My Best Farmhouse Style DIY Projects of 2018

Can you believe it’s the LAST day of 2018? I really don’t know how it’s possible, and I have to say–this year was easily the fastest year of my life. It was by far the busiest, but the most fulfilling as well.  I’m SO excited for the new year ahead and I cannot wait to see what God has in store. A new year brings new beginnings, new opportunities, new dreams, and so much hope. I’m hope you’re excited and ready to take on 2019! Today for my last post of the year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at my top DIY home decor posts from 2018. I know so many of you LOVE farmhouse style DIY projects as much as I do, so I figured this would be a great way to close out the year here on the ol’ blog!

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

1.DIY Coat Rack from Vintage Tin

First up is my DIY coat rack made from vintage tin. I think this was my favorite DIY home decor project from the entire year and you all seemed to love it too!  For this one I simply used a panel of vintage tin to create a unique coat rack that is totally functional. In fact, it’s still hanging in this exact spot and we use it every single day. You can see the full post here.

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

2. Easy Rustic Tray Makeover

This easy and fast tray makeover was something I actually did on a whim after buying this round tray from Target and not loving the color scheme for several months. I finally decided one day to change few things up to make it a bit more “me” and I ended up loving it! You can see how I did it in this post.

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

3. DIY Television Cover with Old Doors

Another favorite DIY from this past year was our DIY television covers. We made this from old doors and some affordable pipes from Home Depot. It was a really fun project and a great way to add some interest to this blank wall in our living room. See the full post here. 

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

4. Interior Door Transformation

This interior door transformation was definitely one of my favorite DIY projects from the entire year. And actually, I think it’s one of my favorites ever. I simply painted these doors from white to black and I LOVE the change.It made a huge difference in this room. I shared a full tutorial on it here.

5. DIY Side Table from Vintage Crate

I still love this little side table we made from a vintage Westinghouse fan crate! I have it down in my office and I can’t help but smile whenever I think about the journey this old crate has been on. It was so easy to turn this into a useful side table and you can see the whole post here. 

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

6. DIY Vintage Crackled Paint

Have any Elmer’s glue sitting around? And a blow dryer? If so you might want to check out this easy DIY vintage crackled paint project. I remember this involving quite a bit of trial and error, but I finally perfected the method and I shared it all in this post.  It’s kind of a fun one and I love the finished look!

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

7. DIY Chalk Painted Metal Cubby

Ahhh the chalk-painted cubby. I remember this post being a big hit and it’s one of my favorite chalk paint projects ever. Ironically, this was one of the first times I had ever used chalk paint on a metal surface, but it worked like a charm! You can see how I did it here.

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

8. DIY Barn Lights with No Electricity!

We added a pair of black barn lights to the reading nook back in January and I still have them hanging up today! This was a really fun project because we simply hung up the lights and did NOT hardwire them in with electricity, we simply used battery operated puck lights. Check out how we did it here.

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

9. DIY Wall Shelf from a Vintage Grain Sifter 

Repurposing this old vintage grain sifter into a wall shelf was a fun little project that I really enjoyed this past year. That grain sifter is from the late 1800’s, so it was awesome to be able to repurpose it into a useful and functional piece of decor. See how I did it in this post. 

Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

10. DIY Chalk Paint & Review

Have you ever tried making your own chalk paint? It was on my to-do list for quite a while, so I finally made a batch and shared the results in this post. It’s definitely something to look into if you do a lot of chalk painting!

Well there ya have it–my top 10 DIY projects from 2018. I’d love to know if you tried any of these in your own home! Thanks sooooo much for stopping by the blog today. Your support over this past year truly means SO very much to me!! See you 2019. xo

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Farmhouse Style DIY Projects. Easy and affordable DIY projects for the modern farmhouse.

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  1. Andrea Mack wrote:

    I have enjoyed my first full year of following your blog. I look forward to a new year with you and your inspiration as well as finding out what GOD has in store for me! With both, I already know that the journey will be amazing!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!❤️

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  2. Mitzi Sawyer wrote:

    I love all of your DIY projects and your decorating style. I have, what i think is, a very old table with three drawers. I am not sure of its original purpose. It is about 3 1/2 feet tall and about 1 foot wide. It has 3 drawers. I started stripping it. It had about 10 layers of paint, so this is still in progress. I’m not sure what to do with it. I would love to hear what you think i should do with it, and some tips on how to do it.


    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  3. Martha wrote:

    I have been looking for this DIY Barn Lights with No Electricity Blog for forever!!! Couldn’t remember which one of my Blogging friends that I follow had done the post. So happy it was one of your favorite 2018 post. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Now have it Pinned so as not to loose it again. Love your post and follow you daily. Keep them coming, especially the Farmhouse blog


    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  4. Linda wrote:

    Loved all of these! You are an inspiration Sarah! Love your blog😻

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  5. Angela Servello wrote:

    You have been a true inspiration to me. Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy and wealthy new year. Our Lord has certainly given you a wonderful gift, go with it. Use it wisely and you will make Him happy, as well as your readers. Love and hugs, Angela 🙏💕

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  6. Lori wrote:

    I’m looking forward to what you have in store for 2019!

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  7. Tami Hill wrote:

    All of your projects look fantastic! You have given me inspiration for our old farmhouse in Northern Michigan, we live part time in Alabama and Michigan. Thanks!

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  8. Linda wrote:

    Adore everything you do. You inspire me daily. More YouTube videos in 2019, pretty please with a cherry on top 😘 Happy New Year to you and your precious family.

    Posted 12.31.18 Reply
  9. Gayle wrote:

    Loved all of these DIY posts!! So good to look back on, thanks for that! I recently did a stool as well so was glad see that again to get some styling ideas!!

    Posted 1.1.19 Reply
  10. Melissa Filson wrote:

    I love every one of your diy projects and I’m so excited to see the one about barn lights without electricity! I missed that one and I’ve been wanting to do that! I never thought about using puck lights….brilliant!!! I’m so thankful that I found you this year and hope you know that you truly are an inspiration and have become a friend that I look forward to hearing from! I’m excited to see what you have in store for the new year! Happy New Year to you and your family!!

    Posted 1.1.19 Reply
  11. Jane wrote:

    What amazes me about you is that you can see the potential in the ordinary, simple, or vintage. That is a true talent. You come up with the most clever and creative ways to take something and flip it on its side! Keep it up, Sarah!

    Jane x

    Posted 1.1.19 Reply
  12. karolina wrote:

    You have been an inspiration. I love all of your DIY projects,especially Vintage Corbels in the Reading Nook. It looks so romantic.
    Happy New Year

    Posted 1.2.19 Reply
    • Sarah wrote:

      Thanks Karoline! I loved that project too.

      Posted 1.4.19 Reply

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