Simple Spring Touches in the Kitchen

Can you believe we’re already halfway through March?! HALFWAY. Seriously, I don’t even know how that is possible. It feels like Christmas was two weeks ago, right? These past few months have absolutely flown by so fast and here we are smack dab in the middle of March. It’s pure craziness, but you won’t hear me complaining because we’re heading into my favorite time of year. Spring (and summer!) will always have my heart, so I’m tickled pink to see winter slowly coming to a close. We obviously still have a ways to go, but the end is near my friends. And that makes me happy because I LOVE decorating our home for spring. There’s nothing fussy or high maintenance about it–it’s just fresh and easy. I’ve starting adding some some simple spring touches around the house and today I’m excited to share how things are looking in our kitchen!

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

After putting so much work into the kitchen during our remodel last year, it’s just really nice to slow down and finally enjoy this space. It’s obviously not the biggest or the fanciest, but I always feel so happy in here because it’s the perfect kitchen for us. And it’s become the first place I like to decorate as the seasons change!

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

I love using loads of greenery when it comes to spring decor. Where it’s faux or real, you just can’t go wrong with a few cute potted plants.

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

A couple of days ago I got a few new candles for spring from Antique Candle Works, which you guys know is my FAVORITE. I just love this company for so many reasons. (Check out this post where I shared more about them!) Their candles are soy and hand poured in these vintage inspired mason jars by the sweetest ladies in Indiana. You can read more about how they’re made here. This new Sweet Lemon scent is perfect for spring and it seriously smells divine. I cannot get enough of it. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness and it makes the house smell SO crisp and clean. I wish you could smell how fresh it is! And can we talk about how cute these jars are for a second?! They make great decor all on their own.

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

I always think of candles as being one of those simple little things in life that I appreciate the most. Like a great cup of coffee or a home cooked meal, there is just something really comforting about having a good candle burning. They have this magical ability to instantly make any room feel cozy and inviting. I LOVE having candles in our home and I’m always excited to get myself a few new scents as the seasons change. This one here is Fresh Cut Herbs and it’s a mix of basil and mint, which is also perfect for spring. It’s so refreshing and it literally makes the kitchen smell like a little garden! I’m so glad I have the larger size, but it also comes in a smaller jar as well. And you can see all of their amazing spring candles here.

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

Of course I can’t decorate for spring without fresh flowers too! You guys, I’ve become addicted to having flowers in our kitchen. I typically buy them on clearance from the grocery store, but I decided to splurge on this gorgeous orchid. Isn’t it stunning?! Every time I do dishes I just stare in awe at its beauty. Really, God did good when He created orchids.

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

Simple Farmhouse Style Spring Decor in the Kitchen

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing my simple spring kitchen. It only took a bit of greenery, fresh flowers, and a few new candles to freshen things up in here. I really wish you could come over for a cup of coffee and a chat! And possibly some kind of delicious baked good. Maybe brownies? Or blueberry muffins. Maybe even chocolate chip cookies, which just so happen to be my speciality. I’ll make a double batch!

Thanks so much for dropping by and spending part of your day with me. It means so much! xoxo

Welcome!! Iโ€™m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 3.14.18
    Dena said:

    I just subscribed to your newsletter a few days ago and am enjoying your posts immensely. Thank you for sharing your creative decorating ideas with everyone! Have a blessed day๐Ÿค—

    Watertown, TN

  2. 3.14.18
    Lynda said:

    Love your kitchen! I wish I had the time and courage to paint my cabinets. Maybe one of these days. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. 3.14.18
    Ann said:

    Sarah, I love how your special decorating touches can transform a room! I’m going to order some candles and start getting ready for spring. Even though there is still snow on the ground here…it can’t be that far away! We’re redoing our kitchen with quartz countertops and would like to use bead board on the back splash. I wondered what type of material your bead board is made of and if you’ve had any problems with it being behind your sink, as my kitchen is almost identical to the layout of yours.

  4. 3.14.18
    Dena Breitmeyer said:

    This is so fresh and spring-like! Awesome post! I am itching for our snow to melt so I can plant my flower/veggie garden! Its our first spring at Fletcher Creek Cottage and I am pumped to get my little starter plants in the ground!

