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Cozy Tops for Fall from Walmart

I woke up from a dream at 4:45 this morning. And in true Sarah fashion, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I laid there for about twenty minutes trying to fall back asleep, but once my brain turns on, it’s hard to shut if back off. Anyone else like that?! Finally after tossing and turning, I decided to just get up and start the day. I worked out, did my Bible study, and got to see the sun come up, which was a pretty wonderful way to start the day. Since then I’ve been in the best mood and now I’m wondering if I should get up at 4:45 every day?! Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and see how it goes. Anyway, enough about my sleeping habits! I want to share some cozy finds I just got in from Walmart.

First up is this beautiful puff sleeve sweater–isn’t that color perfect for fall?! I’m wearing size small here. It was fully stocked a few days ago when I ordered it, but now it seems sold out. This color is still in stock at the moment! Also, these jeans are AWESOME. The fit, the fabric, the stretch–it’s all so good. And under $30!!! Highly recommend.

Next is this green leopard print sweatshirt. I got this in size large and I love how comfy it is!! And best of all, it’s $12. I have the same sweatshirt in cream.

Same sweater here, but I’m wearing size small for a more fitted look. I like both sizes for different reasons! Also I want to mention these jeans–these have been my favorite Walmart jeans for months and months now. They’ve been sold out fo ra while now, but they are finally back in stock!!

I shared this red hoodie a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been wearing it a lot lately so I wanted to mention it again. It’s $24 and comes in lots of colors. I’m wearing size medium. Jeans are here.

This green raglan sweatshirt is so cute for fall! But I’m probably going to send it back and re-order a larger size. I ordered size small and it’s just too small. I would definitely prefer a medium, or even large, in this! But it’s only $18 and comes in lots of colors.

Last but not least I want to mention these comfy boyfriend t-shirts. These are less than $9 and they’re so good. Just a great, basic t-shirt. I have four of them now, all in different colors!

Same shirt in green, (size small) with these jeans, and these sandals.

I ordered everything here from Walmart online–they do free shipping over $35 and they have TONS of cute stuff out for fall right now. I actually rounded up some great fall sweaters too!



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  • Alexandra
    September 19, 2021

    LOVE the puff sleeve top! Fall clothing shopping at Walmart is on my list.