Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer

Well we’ve made it to day five of Outdoor Decor Week!! It’s been fun, right?! I’ve definitely enjoyed it and I hope you have too. Today’s post is the grand finale and it’s all about a simple + cozy deck for summer. I just did a little makeover on this area and it turned out so dang cute. And just in time for Memorial Day weekend! I told my husband I’m calling this “mama’s coffee spot” because it’s really the PERFECT little corner for me to drink coffee in the morning. And best of all, it was super easy to put together. Plus everything is very budget friendly–all of my new finds are from Walmart!

Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.
Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.
Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.

So stinkin’ cute, right??! It’s just a simple little spot, but I seriously LOVE it. I’ve been wanting rocking chairs for this deck for a while now, so it’s really nice to finally have them. I got this AMAZING three piece patio set from Walmart. It came with both chairs and that little table. Plus look at the size of those cushions! They’re super comfy.

Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.

I also snagged this outdoor rug from Walmart too. I love the natural stripe color and all the texture–it’s even weather resistant. It’s perfect for this patio. Best of all it’s less than $50! That cream colored throw pillow is also a Walmart find.

Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.
Simple + Cozy Deck for Summer. Easy and simple outdoor decor ideas.

It really didn’t take much effort at all to re-do this little simple + cozy deck and now it’s such a cozy spot. I LOVE these rockers and I’m sooooo excited to enjoy them as the weather continues to warm up. Bring on sweet, sweet summertime! Well thank you so much for hanging out with me all week long. I hope my Outdoor Decor Week posts have given you a few ideas for your own outdoor spaces this summer. Be sure to check out Walmart’s DIY & Done page for more outdoor decor and furniture this summer. They have TONS of great stuff!! xo

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  1. 5.22.20
    Joann said:

    Looks so great!

  2. 5.22.20
    Lisa said:

    Have your woven baskets gotten wet from rain and if so, how do they hold up. I have a couple pots I’d like to put in baskets like that, but their not protected from the weather. Thanks!

  3. 5.22.20
    Marty said:

    This looks amazing and those chairs do look so comfy.

  4. 5.22.20
    Rachel said:

    I really like your decorating choices. Can you tell me about the deck fencing? Thank you!

  5. 5.22.20
    Karen said:

    All of your outdoor spaces look so nice! I just have to ask, do you run all around bringing everything in, when you’re going to have rain or do you leave it all out there?!

  6. 5.22.20
    Melissa said:

    Love the look . Didn’t realize Walmart had some many nice things ! Thanks for posting and giving us such cute idea!

  7. 5.22.20
    Melissa said:

    Love the look ! Thanks for posting and giving us such cute idea! Are those waterproof?

  8. 5.22.20
    Ruth said:

    This has been fun looking at all the summer decor posts this week. It has given me great ideas! It’s funny because I live in “Walmart country” very close to the home office but get my best decorating ideas from you!!

  9. 5.22.20
    Pamela said:

    Looks beautiful and cozy!

  10. 5.22.20
    Amy said:

    I love your outside areas! They look so inviting and relaxing! Thanks for using affordable pieces that everyone can purchase and not break the bank. Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. 5.22.20
    Jenifer said:

    I’ve loved this week of outdoor decor! Your outdoor spaces are goals! 🙌🏻

  12. 5.23.20
    Melanie said:

    I love your cozy coffee spot! What a great little area to start the day.

  13. 5.25.20
    Jena said:


  14. 5.26.20
    Michelle said:

    I love your deck! The rockers are so cute and look so comfy! I can’t believe everything came from Walmart! It looks amazing!!

  15. 5.27.20
    Dana said:

    Where is that white shaker knit throw from?

  16. 5.28.20
    Jill said:

    I LOVE this look!! I may have to copy ☺️
    Where is that other side table from?

  17. 5.31.20
    Maria said:

    This sure does look cozy & comfy!!! Call me crazy but I think those rockers would also look great in a small pace inside as well;)

  18. 6.1.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    I love this set! Was reading the reviews on and saw where someone got it for under $200! Gonna keep my eye on it!