Modern Farmhouse Basement (Furniture is Here!)

I’m trying to contain my excitement as I write this, but HOLY SMOKES THE BASEMENT FURNITURE IS HERE! You guys, I literally started crying when everything got delivered because I just can’t believe this project is finally complete. When we first looked at this house over six months ago, we knew right away that finishing the basement would be a must for our family. We knew it would take a ton of work and time, but it would 100% be worth it in the end. Now here we are and it’s DONE–we finally have our modern farmhouse basement. It looks better than I ever imagined and I can’t wait to share it with you!! Ok, just as a reminder, here’s how the basement looked before:

And here’s the finished look now:

When I envisioned what our basement would look like, I always wanted it to be super cozy, comfortable, and fun. I knew our family would be spending a ton of time down here, so I really wanted this to be a space where we could all relax and let down. And looking at this now, I think we made that happen. From the rattan swing, to the sliding barn door, farmhouse style media cabinet and open layout–it’s everything I envisioned and more!

A while back I shared a few of the furniture options we were considering for the basement. I worked with an Arhaus designer (they do design consultations for FREE!) and ultimately I ended up choosing this incredible recliner and sectional. I really wanted well-made, beautiful furniture down here that would last for YEARS. I know I got that with these pieces, plus they are both insanely comfortable. The sectional in particular is like sitting on a cloud!

This is my favorite spot right here–the chaise lounge on this sectional is like a dream! Really, I’ve never felt such a comfortable piece of furniture. I could sit in this spot all day long and be a happy girl!

It’s seriously so crazy to see this basement finished and full of beautiful furniture. It’s been so fun to watch this space come to life and design every detail from scratch! Definitely our biggest project ever, but so worth it. I still need to get the spare bedroom done and my office isn’t quite complete either, but getting this living space finished is a dream come true. Now if you need me I’ll be down here taking a nap! xoxo

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 11.15.20
    Betty White said:

    WOW ! It looks beautiful and I can imagine all the good times you will be having done there.

    • 11.15.20
      Kathy Squires said:

      I love this look. My question is how do you have all white and light, from rug to furniture in a house with kids, people, and a dog?

      • 11.15.20
        Junie B. said:

        This does not look family friendly. I have to wonder if the children are allowed in this space at all. It’s amazing what you can “afford” on the salary of a law enforcement officer. I’m willing to bet all of this is comped. Yet another all white house that looks exactly like every other all white house.

        • 11.15.20
          Sarah said:

          I’m sorry, but that comment is incredibly rude and offensive. You have no idea how hard my husband and I have worked to get what we have and provide for our family. Take your negativity somewhere else.

          • 11.15.20
            Laura said:

            Wow.. what is wrong with you lady?! So rude!! Sarah, I’ve followed you for years and am so incredibly happy for you and your family and how far you have come. Don’t let this horrible person bring you down! ❤️❤️

          • 11.15.20
            Betty B said:

            It makes me sad that she wrote that, especially to someone as genuine as you.
            You keep doing what you are doing. Loving God, your family and helping others💜

          • 11.15.20
            Kim said:

            If you follow her at all she’s all about family 😍Wondering what gives you the right to judge how someone lives or purchase things 🇺🇸Sarah keep smiling your post and your morning sunrises bring a smile to my day 😍

          • 11.16.20
            Gayle said:

            Why so jealous?????

          • 11.23.20
            Tina said:

            Great response Sarah,
            People are so rude! Stay true to your family & don’t worry about so many negative people.

        • 11.15.20
          Christina said:

          Whoa that comment was incredibly rude.

          Sarah—Your basement is BEAUTIFUL. I love what you’ve done and have loved following along. ❤️❤️

        • 11.15.20
          Kim said:

          If you follow her at all she’s all about family 😍Wondering what gives you the right to judge how someone lives or purchase things 🇺🇸Sarah keep smiling your post and your morning sunrises bring a smile to my day 😍

          • 11.15.20
            Ranise said:

            Hello Junie ‘B’ – I’m actually curious; what if this WAS all comped?? Would it be any more or less your business? I have to say NOT. Listen if you don’t like the things Sarah shares, maybe you should consider moving along and finding another interest!

        • 11.15.20
          Amelia said:

          Get out of here, you clearly have not been a long time follower of Sarah and know nothing about her life. Spew your hate elsewhere.

