Thoughts on One Year of Country Life

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been here in our new home for one full year. This time last year we were just getting settled, the basement was under construction, and we were trying to figure out this new way of life in the country. There was definitely an adjustment period for me and I can remember spending the first month or two feeling very out of sorts and overwhelmed. And even though our move wasn’t too far from our old home, this is our first time (as adults) not living in a typical suburban neighborhood. A lot has changed in this past year and I’ve learned a lot, so I thought it would be fun to share some honest thoughts on one year of country life.

If you were around last year, you might remember me sharing that I had a lot of mixed feelings about moving to this property. On one hand, it was a dream come true to finally have land. We have about 10.5 acres here and I’m grateful for every inch of it! Being in the country, with open space around us was always what we wanted for our kids, so buying this place was 100% for the land. But on the flip side of that, I never really loved the house. I liked it, but there wasn’t a lot of character or personality to this house. I honestly struggled with that, because our last home was SO full of character. But now, one year later, I look back on that and know God had a plan for it all. Even though the house wasn’t exactly what I wanted back then, it’s what we needed. And slowly but surely I’ve fallen in love with it as we’ve been able to make it feel more like us. I’m so glad we took that leap of faith, even when it felt scary. If I had to go back in time, I’d move here all over again.


The best thing about living in the country has been the feeling of peace I’ve found here. Honestly it’s almost hard to describe. It’s just quiet and calm, which is exactly what we needed and my favorite part of living here. The views of rolling hills have such a calming effect on me, which has been SO good for my fast-paced mind. And I don’t have to worry about things like the kids playing too close to a busy road anymore, or our neighbors watching everything we do. We have space to breath here. The kids ride on go-carts and 4-wheelers, the chickens roam freely around the property every evening, and the stars shine so bright out here. It’s simple living and I love it.


For me, the biggest downside of living in the country has been the daily drive to town for school drop off, groceries, or trips to the post office. We’re at least 15-20+ minutes from all of those things, so there are no more “quick trips” to town. There isn’t a Starbucks around the corner. No gas station down the road. And sadly, there are no more Mexican take-out nights either. That’s been an adjustment for sure–especially being further from the kids school. I wish we were closer to their school, but I’d say we’ve all gotten used to it. Another downside is the delays with getting our mail and packages. I don’t know why exactly, but everything seems to take a day or two longer than it should.

FAQ from Instagram Stories:

How far are you from quality healthcare?

There is an ER about 30 minutes from us.

Is it lonely with no neighbors?

We actually do have a few neighbors who are also on 10 acres lots. Thankfully they are very kind!

Do you feel isolated from social events?

Not at all. We drive to whatever we want to do, just takes a bit longer to get places!

How do you get past feeling vulnerable when your husband is away?

Oddly enough, I feel more safe here than I did when we lived in town with neighbors right next to us and constant traffic passing by (our old house was on a very busy road). We have a very private lot, so it feels super safe and secure.

Is it hard to get wifi?

Yes! This is something I have NOT loved about living here. We were with Comcast before we moved, but that wasn’t available here so our internet is run thru a private company in our small town now. It’s not the best! Plus our cable is satellite, which I don’t love either.

Is it too much quiet?

Nope, I LOVE it.

How many acres do you have and do you plan to get more animals?

We have 10.5 acres and YES, I cannot wait to get more animals. We’re actively looking for a good farm dog right now and I’d love to get goats after that.

Did you kids have to go to a new school?

Yes, they did. We’re in a much smaller town now and a smaller school, which we all love. They adjusted like total champs.

Do you feel closer to God?

I definitely do! I think it’s just the calm and peaceful feeling I have here that makes me feel more connected to God–my heart is very grateful.

Are you on a well and do you like that?

Yes, we are on a well. And I do like it! We don’t have to pay for water anymore.

I’m curious if the lack of trees ever bothers you?

Yes and no. I do wish we had more trees, but we have planted about 20 trees since we moved in last fall. But I will say, I LOVE being able to look out our windows and see all the open space for miles–that’s actually one of my favorite things about being here. Having trees super close to my house, with no views, makes me feel claustrophobic.

How many miles do you drive to the grocery store?

I’m about a 25 minute drive to my favorite grocery store.

Would you ever put in a pool in your yard with that beautiful land?

YESS!! When the kids are older that is definitely on my wish list.

Would you ever move back to town?

I don’t think I could ever go back to living in a typical, suburban neighborhood. Maybe one day when I’m older and want to downsize, but I love and need that open space around us right now.

What’s the next project you want to tackle?

Right now we’re working on the mudroom project and I’m not sure what will be next after that’s finished. I was so excited about the idea of turning our back patio into a sunroom, but the quote we got for that was over $50,000 so that’s definitely not happening anytime soon. Sooooo maybe more shiplap in the living room?!

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Be sure to let me know if you have questions. I love chatting with you guys!!

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 9.16.21
    Pamela said:

    Love the update. I am itching for some land as well. Chickens, goats and donkeys. Space for kids, the quiet. Love following all the home renovations. Grateful to have come across your IG.

