My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

Well hellllllo there and happy Wednesday to you!! Today is a very special day because my little guy is turning NINE YEARS OLD today. I can’t even believe it. I’m emotional just thinking about how fast the last nine years have gone. I can still remember exactly what it was like bringing him home for the very first time. It was raining and cold, but we dressed him up the in cutest little outfit and I was sooooo happy. He was nine pounds of pure heaven and just the sweetest little guy. That was the start of my motherhood journey and it’s been such a joy ever since. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble on–let’s chat about today post! I thought it would be fun to share details on my rug collection. I always get questions about my rugs, so I wanted to put a post together with info all of them. And I’m also sharing a few of my best tips for choosing the perfect rug for your home!

My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug


For almost three years now we’ve had this gorgeous rug in our living room and bedroom. I’ve truly LOVED this rug–this colors are perfect for my modern farmhouse look. Plus I really think it’s one of those rugs that can blend with just about any style or color scheme. It’s a mix of soft creams, blues, and grays. It also has this really pretty faded, vintage-y look, which I adore. It spot cleans well (we have lots of spills around here) and it’s help perfectly in the time we’ve had it. We have an 8×10 in both room. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a great, affordable rug for your living room! SEE IT HERE.

My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug
My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug
My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug


The round rug in my vanity space was actually a lucky find from Target last year. I was browsing through one day and just happened to stumble on it. I have a thing for round jute rugs, so I snagged it. Seriously, I really love this rug–it perfect for a little desk space like this and it’s help up really well. It’s low in stock, but you can SEE IT HERE.

(This rug is also super similar.) 

My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug
My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug


The rug in our front room is one of my all-time favorites. I’m such a sucker for a good jute rug, but this one is great because it has those charcoal colored stripes. I think it gives the rug more pizazz while still being nice and neutral. This rug also has a cotton backing, so there is no mess! Those of you that are familiar with jute rugs know how they shed, but this one does not thanks to that backing. We have the 8×10, but it comes in lots of sizes!! SEE IT HERE.

My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug


I recently got this super cute and colorful braided rug for the girls room and it’s been such a great addition to their little space. It adds so much color and life, plus it fits perfectly in between their beds. This rug would be great for a playroom too! It also comes in a nice blue color. SEE IT HERE.

My Rug Collection + Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug


Last but not least is another round jute rug in our basement. This one is actually from Walmart and it’s super affordable. It comes in two size options, but this is the five foot rug. It also comes in an eight foot options. I love this one because it could also work as an outdoor rug–perfect for a small patio or porch. SEE IT HERE.


  1. Before even shopping for rugs, think about the color and texture you want to bring into the room. What style are you going for? I think rugs fall into two basis categories: bold and bright or light and neutral. If your home’s decor and furniture is already colorful, you might want a more neutral rug to balance things out. However on the flip side, if you have lots of neutral decor you might love a rug with lots of patterns and color.
  2. Think about sizing–an area rug that is too small will actually make a space feel smaller, so it’s important to get the sizing right. Here are some basic guidelines I use when buying a rug:
    • Living room rug size: 8×10, 9×12, 11×13
    • Dining room: 8×10, 9×12
    • Bedroom: 5×7 under a twin size bed, 8×10 under a queen size bed, 9×12 under a king size bed (if you have room for it! We have an 8×10 under our king bed and I think it works.)
  3. Think about the room’s purpose. For example, I love a good jute rug, but I wouldn’t use one in our main living room because they’re scratchy on bare skin. My kids are always crawling around , so the living room rug needs to be soft and cozy. Same for the bedroom–I’d prefer a cozy rug over a jute rug in there as well.

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  1. 5.13.20
    Rhonda said:

    Do you screw it down or how do you keep it in place? I watched Holly screw her rug down

    • 5.13.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Rhonda, I’m not sure who Holly is, but I never screw my rugs down! I’d hate to do that to my wood floor.

  2. 5.13.20
    JIll said:

    I just read this post to choosing rugs. How do you know what placement when putting a rug under your bed? What is the general rule for how much goes under vs how much sticks out at the end? Thanks!!!

    • 5.13.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Jill, I like to position the rug right in front of my nightstands. And then I try to get it evenly spaced on bottom and sides of the bed!

  3. 5.13.20
    Lisa said:

    Not about rugs, but where did you get the floral pillows on your bed?

    • 5.13.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Lisa, those are from With Lavender and Grace. xo

  4. 5.13.20
    Kathie Magness said:

    Where did you buy the bed from in your first photo on today’s blog? I see that you change the pillows from time to time to get a fresh new look. Very clever!!

  5. 5.13.20
    Kathy said:

    The jute rug says it comes in 7×10 rather than 8×10 at store.

  6. 5.13.20
    Robin said:

    Happy Birthday to your first born. Love All of your posts!!

  7. 5.13.20
    Jessica Allen said:

    First of all, Happy Birthday to your blessing.
    Thank you for this post!!! I am wanting a rug under our dining table but wasn’t sure size. So, this post helped a ton!

  8. 5.13.20
    Tracy said:

    Thank you ! You take the guess work out of it and making choosing a rug not so scary ! LOL! Love, love your choices !

  9. 5.14.20

    I love this blog post!