  5. 3.14.18
    Falon said:

    Love the simple touches of Spring! Ahhhh, it’s my favorite!

  6. 3.14.18
    Kelsey said:

    I’m down for a coffe date! With allllll the baked yummies and some decor chit chat๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿผ

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      Come on over Kelsey!

  7. 3.14.18
    Linda said:

    I enjoy your post every time! We’re did you find the cream pots with the faux greenery? Love them. Have a great day,

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      Hi Linda! I got those at Marshallโ€™s actually! They have a ton of cute stuff for spring right now.

  8. 3.14.18
    Angela Servello said:

    So happy and cheery. I love your white pots with the greenery. Where did you get them? I always have such a hard time picking out greenery. You always have such soft and pretty faux greens. Do you know what the names are? Have a great day. xoxo

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      I got those at Marshall’s actually!! They have a ton of cute stuff for spring right now.

  9. 3.14.18
    Jenifer Scherlin said:

    I knew I liked your style – and then I saw your Fiesta Ware!!!
    Love it!!! Mine is all hidden in cabinets – wish I had an island or
    glass front cabinets to show some off!

    Your kitchen is so pretty and real. It doesn’t look like it was
    decorated just for a photo- but for real life.

    And I would love to visit and have a cookie and a chat!!

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Jennifer! I’ve been collecting fiesta ware for years now. I have too much of it actually!

  10. 3.14.18
    Teresa said:

    Your island is an eye-popper….love it! Of course, the entire kitchen is cheery and sweet, but that “chippy-perfect” island is something else. Hope the little one is doing better this week.


    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Teresa, we had that island made for us when we lived in our first home. I love it!

  11. 3.14.18
    Ann said:

    Looks great Sarah, I am so ready for spring, but we are getting hammered with snow here in Vermont! Not ready for it just yet here in New England.

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      I saw that on the news Ann, I hope you all get sunshine very soon!!

  12. 3.14.18
    Lelanie said:

    Such a lovely kitchen!

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      thank you Lelanie! xo

  13. 3.14.18
    Nancy said:

    Love the mug holder you have onleft of sink….did you find online somewhere?

  14. 3.15.18
    Jana Kay said:

    You are a delight in my life. Every time I read a post something inside of me reawakens. Although I rarely comment, I read every single post.

    • 3.15.18
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you Jana, you just made my night with your sweet comments. Big hugs to you! xoxo

      • 3.17.18
        Jana Kay said:

        My son and his family moved to Greeley, Colorado. It would be a dream come true if I could meet you. Are you allowed to share where you live?

        • 3.26.18
          Sarah said:

          Oh that’s awesome Jana!! Greeley is a cool little place, I’ve visited there a few times over the years. I live down about 45 minutes south of Denver!

  15. 4.13.18
    Ivory said:

    I love so many things in this post, but I especially love your island and the little stool on the side of it. The old scales is fab as well as that gorgeous farmhouse sink. Thanks for sharing your beauties.

  16. 8.4.18
    Jill said:

    Hi Sara, Love your site! Can you tell me if you installed your bead board yourself? I have seen others do it and they have placed quarter round at the bottom and top to hide the edges which I do not like. Yours does not look like this was used. Can you tell me what you did for these areas to hide the edges? Many thanks! Jill

    • 8.5.18
      Sarah said:

      Well to be honest Jill we didn’t really do anything to hide the edges. We NEED to, but we haven’t done it yet. I’ll probably do a wide trim instead of quarter round.

  17. 3.6.19

    You had me at coffee and goodies! Lol. Love your kitchen Sarah. So clean and crisp!it hard for me to put spring out yet…..even though I am yearning for it. 15 degrees here in Wi. Brrrrrrr! Maybe if I do some spring I’ll feel better. As always enjoy your posts. ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒท

  18. 7.28.19
    Melissa said:

    I love your bead board back splash. You mentioned a tutorial. How can I read the tutorial? My main question was, did you buy a special type of bead board for the kitchen. I was worried about the sink area.
    Thank you.