Cozy Fall Decor in the Living Room

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been soooo excited to decorate for fall this year, which is kinda funny because last year I wasn’t really into it that much. We had just moved into this house, so life was a bit chaotic at this time last year. But here we are a year later and I’m chomping at the bit to bring out those pumpkins and warm fall colors! I started adding fall decor to our living room, so I wanted to share how it’s looking with you lovely ladies today. Hopefully this gives you a few ideas for your own home!

First how pretty is that pumpkin artwork on my frame TV?! I found that on Etsy for $5! If you have a frame tv, definitely check it out.

Give me alllll the fall stems!! I picked these up at Target the other day and I LOVE them. Also you better believe I have my candle, Warm Caramel Crumble, burning around the clock over here. It makes the whole house so yummy!

I love how cozy it feels in here now! And even though it’s still blazing hot outside, it sure feels like fall in here. Most of my decor is from Target and I tried to link us as many sources as I could for you below!!

Thanks so much for handing out with me on the blog today. I hope my cozy fall living room gives you a few ideas for your own home. xo

Living Room Sources:

(click on the lower right hand side–if you click in the middle it will take you to Pinterest)

paint color: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

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  1. 9.3.21
    Dot said:

    Love all the touches of fall color in your room. I am very interested in that print above your mantel. Love the muted colors of the pumpkins. May I ask where you purchased it?
    Just happen to be going to Target this morning!
    Our day in MA began at 52 degrees. Won’t be long before we are blessed with colorful trees!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Dot! I’m so glad you asked because I totally forgot to add that link. That’s actually art for my frame TV. You can buy the digital image on Etsy for $5!! Here’s the link:

  2. 9.3.21
    Bonnie said:

    I love the ottoman/coffee table in this post. Is it possible to source that? Thanks so much.

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Bonnie–that’s from Arhaus and they don’t care it anymore, unfortunately!

  3. 9.3.21
    Renee Writt said:

    Hi-Love your fall decor! It’s my favorite time of year. You show a small black stool in the items. Where did you buy it? Thanks!

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s from Target!

  4. 9.3.21
    Wendy D. said:

    I love the way everything looks….your fall decorations are just right without being too much. That frame TV pumpkin print you found on Etsy is perfect. Your color scheme is very similar to mine, and I am dying to find that wheat colored blanket you show in the basket sitting on the floor and on your sofa. Do you happen to have a link to that, or do you know where you purchased it? Thanks so much. I love following you!

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Hi Wendy–that throw blanket an older one from Target actually! I don’t have a link for it specifically but they have lots of similar options right now. This one is a super similar shade of gold:

      • 9.3.21
        Wendy said:

        Thanks so much!

  5. 9.3.21
    Deedra said:

    I love the fall colors that you’ve added in that room! And your Warm Caramel Crumble candle is my favorite!! It truly adds that cozy factor to any space.

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      Ahhh yay!! SO happy to hear you love Warm Caramel Crumble, Deedra!!

  6. 9.3.21
    Betty said:

    I see a few things I will buy. Looks beautiful.

  7. 9.3.21
    LaRue GranthN said:

    Your home is beautiful!!! I have a frame tv, how do I get a picture from zesty on my tv???

    • 9.3.21
      Sarah said:

      If you have a Samsung, you need to download the Samsung Smart Things App on your phone! It’s actually super easy and I hadn’t even done it until yesterday when I found this image on Etsy. Then when you purchase the digital download, it will come to your email. Just save the photo in your camera roll and then you can select that image to upload to your TV through the app. It’s pretty cool!

  8. 9.3.21
    LizaJane said:

    Love every single thing in this room 💗 Fall is my absolute favorite! Your house is already so cozy and inviting, I’d probably never want to leave now.

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      ah you’re so sweet, thank you Liza Jane!! Cozy is definitely the goal around here!

  9. 9.3.21

    Everything is so b. I love the colors you used. They are clean looking and soft to me. I’m trying to do some bigger projects before I break out my decorations. Probably about 3 more weeks.

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Pamela! Good luck on your projects. xo

  10. 9.3.21
    Michelle said:

    Hi Sarah! You’re home totally looks inviting and warm!! I love it!!
    So, I would love your input.. I love the large table/ottoman that is in front of the couch. I have a large table about that size and just curious, do you think I could create something like that so that my grands can sit on it or prop my feet up on it?

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Yes totally!! You could definitely create something like that if you have a similar sized table. I say go for it! You might even be able to find some cushion that could fit on it nicely.

  11. 9.3.21

    Fall and winter even spring are my favorite times of the year.Summer not so much guess I’m a snow bunny at heart! Love all the decorations but I must ask what is a frame tv?

    • 9.4.21
      Sarah said:

      Ohhhh it’s basically a snazzy TV that looks like artwork when it’s not on. You can upload digital art to the screen to make it look like actual art when you’re not watching TV. It’s SOO cool!

  12. 9.4.21
    Brenda said:

    Your home looks beautiful all ready for fall.

  13. 9.4.21
    Holly said:

    Your fall decor makes your living room so warm and cozy! The white / cream colored paint, cabinetry and furnishings make the splashes of color really pop! It’s nice to be able to do bring in the accent colors with the changing seasons. Question: What color are your couches? Also, do you have a way to keep your light colored couches clean, especially with kids? Or, do you just let life happen and figure you can clean the upholstery? Thanks for your response. Happy Fall!
    Happy Fall! Thanks

  14. 9.6.21
    Debbie said:

    I love your kitchen barstools. I saw that you bought them at Target but I can’t find the link again. I was wanting to show my husband however they are on back order. I’m on a notification list from target once they are in stock, thanks if you can help me!
    Love your style!

  15. 9.17.21
    Jennifer said:

    I love your bamboo shades! Can I ask where you bought them from? Do you remember the style and color? Are they on one header? thank you

  16. 11.11.21
    Cormican Aileen said:

    Where is your living room rug from in this post? Details? Link? Please!

    • 11.11.21
      Sarah said:

      it’s from Wayfair, but unfortunately it looks like they don’t carry it anymore. I’m sorry!

  17. 11.11.21
    Gloria said:

    I love the colors in your home and the way you decorate. My question is this, my living room furniture is brown and gray with teal drapes and black and white accents. How would you incorporate these colors into Christmas decorating? Thanks for your time.

  18. 2.17.22
    Diana Baldensperger said:

    What type of couch is in this room? I have been looking for a similar one forever!