Five Awesome Home Projects I’m Excited to Do

Do you ever get a bee in your bonnet and all of a sudden you want to tackle allllll the house projects on your to-do list?! That’s how I’ve felt lately. This past weekend I realized we’ve been in this house almost a year now, which is honestly hard to believe. The past year went by so fast and we did SO many amazing projects in our new home. I’ll probably do a blog post to recap the past year, but just thinking about all we’ve done got me excited to do even more. This house has so much potential! So I made a list of about twenty “dream projects” and I thought I’d share my top five with you guys today. Here’s a little peek into all the crazy things my brain thinks up!

Laundry Room Makeover: Clearly, this room needs some attention. This is our laundry room/mud room and it’s my least favorite room in our entire home. I would love to make lots of changes in here! First I’d start by opening up that wall/entry from the hallway and making that bigger with possibly a barn door slider. Then I’d love to change out the tile, add open shelves above the existing cabinet, and then do some kind of built-in storage to the other side of the room for shoes/coats/all the things. Lastly I’d add one of those light tubes that you can install in the ceiling to bring in more natural light–we have no sun light in this room! I’d love to start on this project ASAP.

Window Seats in the Kids Room: All of the kids have nice size windows in their rooms, so I’d LOVE to do built-in seats under each one. Ideally they’ll have storage for toys and books too. This one has been on my to-do list for a while now, so I’d be thrilled to get it done soon. This is the easiest project on my list!

Slider Door in the Living Room: One of my big dreams for this house is to open up that back wall of windows in our living room to really take advantage of our stellar views. I’d LOVE to do a big three panel slider door that leads out to our porch. We actually had a company come out yesterday and give us a quote ($36,000!!!) and it ended up being much higher than we anticipated. So we talked about doing a tall set of black French doors there with side windows, which would be about half the price of slider doors. We’re still shopping around for more affordable options, but that project is definitely on the dream list!

Patio Doors and Deck Out of The Master Bedroom: Ok, here’s another big project I’ve had swirling around in my mind for a while now. How amazing would it be to open up this wall in our bedroom (the one with the three little windows) and do a beautiful set of patio doors that would lead out to a small deck?! We have the most beautiful view that direction and it just feels wrong to have that big wall blocking it. We also just poured a bigger concrete patio out below this window, so it’s primed and ready for a deck! I’m not sure if we’ll ever get to this one, but it’s on the wish list for sure!

Sunroom: This project is one I’ve had in my mind for a long time now and it’s a big one! I would LOVE to one day close in this little back patio and make it a beautiful sunroom. I’m thinking huge windows, paneled ceiling and fun tile flooring. It would be such a cool space we could enjoy all year round. And if we ever did those slider doors out the living room, it would all flow together perfectly. Obviously this is a big one, but I’ve thought about it 8371 times now, so many one day it will happen!

Ok that’s all for now! I’d love to hear what you think of these projects. Which one should we do first??!!

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 7.27.21

    I would start on the laundry room first because it seems like it would be the fastest to be completed….or maybe the window seats. Great ideas tho!!!! I love your style and everything is so clean (my dream lol).

  2. 7.27.21
    Doreen Clarkson said:

    Hi Joy!
    I LOVE your bedroom side tables. Where did you get those?

  3. 7.27.21
    Kristen said:

    I would do the laundry room first. Then I would revisit the sunroom idea!

  4. 7.27.21
    Gail Howard said:

    Definitely start on Laundry/Mudd room. It is probably the easiest and most affordable and would freshen up that area. I put a barn door on mine and love it. Love following you. I feel like you are real.

  5. 7.27.21
    Ruth said:

    Love all the projects you want to do! The laundry room & window seats are definitely the easier and less expensive ones to start with then move on from there

  6. 7.27.21
    Donna said:

    We did a double slider (side-by-side where each opened opposite directions) so the opening is the width of two sliders. It was A LOT cheaper than the three panel slider. I’ll try to find a picture if you care to see it.

  7. 7.27.21
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah:
    Wow, such perfect ideas to do! My choice would be the patio doors in your front room as the weather would be a good time. Next do the bedroom patio doors…the indoor stuff you can do when you have that be white stuff on the I can’t wait to see what you plan to do first

  8. 7.27.21
    Dot said:

    All the projects on your dream list are great. I’d love a laundry room like yours!!
    My sister just had a sun tube installed in a narrow hallway. It is amazing how much light comes in!
    Happy projects!!!

