Chalk Paint Swing Makeover

Do you ever have a piece of furniture that desperately needs some TLC but for whatever reason you just ignore it? That’s pretty much what’s happened over the past few years with this old, sad looking wooden porch swing we have on our back patio. It was actually left here by the previous owners when we moved in, so we basically inherited this ugly thing. But the kicker is that we needed furniture to help fill up all SIX of outdoor living spaces, so we held on to it. And it actually works perfectly fine, it’s just ugly. Anyway, I’m so excited to say that I finally did a little makeover on this swing and I wanted to share it with you guys today! So here’s how it looked before:

Obviously this swing has seen happier days. Whatever paint or stain was on it before was completely worn off and it was down to the bare wood. Plus it was really splintery (is that a word?!). I mean, if you sat on it with shorts there was a good chance you’d end up with a splinter in your butt. No bueno.

The first thing I did was sand it down to remove any last remnants of paint. This also helped with the splinter problem. Next I grabbed my Magnolia Home chalk paint in white and got to work. Here’s the finished looked:

Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.
Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.
Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.

Isn’t it so much cuter now?! It looks like a brand new swing. I think the white paint was definitely the way to go. I also sealed it with a clear polycrylic just to help prevent any water damage.

Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.
Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.
Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.
Outdoor swing makeover with chalk paint. Easy and fast summer decor project.

I almost put this old swing in our garage sale this past weekend, but I’m so glad I decided to hang on to it and do this little makeover. And I have to admit, I’m amazed at how much I love it now. It’s always crazy to see what a little bit of paint can do to breath new life into an old piece of furniture. Now why the heck didn’t I do this three years ago?!

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  1. Debbie wrote:

    Is that all you did was just paint it white and put the top coat to protect it. No antique or distressing. I have a bench that needs a makeover and I haven’t done it yet because I wanted to do just the simplest thing which I think this method would be great.

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  2. Shelly wrote:

    Really cute! You did a great job. Looks like a great spot to read!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  3. Erica wrote:

    Looks so good!! Where did you find that cushion!!??

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
    • Love it’s clean and fresh look however it looks cream not white?

      Posted 6.5.19 Reply
      • Jane wrote:

        Where did you buy cushion? Is it waterproof?

        Posted 5.22.20 Reply
  4. kimberly wrote:

    it looks beautiful! love gliders!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  5. Deborah wrote:

    Dear Sarsh,
    It’s such a delight to see your posts. This wood patio swing is beautiful! You have such a gift.
    Thank you for sharing this story with us. I am so thankful you didn’t sell it, but painted it etc. Wow what a great transformation.
    Love it!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  6. Angela Servello wrote:

    Good morning my love. So pretty. I love what you did with the chair but I really love all your pretty flowers. Did you buy them like that or grow them? I’m not the gardener I would like to be but I do try like heck. I’m trying to learn a little about names but honestly I find it overwhelming. Just really want something simple to enjoy. Have a blessed day. 🙏🌷

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  7. deanne wrote:

    love, love,love

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  8. Shannon wrote:

    So cute! It does look new… you have the most beautiful yard with the rolling fences. So peaceful. You must love sitting outside in your pretty space! Could you share where you found the striped throw blanket?

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  9. So cute Sarah! A bit of paint and work and such a sweet area for the summer! Love your pillows and those boots are so cute!!!!💕

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  10. Kyla wrote:

    So glad you are feeling inspired again to share some home decor posts! The bench turned out soooo beautiful—and I think white was the perfect choice for it. Outdoor spaces are all I feel like decorating lately too!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  11. Candy wrote:

    Sarah beautiful job as usual! Everything you rock I love, please come to my house….lol

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  12. Rose wrote:

    You are so talented. Where did you get the “harvest times” pillow?

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  13. Vicki wrote:

    Love this makeover! Glider swings are the best! Glad you kept it❤️

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  14. Mary Wilson wrote:

    I normally dont leave comments. Buts you did a beautiful job on this swing. I had one just like this swing. I now wish I never got rid of it. Darn. Know better next time. Just BEAUTIFUL!

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  15. Gina wrote:

    I love it and I also can’t stop looking at your patio. I have a brick patio and between dandelions and other weeds I can never seem to have it looking good. You have 0 weeds.

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
  16. What a makeover! Looks amazing! Besides sanding is there other steps to prepping the bench before using the chalk paint?

    Posted 8.11.19 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks Jen! And no, I just sanded it down first. That’s it!

      Posted 8.11.19 Reply
  17. Mary wrote:

    We had one just like yours and gave it away to our neighbors when we moved. I wished now I kept it in many ways. Knowing I could of paint it . Yours turned out beautiful. I couldnt believe how it totally changed this piece. I just love. You’ll going to be happy that you kept it. Wish I did. Oh where did you find the cushion for it? It goes so well. Did a beautiful job Sarah.

    Posted 5.8.20 Reply
  18. Eileen wrote:

    Can you link your swing cushion please?

    Posted 5.20.20 Reply

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