Filler Fiasco, TJ Maxx Finds + More

Holy cannolis, it’s been a crazy week over here. Monday started off with a bang when an innocent little “treat” I was doing for myself ended up being a nightmare. If you follow along over on IG you probably already know what I’m talking about, but to give you the short version I decided to do lip filler after thinking about it for YEARS. I only wanted my upper lip done and I did a ton of research to find one of the best doctors in Colorado . Well during the procedure the doctor hit a blood vessel when he injected the filler. It was one of those very rare, bad luck kind of situations, and I just couldn’t believe it was even happening. Thankfully I had an amazing doctor and he knew what to do right away (getting filler in a blood vessel is dangerous stuff) but it was very scary and the whole ordeal lasted all day. I had to have the filler dissolved TWICE. Obviously I didn’t really want to share this experience because I knew I’d get some hate and mean comments for even considering filler in the first place, but I think there’s some value in my story and it’s important to know the risks when it comes to these kinds of things. I was completely blown away by all the support and kind messages I received on Instagram when I opened up about what happened. I had hundreds and hundreds of messages from women thanking me for sharing the experience. I know we all have our opinions on cosmetic procedures and I definitely could have kept quite and acted like it never happened, but I like to be real with you guys. And I really hope my experience can be a warning to those that are considering a little “treat” for yourself too. Complications can happen, so it’s good to be aware of the risks!

After the filler fiasco on Monday I’ve honestly been wiped out all week. I think the stress of the situation just completely took all my energy, so needless to say this week has been a bit of a struggle. But I do want to share a few fun things today! First up, TJ Maxx has tons of great decor and furniture right now. I browsed through their new arrivals and here are a few of my favorites:



  • This week I did a little switcheroo and moved my cozy poufs into the front room. I put the card catalog coffee table in the living room and I’m loving the change!
  • I found this awesome website that has free print and color pages for kids. I’ve been printing my kids coloring pages all week and each of them keeps the pages in a three ring binder. It’s a simple little thing but they LOVE it.
  • Rounded up some Birkenstock dupe sandals HERE for $15.
  • I’m officially obsessed with my new Nespresso machine. It’s seriously so good! See my full review here.
  • We haven’t seen any new houses this week. Nothing great is on the market right now, but I’m still thinking about that house we put an offer in on last week (the one we didn’t get!). We’re trying to figure out if God is telling us to move on or if we should try another offer. House hunting is so hard!
  • I noticed World Market is having a big living room and office furniture sale right now. My desk is included in the sale! See it HERE.
  • Ordered more of my favorite vitamin drinks this week. I’m hooked!
  • I painted the inside of our fireplace in the living room this week and it looks so much better. I basically did the exact same process I shared in this post–so easy, but it makes a huge difference.

Well that’s a wrap for me today. That you so much for dropping the blog!! Hope you have the best weekend. xoxo

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  1. 3.6.20
    Gina said:

    No judgement here girl! I’m a Botox fan and am always aware of the risk, I’m thankful you are okay and chose to share your story!

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Gina! I’m so glad it all turned out ok too. xo

    • 3.9.20
      Dina said:

      Goodness so sorry to hear that but nice to know of such risks. Hope your ok & go for it another time.