        • 11.16.20
          Pam said:

          You are so RUDE and HATEFUL! If you really were a faithful follower of Sarah you would know her journey and be happy for her family. Please click unfollow and go live your sad life

        • 11.17.20
          Carolyn said:

          Do I sense some jealousy here? Sad for you!

        • 2.18.21
          Joan said:

          If you don’t have anything nice to say please don’t say anything at all. So rude. Unfortunately that is our culture today…absolutely no respect! You should be thanking our law enforcement every day for their commitment and sacrifices. SHAME ON YOU!!

      • 11.15.20
        Mona said:

        Absolutely gorgeous! You have an amazing eye for decorating! I’m so glad that you’re getting settled in.

        • 11.15.20
          Sarah said:

          you are so sweet, thank you Mona!

      • 11.15.20
        alex said:

        she has children not a herd of animals. perhaps it’s time to spend more time with yours instead of posting rude comments so that they’re more well behaved.

        • 11.17.20
          Carolyn said:

          Wow!! Love, love, love it.

    • 11.16.20
      Kelly A Scotland said:

      Absolutely gorgeous! You should be an Interior designer….not that you don’t have enough to do already! Lol.
      Don’t pay any attention to the haters…keep doing you!

  2. 11.15.20
    Christa said:

    So beautiful! So much light for a basement!

  3. 11.15.20
    Susan Robinson said:

    gorgeous! love the light feel! Curtain link?

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      Those curtains are from Target. Here is the link:

      • 11.15.20
        Jessica Short said:

        On Target’s page for these curtains, several people complain about the curtains shrinking after washing. I was wondering if you’ve had any issues with this?

  4. 11.15.20
    Georgina Porter said:

    Wow!! Its absolutely beautiful Sarah and such an incredible space with access to the outdoors and the views ,you are so lucky here in the UK houses are smaller I would kill for a house the size that yours is. Well done its amazing and a stunning space for all your family and friends.

  5. 11.15.20
    Lynn said:

    Sarah, this looks amazing!! As always your vision is perfection!

  6. 11.15.20
    Susan Muller said:

    I would cry too!
    It looks fantastic Sarah!!! So cozy and inviting!

    • 11.15.20
      Bev said:

      Well done! I have followed you along this journey of making this house your home. You have an incredible talent for accessorizing/decorating. While you are a little OCD, and that’s ok as I am also, you inventially

      • 11.15.20
        Bev said:

        Pull it off beautifully. And, you had fun doing it! I look forward to your Christmas decor. By the way , I love the setting/landscape that your home sits on, just breathtaking. Enjoy your home!

        • 11.15.20
          Sarah said:

          thank you Bev! Can’t wait to get Christmas decor down here. xoxo

      • 11.15.20
        Bev said:

        (Sorry, accidentally pressed submit early)
        pull it off beautifully. And, you had fun doing it! I look forward to your Christmas decor. By the way , I love the setting/landscape that your home sits on, just breathtaking. Enjoy your home!

    • 11.15.20
      Tara said:

      It looks amazing! What color paint is on the walls? I love it!

      • 11.15.20
        Sarah said:

        That is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams 🙂

        • 11.15.20
          Anna Lancaster said:

          It is absolutely gorgeous and i wouldn’t change a thing.And, so sorry that some people can be so very rude.Yall deserve to have a beautiful home,enjoy.God Bless

  7. 11.15.20
    Jessica said:

    Love it all!! Throw pillows are so cute but that lumbar pillow is $89.00, that’s not real life to me. But your decor gives me ideas that I can make work around my budget. You think up the hard stuff and I just shop!!

  8. 11.15.20
    Karen Miller said:

    Echoing the Wow! Beautifully designed and functional space. Obsessed with the wall-mounted magazine rack. Where did you find it?

  9. 11.15.20
    Debbie Cooner said:

    It definitely has you signature taste! Absolutely beautiful and functional!

  10. 11.15.20
    Lorri said:

    Oh it does look really cozy and you cant say its a basement really because you have those lovely windows looking out to your backyard. Enjoy!!

  11. 11.15.20
    Debbie Petersen said:

    Gorgeous! Would live in this room. Where is the coffee table/ottoman from?

    • 11.15.20
      Kelsi said:


  12. 11.15.20
    Patti said:

    Love it! What is the wall paint color and what company is it from?

    • 4.1.21
      Glenda said:

      She answered it above!

  13. 11.15.20
    Donna Bergthold said:


    It looks absolutely beautiful! Everything fits so perfectly in your space! Love your style so much!