  9. 7.27.21
    Faith said:

    If you do French doors will you swing them into house or out on patio? You lose the patio seating arrangement there if swinging out, and you have the other door right there. To me, the sunroom makes sense, but not changing windows. Put a slider in the wall you enclose in sunroom. Depending on what direction this side of house is, do you get wind through there? I’d put a fireplace in that room for long colder months to heat it up. Cozy and comfy.
    Asking a realtor what best remodel projects add monetary value too. What are they hearing clients wishing for. It will be beautiful no matter what!
    Good luck!
    PS. I don’t know if Milgard products are available in CO but they sure are popular in CA. Anderson and Pella are nice products but they are very pricey. You will find more affordable windows and doors if you keep searching. Visit local new home models and see what builders are offering.
    Can’t wait to see finished projects!

  10. 7.28.21
    Dede said:

    The kids room and laundry I would do first. If you have to spend so much time in laundry it might as well be pretty. I also would love a mud room so this rooms seems to be the one that would be utilized the most. The kids seating sound easy to accomplish and I always need those things that make an impact that I can finish quickly. I feel great about it and it motivates me to do more. Have fun, can’t wait to see update.

  11. 7.28.21
    Dede said:

    All great ideas. The kids room and laundry I would do first. If you have to spend so much time in laundry it might as well be pretty. I also would love a mud room so this rooms seems to be the one that would be utilized the most. The kids seating sound easy to accomplish and I always need those things that make an impact that I can finish quickly. I feel great about it and it motivates me to do more. Have fun, can’t wait to see update.

    • 7.30.21
      Sarah said:

      yes, totally agree Dede! That mudroom/laundry room needs attention first!

  12. 7.28.21
    Barbara Gore said:

    Hi Sarah! I was wondering where you got the beautiful white pitcher with the pink flowers in it, that’s in your living room! I love it! Love your home! ❤

    • 7.30.21
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s from Arhaus! But I don’t think they carry it anymore.

  13. 7.28.21
    Charisse French said:

    Tackle only what you can afford at this time and ones that will pay you back if you had to sell the house earlier than you expect. Save for the others projects and always keeping in mind your investment into this property. Be sure you are saving for retirement as well! Retirement can be challenging financially when you no longer can work to cover your expenses. However, I do love your website and ideas!!! Best wishes!

  14. 7.29.21
    LizaJane said:

    I love all of your ideas! You’re so creative. Can’t wait to see what you do in the laundry/ mudroom I have no doubt you’ll be tackling that very soon.

    • 7.30.21
      Sarah said:

      thanks Liza Jane, I hope we can start on that one soon!

  15. 7.29.21
    Cindy said:

    All your future remodel ideas are awesome! I have
    lots of ideas for my home, but getting them to happen is not going too well! I also have plans to have a four season room added off the dining area in my kitchen — would be anxious to see how you will design yours. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration to get my projects going soon!

    • 7.30.21
      Sarah said:

      Thanks Cindy! I hope we can do that four season room, but likely have to wait a while. Seems like prices for everything are just crazy right now!

      • 7.31.21
        Cindy said:

        Sarah —- The prices of everything definitely are crazy — that is the reason my remodel projects are not going so well and basically are at a standstill except for some room painting projects. I have some quilting projects to complete and I can use them to spruce up my rooms for now!!

  16. 8.4.21
    Sharron Sonders said:

    All your ideas sound beautiful and I know you will accomplish all of them. They all make good sense to me and will make your home even more spectacular. Wishing all your dreams come true. Maybe you will win a lottery so they can happen sooner than later.
    Truly enjoy reading your blogs.

  17. 8.18.21
    Jean said:

    Sarah Joy,
    So good to hear from you and see all the amazing work that ya’ll have done. The floors are STILL beautiful, love all the beams, love the kitchen oven; who is the manufacturer? The foyer really changed I love the door removal and your decorative touch with the shelves and beams down the hallway. I might do the laundry room first then the window seats. I love window seats in a room. Keep us informed and thanks for sharing.