Serena & Lily Dupes–Same Look for a Fraction of the Price!

Serena and Lily Dupes! Furniture and decor dupes for Serena and Lily.

Hands down, one of my favorite stores is Serena & Lily. However, I’ve only purchased one thing from there because that stuff is PRICEY. It’s gorgeous, but dang it’s expensive. So I thought it might be fun to scour the interwebs for some Serena & Lily dupes. I wanted to find things that look very similar for a fraction of the price! And fortunately I was able to find quite a few look-a-like items from places like Target, World Market, and Overstock. Check out these dupes!!

Serena & Lily Rattan Coffee Table–$898

World Market Rattan Coffee Table–$149

Serena & Lily Sunwashed Dining Chair–$368

World Market Rattan Syena Dining Chair–$199

Serena & Lily Barton Sofa–$4,998

Target Woodland Hills Wood Base Sofa–$800

Serena & Lily Swivel Arm Chair, $2,898

World Market Swivel Armchair–$399

Serena & Lily Malibu Flush Mount–$2,298

Pottery Barn Dahlia Flush Mount Light–$299

Serena & Lily Summerwood Basket–$198

World Market Open Weave Basket–$69

Serena & Lily Sandbar Tray–$128

Target Woven Tray–$20

Serena & Lily Headlands Pendant–$398

Overstock Rattan Globe–$89


Well I hope you enjoyed checkin out these Serena & Lily dupes. I had a lot of fun putting this post together, so let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this in the future!



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  1. 4.1.21
    Shelley said:

    Hi Sarah,
    YES! Please give us more of your budget friendly versions of “Pricey Finds”
    Love your intel!

  2. 4.1.21
    Beth said:

    In less then a year you have transformed your house into a beautiful HOME, can’t wait to see your new oven in your home

  3. 4.1.21
    Debbie said:

    Your right, love them but very expensive. You did great!! With the look alikes
    Some are even better!! Great post. Thanks

  4. 4.1.21
    Debbie said:

    I have that target round tray, live it! Bought my friend one too!!

    • 4.1.21
      Kim said:

      Please continue with the budget friendly finds. Now your talking my language. I love to get a good deal. And I love to decorate.

      • 4.4.21
        Denise said:

        Appreciate your efforts so much. I am going to look for that Target basket next week! Happy Easter to you & your family!

  5. 4.1.21
    Cynde said:

    What a great post!!!!!! I agree with you on Serena and Lily, great stuff, but super expensive. It is true, you can decorate beautifully on a budget! Just need to be a smart shopper!!!!

  6. 4.1.21
    Candy said:

    Happy Easter Sarah to’you and your family!
    Wow, the6 are so close and way more cheaper. I love some of them but unfortunately they are not here in Canada…brrrr! Oh, well that’s ok I am still going to have my basement done some day and copy yours…I love your whole house

  7. 4.1.21
    Ruth said:

    Love this idea!! Thank you for your hard work in finding them.

  8. 4.1.21
    Kim said:

    Please continue with the budget friendly finds. Now your talking my language. I love to get a good deal. And I love to decorate.

  9. 4.1.21
    Amy said:

    I guess I didn’t realize how expensive their stuff was. LOVE the knock offs!

  10. 4.2.21
    LORRI said:

    Love those dupes. Wow I would picked the knockoffs any day..that way can buy more stuff.. 😋

  11. 4.2.21
    Sharon Murdock said:

    Good work!
    that is awesome – price checking –

  12. 4.4.21
    Emily Willis said:

    I have the dining chair. My husband really like it. I will buy more in the near future thanks for sharing this! Thornton Flooring

  13. 4.6.21

    I absolutely loved looking at your dupes. It’s time consuming, but definitely worth it. You go girl!

    • 4.7.21
      Sarah said:

      thanks for checking them out, Penny! xo

  14. 4.7.21
    Toni Sewell said:

    I love when you tell us how much things cost and where you found them cheaper! Saves me money and time. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for all the great info!!❤️

  15. 6.4.21
    Tammy said:

    We’re building a lake home and I love Serena & Lily and Ballard designs, both are pricey! Keep the dupes and inspiration coming!! Need ideas – and love yours!!

  16. 5.4.23
    Lynn Hajatian said:

    I’m looking for a budget friendlySerena and Lilly style round concrete table with the big “ball” pedestal. Maybe a little any other material? Can you help?