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much sweet Donna! Hope you have a blessed day. xo

  14. 11.15.20
    Erin said:

    It’s so pretty! LOVE you style and following you. One question…..where did you find the curtains? They would look great in my living room.

  15. 11.15.20
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    Sooooo beautiful! Great job, I’m in love! Your furniture is to die for so lovely.
    I love your carpet also, it looks like it has a design in it

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      yes! The carpet does have a triangle design.

  16. 11.15.20
    Faith said:

    It looks stunning!! Well done! Your tones and colors all blend beautifully and your bookcases give a strong balance to both sides of the room. Good job to the designer and you for knowing what you wanted. Enjoy! For me, I’d move that floor lamp behind the oval table between the chair and sectional. Makes it easier for either person to turn it on. My kids would knock it down running by. 🤣
    Beautiful work! Yay

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      great tip, I should move that floor lamp. Good idea Faith! 🙂

  17. 11.15.20
    Melissa said:

    Sarah, it’s simply ahhhhmazing!! So happy for you! I love the color of the recliner.

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you!! I love that color too–gives the space a nice contrast.

    • 11.15.20
      Rhonda Cesana said:

      Wow, this is absolutely beautiful; it’s looks so comfortable and inviting. I look forward to seeing your office!! P.S. Don’t listen to the haters; just isn’t enough time in the day!

  18. 11.15.20
    Dianne G said:

    Looks stunning. Love all the details. That sectional and view, ‘Id be there all day!

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      yes! So grateful for a pretty view of open space out those windows.

  19. 11.15.20
    Sharon said:

    What an incredibly beautiful transition! I can imagine how much you will use this space. You have a beautiful home and family and I love following your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you, I appreciate your kindness Sharon!

  20. 11.15.20
    LizaJane said:

    Wow! This room just turned out incredible! I’m so excited for you. It definitely has that cozy feel. The swing chair is my favorite, I would totally just hang there all day (pun intended) and that sectional is a nappers heaven. Hope you and your family enjoy for it years. Thank you so much for sharing with us all.

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      haha yes that swing is so cooL! My kiddos love it.

  21. 11.15.20
    Kathy said:

    Hi Sara, what a beautiful space for you and your family to relax in. You’ve given me so many ideas.

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      Ah yay, love to hear that!

  22. 11.15.20
    Dot said:

    Absolutely stunning! Enjoy your new space!

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Dot! 🙂

  23. 11.15.20
    Lisa said:

    Oh wow!! Absolutely gorgeous 😍😍😍

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Lisa 🙂

  24. 11.15.20
    Cynthia said:

    Where are the pillows from on your new sofa in basement? Love all the texture!

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      From Arhaus and Target!

  25. 11.15.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Fantastic, what an awesome job you guys did. Kudos! As for Junie B., Looks like she was hit by the “green monster”, how sad to live your life like that. Sarah, do not worry about these kind of people that you come across, they are envious souls and should prayed for. Love and hugs, Angela

    • 11.15.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you for the kind words, Angela. You are always so sweet and encouraging. Needed that! Sending hugs your way. xoxo

    • 11.15.20
      Lynn said:

      Beautiful home for your family to enjoy❤️

  26. 11.15.20
    Julie said:

    Love it so much Sarah! I am a CO girl too and you are the only CO blogger that I follow! I love love love your basement! It is perfect! The black French doors are my favorite! I love Arhaus…we have had our Arhaus couch for many years now and it is worth the investment! We did a very similar media set up when we redid our basement and I love it!

    Thank you for sharing! You did an amazing job!

  27. 11.15.20

    Beautiful, Sarah! Just beautiful!

  28. 11.15.20
    Shanda Bohannon said:

    How did you hang the swing? Did you put anything in the ceiling to help hold the load? Thanks

  29. 11.15.20
    Kimberly said:

    I love this! The look and the colors are gorgeous and it definitely has a family feel. I would love to know about your greenery. You are so good at having plants everywhere and I am trying to add more green – are they real or artificial? Can you share where you get them, please?

  30. 11.15.20
    Maria said:

    To see a project through from a picture in your mind to reality is so satisfying!!! Congrats on your finished farmhouse basement that is in your white style which is so you. Love it!!!!!

  31. 11.15.20
    Debbie said:

    Oh, I love what you did with your lower level. Looks amazing! Where did you get the wall mounted bookshelf/magazine rack? Love the pillows on the couch too! Wish you could decorate for me!

