obsessssssssed with it.

Favorite Tea for Fall

If you’re a tea drinker, or even if you’re not, I definitely suggest giving this stuff a try. It’s cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves and it’s hands-down the best tasting tea I have ever had. EVER. You can drink it hot or cold, both ways are amazing. Definitely a must have for fall.

Favorite Tea for Fall

Vintage Sifter turned Flower Vase

Vintage sifter turned flower vase. Easy DIY farmhouse decor idea.

OK, last up today I have to share this vintage flour sifter I got recently at a yard sale. Now I have several antique sifters like this, but I’ve never before seen one with a wooden handle–they’re usually always metal. Well I loved this one so much I took the inside wheel out so I could make it into a flower vase. I just sat a mason jar on the inside so it would hold water for fresh flowers. Simple, but I’m kinda loving how it turned out.

Vintage sifter turned flower vase. Easy DIY farmhouse decor idea.

All righty roo, that’s a wrap on Friday Favorites today. I hope you guys enjoyed this random collection of goodies/dining room ramblings. I have some really exciting and new things coming to the blog next week, so I’ll see you back here on Monday!

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  1. 8.18.17
    Connie said:

    First, congratulations on your new baby girl! She will bring you many Blessings in the years to come. I love your new purse – I would probably pick something like that because I love ticking too! Your vintage sifter is neat too. I remember how excited as was when I found one. At Christmas time, I put a small tree in mine with battery lights, and it looks neat so matter where you place it. Look forward to more of your posts in the future. I also like the dinning room tables that you are considering. I prefer the long narrow ones because they seem easier to decorate. LOL Have a great weekend.

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      What a great idea to put a small Christmas tree in an old sifter, I need to remember that come holiday season! Thanks so much for dropping in today Connie. Have a great weekend! xo

  2. 8.18.17
    Mary said:

    Love the sifter idea. I have many. Thanks for the inspiration
    Also, yup that handbag. Too cute.
    Great post loved it all

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Mary, have a great weekend my friend!

  3. 8.18.17
    Vickie said:

    Love pictures of Ava! So sweet. The handbag is pretty. I, too, love ticking. Wlil be on lookout for a sifter that is a little different like yours. Great use for it!

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Vickie! Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo

  4. 8.18.17
    Dianne Gingrich said:

    Always look forward to your Friday’s post. Good luck with finding a new table.
    That purse is beautiful and looks great on you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Dianne, fingers crossed we find a table sooooooon!

  5. 8.18.17
    Sherry Darlington said:

    Going to Target….gotta get that bag!

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Go get it Sherry, you will love it!!

  6. 8.18.17
    Nikki said:

    I am also going to Target for that cute bag!! Great post…glad to hear life is finally starting to feel normal again. 😊

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Yessss! You definitely need that bag in your life Nikki. Have a great weekend friend!

  7. 8.18.17
    Jeannie said:

    Mt kids are grown but I still do Easter treats for them. One year I used antique sifters filled with Easter grass as their “basket”. It was cute.

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Oh my goodness that is a great idea Jeannie!

  8. 8.18.17
    Angel said:

    You are amazing keeping up with your blog with a newborn toddler and kindergartener! I would be sleeping every time they are and possibly I might have slept when they were awake. They didn’t die and are now 16 and 19 😂. I look forward to getting the email or swiping to read your newest post. IG is still frustrating me so having a link in your stories is the way to go. Blessing to Ava getting on schedule. I’m gonna admit that we coslept with our daughter until she was 12. No judging (I know you’re not) there were circumstances that led to it and then it just became habit. She’s in her own room and sleeps with every light on. It’s like an airport runway strip in there. Anyway the SIFTER what the what? Genius

  9. 8.18.17
    Judi J. said:

    I just picked an antique sifter last week and I love the flower vase and the xmas tree styling suggestions. Thx to both of you

  10. 8.18.17
    Doreen said:

    So happy you are getting back to yourself, post baby, and feeling better. You look great. I luv the bag and will check it out at Target. The sifter is a great find too. Hang in there with the dining room table. I love the second one with the draws under the top. You will find it eventually. Happy Friday and that’s for the great blog!!!

  11. 8.18.17
    Angela Servello said:

    Hi sweetie, quick question. Do you use a paint sprayer when you repurpose? If yes can you share which one? Thinking of buying one but they all seem like they have a big learning curve, not sure if it’s worth it. Just curious.

    • 8.18.17
      Sarah said:

      Hi Angela! I haven’t used a spray painter yet, but I’d love to try one someday. I know they make the job much easier!

  12. 8.19.17
    Jo Brown said:

    Hi Sarah, have y’all thought about making your own dining room table?? It sounds like you and hubby are pretty good at DIY so would not take much effort or money to make your own. I have my husband on board after showing him several on Pinterest. Use legs from any ole table or buy from Home Depot, add wood planks to top of apron built for planks. Good luck on your hunt❤️

  13. 8.19.17
    Susan H said:

    I love your imagination! Never would have thought of your idea with vintage sifter! Glad things are getting semi-normal! I like all the tables and chandeliers you showed on your blog! Have fun looking around for a table! I prefer rectangle over a round table. Seems to have more room.

  14. 8.20.17
    Shelley said:

    Well, I might just have to swing by Taget too. Love, love the bag. If you liked the hot cinnamon tea you might want to try Maharaja Chai Oolong & Samurai Chai Maté from Teavana. It is amazing. Just joined your newsletter because I am in love with your style. Have a beautiful day.

  15. 8.21.17
    Cecilia said:

    You look great! Glad sweet Ava is settling into a routine and you’re getting rest. Always a big plus with a new baby!
    I love that tea! It is my absolute favorite! It needs no sweetener as it is naturally sweet and is just incredible. Yum! I have a table almost exactly like the first one you showed only it isn’t painted. Good luck with finding the right one! And the sifter makes such a cute vase- great idea!

    • 8.21.17
      Sarah said:

      Yes! That tea is amazing. I’m addicted and I think it’s perfect for fall. I need to order more of it actually! And can I just say that I’m so jealous that you have a dining table like that. Lucky you!

  16. 8.26.17
    Micki said:

    I love cinnamon tea just about year round. Where did your mom get the one for you?

    • 8.27.17
      Sarah said:

      Hi Micki, I think she found it at Wal-Mart.