Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch

The fact that today is May 21st is really blowing my mind right now. It’s almost JUNE, which is hard to believe. And you know what’s even crazier? We’re almost half way through the year. That’s insane, right?! This has been the weirdest, craziest year of my life and I’m guessing we all feel that way right now. It’s definitely been a wild ride to say the least. But on the positive side, I feel like I’ve learned more about myself and grown in so many ways over these past five-ish months. It’s crazy how going through hard things can teach us so much. Anyway, enough of my rambling! It’s day four of Outdoor Decor Week and today I want to share my lemon inspired farmhouse porch. I put this look together yesterday and I LOVE it so much.

Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer! Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer!

Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer!

I don’t know about you, but I love decorating with lemons during the summer months. There’s just something so perfect about summer decor and lemons–they’re a match made in heaven. I wanted to use lemons on my porch this year and I love how this look came together! I got the lemon pillow cover from Amazon and the lemon wreath was actually made from this garland! I just used small pieces of wire to secure it on that large grapevine wreath for a super easy DIY wreath. The whole thing took make 10 minutes. BOOM.

Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer! Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer!

The black and white buffalo check doormat was also from Amazon. I love the combo of black and yellow, so I thought that would be a fun addition to the porch. The black metal bench is an old one from Target and unfortunately it’s sold out, but I found this bench which is very similar.

Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer! Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer! Lemon Inspired Farmhouse Porch for Summer!

To be honest I really wish my front porch could look like this year round. It’s just a happy, cheerful little porch and it makes me smile every time I look at it! And I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I love summer decor the most. It’s just so dang easy and relaxed, you know what I mean?! There’s nothing fussy or high maintenance about it. It’s simple, fresh, and cheerful. All good things. Anyway, I hope this gives you a few ides for your own front porch this summer. Cheers to lemons!

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog today. I’ll see you back here tomorrow for day FIVE of Outdoor Decor Week!

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  1. Dee wrote:

    Love it ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Posted 5.21.20 Reply
  2. Amy wrote:

    Super cute and so perfectly simple. Your porch welcomes visitors before they even step foot in your home!

    Posted 5.21.20 Reply
  3. Evelyn Smith wrote:

    Good Morning, I wanted to know where you got your bench. I saw the one’s on wayfair did not care for them. I have a small patio is why. Thank you!

    Posted 5.21.20 Reply
  4. Jean wrote:

    Absolutely love it. Lemons are one of my favorites for decor and flavor.. thanks for great ideas!!

    Posted 5.21.20 Reply
  5. Tracy wrote:

    Yeah! Love the color combination! Itโ€™s so super sweet looking ๐Ÿ˜Š.

    Posted 5.21.20 Reply
  6. Sharon wrote:

    Love it so much! Unfortunately I don’t really have a front porch but maybe I can do something like this out the back. Is the door ok there if it rains?

    Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  7. J wrote:

    Love this!

    Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  8. Tracie Jones wrote:

    Sarah, always the cutest projects! I love your style!

    Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  9. monica cockrell wrote:

    Super cute and cozy ideas. I haven’t decorated my porch for summer yet, I love your ideas.

    Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  10. Liliana wrote:

    It looks so good! Love how it came out ๐Ÿ‹ decor is the best! Did you see the pretty lemon stuff in dollar tree. I was so surprised how pretty they were. I ended getting the kitchen towels, but they have cute placemats, plates and cups!

    Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  11. Carolyn wrote:

    So cute! I wish my porch was bigger.

    Posted 6.16.20 Reply

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