    • 9.16.21
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Pamela. It’s been so fun to share the journey of these last 6 years–all led up to here and now! SO glad you found me too. xoxo

      • 9.16.21
        Dena C. said:

        So happy you guys are enjoying the country life and have adapted well to it. We moved from the hustle and bustle of Nashville, TN, to the very small town of Watertown, TN, (approx. 40 miles east) in which we have ZERO traffic lights. We built a beautiful log house on acreage 13 years ago and have never regretted it. I could never live in a neighborhood again….country life is so refreshing, calming and very therapeutic. Your house is gorgeous and I pray you and your family will make so many wonderful memories there!!

  2. 9.16.21
    Sheila Finley said:

    I moved to the country 8 years ago when I married my husband. I had always been a city girl. And every thing that you love is exactly what I love! We live on 180 acres in Oklahoma. Obviously we have trees but we’ve got trails to ride 4 wheelers and several ponds to fish in. And of course….chickens!! And we can hunt deer on our own land. We have a huge garden each year and I started canning (pickles and salsa are my thing now 😂) which is something I NEVER thought I’d do. Neither did my family or friends!! I always feel a sense of calm when I get home from being in town. And when I go out to the “back 40” on a side by side ride, it is very clear to me that God is everywhere. I, too, don’t think I could live in a city again. I also feel safer especially with all the weirdness in the world now. It is peaceful and has made a difference with my anxiety. I absolutely love living in the country and I’m so glad that you do as well!! Thank you for sharing your life and your absolutely beautiful home with us!!

    • 9.29.21
      Charlene said:

      180 acres would be amazing, we have almost 6 acres and it’s not enough 😂

  3. 9.16.21
    Nicolette said:

    So wanted to ask you, do you have ticks there. We have a second home in Oregon on 40 acres and we have ticks. Thats the number on thing I just can not get
    used to.

    • 9.16.21
      Mollie said:

      hey talking about ticks we have guineas that r. supposed to eat alot of ticks and bugs each day. this last summer I found maybe one! so we will be getting more yet. we just have them out free range no putting them in at night. they r also good animals to guard. they love squeaking at any strange thing that happens on the fam

  4. 9.16.21
    Ruth said:

    So happy for you that you feel more settled. Love following along with your projects. Do your parents and family live close or do you have a long travel time?

  5. 9.16.21
    Emily said:

    Tips for takeout form a fellow country gal-
    1. buy a pizza to go delivery bag on Amazon (like the pizza delivery drivers use). Pizza will stay warm when driving back home.
    2) when you order take out- ask for dressings/condiments/anything cold on the side, and reheat fries, burgers, etc. in the air fryer. Tastes like you had it fresh when reheated in the air fryer, even tortilla chips! (We get take out a lot 😉).

  6. 9.16.21
    Laura said:

    I grew up in a very small town (Placerville, Ca) went to college at UC Santa Barbara and ended up in Palm Springs. And PS is actually a small town, especially in the summer. It may be known all over the world but it is still a small town. I could never live in a city like my hubby from LA. I do not even know how to parallel park! Trees are the thing! Lots of palms here!

  7. 9.16.21
    Robin Elling said:

    I have really liked watching each of your projects!! For only 1 year you have accomplished so many beautiful things. Blessings to you and your family💕💕

  8. 9.17.21
    Amy Turentine said:

    I can relate to just about all your feelings, we too are moving to the country but our kids are grown and have kids of their own. So many changes when you buy acreage, we have to put a road in, drill a well, get power and build a dwelling. Unfortunately our property is a bit of over 5 hours away from where we live now. We were blessed with being able to give each of our kid’s 1 acre lot for them to build their own place, looking forward to that day when my neighbors are my kids and grandchildren!

  9. 9.17.21
    Mrs Judi Bowen said:

    I was really interested to read your comments about moving out to the countryside. We moved to the country about 5 1/2 years ago, and I totally agree with you about most of the downfalls of the move, but also the benefits, especially the fact that you actually feel safer. I thought it was strange that I felt like that, but it’s absolutely true. Nice to hear that I’m the only one who feels that way. Good luck with your next projects, it all takes time, doesn’t it?

  10. 9.29.21
    Charlene said:

    Have loved seeing your journey and all the beautiful projects. I say get the pool now, kids love it. Lots of grilling and family fun.

  11. 2.3.22
    Tracie said:

    I grew up in the country about 45 min from things, and I loved it. I live 5 minutes from a Target right now, and a mile from a grocery store, and that feels weird. I live 20 minutes from a mall. I have a small yard and a cottage type home, and though I love it here, too, I do miss the country and the area I grew up in. The quiet country life and more remote privacy I miss. I also miss snow. I do not live somewhere that winter is pretty and snowy, and summer is humid, something I did not grow up with. I picked cherries in the summer and bicycled all over and took long walks and grew up camping and hiking. I love where I live, but I do miss country living, though I am in the south and fortunately it is nice here and homey. I use decor to nod to a quiet, simple country life.