  32. 11.15.20
    Jane said:

    I am currently having a new house built for myself in Arizona & moving there in January. It has a “farmhouse” elevation, so I am getting ideas for my decor from you! Even living all alone with no pets, all of that white scares me! I am going to go with more grays, and my entire house will have the wood look tile plank flooring. I love your barn doors & that is a great price too! My sister’s barn doors were about $4,000. I love that recliner too!

  33. 11.15.20
    Donna Remeta said:

    Love the new furniture and the basement make over! ❤

  34. 11.15.20
    Mel said:

    Beautiful! We’re in the process of finishing our basement and also did Alabaster walls. Do you mind sharing your trim color? Having a hard time deciding. Enjoy your new space!

  35. 11.15.20
    Bev said:

    Beautiful basement! Where is the wire book rack from?

  36. 11.15.20
    Alexa said:

    So pleased with this final look. I knew you would make it pretty. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  37. 11.15.20
    Bonnie Scott said:

    Sarah it looks amazing!! It makes my day when I see I got an email from you. I can’t wait to open it and see what you’ve done. I get a lot of ideas from you 😃 I can’t wait to see your Christmas decorations in your new beautiful home!!

  38. 11.15.20
    Carol said:

    Sarah It’s Just beautiful but please, what’s your tips on keep your furniture clean

  39. 11.15.20
    Vicki said:

    Very pretty! It looks like such a fun space for your family! That leather chair is amazing!

  40. 11.15.20
    Olivia said:

    Just wondering is there a height recommended for hanging a TV on a wall? It seems a bit high but it’s hard to tell from the pictures. Our TV in the common area sits on top of a built in like yours and we look at it straight on which is comfortable. Trying to figure out how high to mount it on the wall in the great room I’m worried about craning/tilting head up/looking up to watch it. But it seems so low when it’s mounted on the wall at the same height as our other TV. Maybe it’s just matter of preference and not like hanging wall art although it seems so low to mount it at eye level if you’re sitting on a couch. Thx!

  41. 11.16.20
    Sheilah Perry-Rosales said:

    Looks wonderful! Just one question how do you keep everything so clean and white with kids running around?

  42. 11.16.20
    Kelly A Matejcek said:

    What are your paint colors for this basement? It is beautiful!

  43. 11.16.20
    Margarita said:

    Beautiful!!! Where are the bathroom vanity lights from? Would you please share the link? Thank you!

  44. 11.16.20
    Jody said:

    I just love what you did. So light and airy while still being comfy and cozy. You have a great eye!!

  45. 11.16.20
    Gayle N said:

    Looks absolutely stunning Sarah!! What an awesome space for you and your family ❤️
    Just might need a coffee bar though hehe!!!

  46. 11.16.20
    Sharon Neighoff said:

    Absolutely beautiful!! And looks so inviting and fun! Enjoy!! Have a wonderful holiday season with your family! <3

  47. 11.17.20
    Carolyn said:

    Wow!! Love, love, love it.

  48. 11.17.20
    Gloria Rivenbark said:

    I love what you’ve done with your basement. The space looks so cozy. I enjoy your blog.
    Love the ottoman with the stripe. Where did you find that?

  49. 11.19.20
    Pam said:

    Lovely space! So cozy. How do you keep all the white clean with kids? Where is the striped ottoman from?

  50. 11.19.20
    Rebecca Vehslage said:

    Hi Sarah,
    Your basement is gorgeous! I have always wanted a white or light couch. We are currently looking at purchasing a new couch but my husband isn’t too keen on letting me choose the light or white. Our kids are grown but we have 2 dogs in the house. How do you keep the couch and carpet clean with the lighter colors with kids/pets? Thanks!

  51. 11.20.20
    Mary Odom said:

    First time visiting your blog. Your room is breathtaking. Can you please tell me the make and color of the wale to wall carpet. It looks so soft. Have been looking for the right carpet for about 3 months and can not find anything I like. Yours looks amazing. Thanks, Mary

  52. 1.24.21
    Ann said:

    What paint color is on your wall and trim?

  53. 7.12.23
    Paige said:

    I love the carpet! Looking for inspiration as we are about to finish our basement. Do you remember the name of the carpet?

  54. 6.30.24
    Ellie said:

    Your basement is beautiful! I know I am late to the party, but can you tell me where you purchased the black wire wall mounting magazine rack? I have been looking everywhere and cannot find it. Thank you!