Mudroom Makeover Progress–The Wall is GONE!

I know it’s Labor Day weekend and everyone is probably off doing fun things, but I’m just too excited to wait any longer to share an update on our mudroom makeover!! Remember when I mentioned wanting to tackle this room in my list of dream projects I shared here?! Well it’s finally happening! First we had a light-tube installed to bring in natural light (this room was SO dark with no windows) and then we just had the wall removed this past week!! I’m blown away at the difference this made and I can’t wait for you to see. OK, here’s how it looked before the light-tube was installed:

Very dark and sad, right?! No bueno. Here’s how it looked after the light-tube:

Sooooo much brighter!! That light-tube is amazing. We found a local skylight company that was able to install this for us and I’m SO happy we did. It made a huge difference in here. It’s literally just a large tube that goes through the roof, into the ceiling here, and reflects the sunlight. SOOOO snazzy.


Next up it was my dream to remove the section of wall separating the mudroom/laundry room from the adjacent hallway. The was a big undertaking, but we got it done! Here’s how it looked before:

You can see how this section of wall really blocked off the space. No bueno again. Here’s how it looks now:

Ta-da!!!! SO crazy right? I can’t get over how much bigger this whole room looks and feels. Obviously we have to fix the floor and re-paint this wall, but holy smokes I LOVE IT.

We also had to get an electrician to move that light switch over before the wall could be removed (you can see it on the left there), but it was 100000% worth it. I’m so happy with how this turned out and I cannot wait to get going on the next steps of this project. We’ll be installing cabinets over the washer/dryer, doing new tile, and adding new light fixtures. Can’t wait to update you again soooooon!! xoxo

Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 9.4.21
    Karin said:

    Question – does this section of your home have a second floor above? If so, how did you manage the sky light? Love the idea, but my home is a two story. Not sure how this might work for me. Thank you. It looks great!

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Yes we do, but this particular room doesn’t have anything above it but an attic!

  2. 9.4.21
    Cathy said:

    You must keep a very tidy laundry room. I would never open up that room and remove thedoor. Need to be able to close that off.

    • 9.4.21
      Whitney said:

      Amen to that! 😂

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Well, I see your point! But I guess it’s not much different than my kitchen or living room. Those spaces are open and most of the time they’re messy because we live here…I wouldn’t want those rooms closed off just because they’re messy sometimes!

  3. 9.5.21
    Gina said:

    Wow…I love your new home. I must say though, your husband is very understanding with all the changes you want done. My head is always spinning with ideas to make changes in our home, but my husband sometimes looks at me like I have “2 heads”!! Lol 🤣

    • 9.6.21
      Sarah said:

      ha well I sometimes get that look too, but he is always game for a good project. Grateful to have him!

  4. 9.6.21
    Tracy said:

    This is amazing!! Such a great idea Sarah!! Love how you are making your home, – YOU!!!! Now you can breathe in there while doing your chores!! 🙂

    • 9.6.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you Tracy!! Appreciate your kindness so much. xo

  5. 9.6.21
    Patricia said:

    I just love your style and ideas. You’ve inspired many projects in my home. I’m interested in your exercise bike. Would you be able to provide some details about it?

  6. 9.7.21

    I’m curious about why you wanted to open up the wall. My washer and dryer are kind of loud and I don’t like being able to hear them. Do you anticipate this being a problem?

    • 9.8.21
      Sarah said:

      Fair question. The hallway here that is adjacent to the laundry room has 6 doors in it. It’s a small hallway and it feels very tight, so opening up this one wall eliminated a door and it’s already made it feel more spacious. The sound of the laundry is minimal, we don’t mind one bit!

  7. 9.9.21
    Lisa said:

    It’s beautiful! You have gorgeous taste for design and a great eye for detail💗