Friday Five: House Update, CBD, + More

Ok first off I just have to say HOLY SMOKES YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Seriously, I am blown away by your excitement, support, and encouragement over the news I shared about moving in my last post. I was honestly a bit nervous to even share what’s going on because I wasn’t sure how you all would react, but it’s so cool to see that you’re exited with us and eager to follow along on the journey. Your excitement makes me even more pumped to share this process and I can’t wait to see what happens. Today I do have a house update for you guys (we had an offer in on a home we loved!) and a few other favorites from the week. Enjoy!

House Update

Last night at about 7:30pm we got news that our offer on the house was not accepted. They countered with a higher offer (which was barely off asking price) so we decided to walk away. I was bummed about it at first, but we weren’t comfortable going up to their price, so we let it go. I know God will bring the right one along soon and I’m trusting in that. The house hunt continues! Hopefully we can go check out a few new options this weekend. I’ll keep you all updated!

CBD + Anxiety

I’ve talked a lot on IG stories about using CBD oil at part of my every day routine. I started using it back in October when I was really struggling with my anxiety and it’s been such a huge help for me. I did a ton of research before I started and I was amazed to see how CBD can help with things like anxiety, sleep, migraines, pain, etc. It’s pretty amazing stuff (and totally safe!). Anyway, it’s been a huge help for me–I’m sleeping better than EVER in my entire life and my anxiety is much more mild. I just feel more balanced and even more patient. I pay for a monthly subscription from Equilibria and my routine is one 10 mg softgel in the morning (or two if I’m feeling particularly stressed or anxious) and then one full dropper of oil before bed. I also have one of their Calm Rollers that I keep in my purse!

After Equilibria saw me raving about their products on IG stories, they reached out and gave me a coupon code for you guys! It’s usually good for 15% off, but for two days ONLY you can use SARAHJOY20 to get 20% off your order!! This flash sale ends tomorrow night, so you’ll have to hurry if you want to order! PS: If you’re new to CBD you can email the folks at Equilibria and they’ll connect you with their dosage specialist who can give you guidance on creating a routine for yourself. As always, I’m not an expert or medical professional. I’m just sharing something that has truly helped me in my daily life!

Photo Gallery Wall

If you’ve been around the blog for a while you might remember when I hung up this photo gallery wall on our staircase a few years ago. Well I ordered the frames from Home Depot, but I just found the exact same set on Amazon for a great price! I love this set because it comes with a template you hang on the wall, so it really only takes about 10 minutes to hang the entire set of frames. It’s super easy!! Highly recommend if you’d like to create a family photo gallery wall in your home.

Other tidbits from the week:

  • I’m still trying to eat keto, but I’ve kinda been slacking lately. No carbs is really hard! Especially when you’re trying to work out. I’m not sure it’s the diet for me, but I do want to keep up with the lower sugar intake. I feel so much better when I don’t eat sugar.
  • The pink chair at my vanity desk is back in stock!
  • I’ve been thinking about trying these peel and stick tiles in our mudroom. I’ve heard really good things about them and it would be fun to try! Plus they’re super affordable and much easier than replacing tile.
  • I rounded up some Birkenstock sandal dupes here.
  • My everyday makeup products are all listed HERE. This brightening primer is AMAZING. (Use SARAHJOY for 15% off!)
  • Obsessed with this staircase and all that wood work. I definitely want high ceilings in our next home!

Well that’s a wrap for me today!! Thank you so much for hanging out with me on the blog. Hope you have the best weekend!! xoxo

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 2.28.20
    Candy said:

    Good Evening Sarah
    It wasn’t in God’s plan for the house you put an offer in. One will probably come up that will be that right one and you guys will be over the moon.

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      Yes!! Can’t wait for that!

  2. 2.28.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Hello my love. House hunting is bittersweet, it’s exciting and fun but is also very frustrating, especially when you find one you love and then it falls through. But fret not my sweet butterfly in God’s time not yours he will guide you to where He wants you to be. Enjoy the ride and in the meantime love where you are right now. Lots of love and good wishes. Your soul sister/mother, Angela💕🙏🏠

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much sweet Angela, you are always so encouraging. I truly appreciate that. Thank you so much for being here!!

  3. 2.28.20
    Faith said:

    God knows the desires of your hearts…He will delight you!

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      Amen to that!

  4. 2.28.20
    Mary said:

    Hiya:) Always love looking @ your posts!
    Keep up the great work!
    Bless us all♥

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Mary!!

  5. 2.28.20
    Desire' Yancey said:

    So sorry about the house – I know it’s disappointing when you’ve had your hopes up so high! Pray you find one soon!
    Also, just wondering if you’ve ever heard of Trim Healthy Mama? It’s a way of eating (a way of life, really) where you can have carbs And fat…just not in the same meal. There’s a lot more to it but it’s super healthy and you don’t have to totally do away with carbs, which is nice! Just thought I’d share in case you’re interested. 🙂
    LOVE your decor so much!!!

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      Sounds interesting, I’ll have to check out the Trim Healthy Mama. Thanks for sharing!

  6. 2.28.20
    Rossy said:

    New follower here and I love your authenticity. We need more of this in this day in age. Thank you

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you I appreciate that!

  7. 3.1.20
    Kaitlin said:

    Hi!! I love your blog. Do you happen to know the name of the paint you used in the stair photograph? And trim color as well? Love it all!!

    • 3.2.20
      Sarah said:

      Yes! The paint is alabaster by sherwin williams and the trim is cloud white!

  8. 3.4.20
    Dorothy said:

    Don’t be discouraged. We went through the same thing. Now that we are in our new house we drive by the one we missed the bid on and realize that God had a plan and that house really wasn’t for us after all. Enjoy the process. It’s exciting!!

    • 3.7.20
      Sarah said:

      ah that’s awesome Dorothy! God always has a way of working things out for the best. xo