Master Bathroom Makeover

Well the day has finally arrived! After several months of slowly working on our master bathroom makeover, I finally get to share the finished look today!! This has been such a long process (mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t make up my mind on several things!) but I’m so happy to say that it’s done. Our bathroom is looking better than ever and I’m loving how it all came together. Plus it’s actually functional now, which is something we were really lacking before. I have lots of share, so let’s hop into it! First, let’s start with a fun little reminder of how this bathroom looked when we first moved in:

Very 1988-ish, right?! It definitely needed a lot of help. My husband and I tackled the renovation ourselves and here’s how it looked after our initial makeover in 2017:

Much better! I really did love using old dressers as vanities, but unfortunately they just didn’t hold up all that well for us. The paint was constantly chipping and we had lots of water damage around the faucet area. Plus there was pretty much zero storage space, which was always a challenge. I knew we’d need to make a change again in here, but I just kept putting it off. Finally this past summer I started the process of making this space a bit more functional. Here’s how it looks today:

Quite a change, right?! I can’t even tell you how much more I love this space now. The first thing we did was remove those dresser vanities and replaced them with these. I love the black granite top and the vanity even has an antiqued look to it. The hardware was silver, so I simply spray painted those black to match the top. We have so much more storage space now!!

You guys might remember a few months ago I shared that I could not decided what to do with the faucet and mirror. I wanted to change them out, so we talked about all my options in this post. Well after a lot of back and forth, I finally settled on this faucet. And I LOVE it. I just adore the vintage/farmhouse feel and they match the style of the vanity perfectly.

The mirrors here are from Target and they are so dang affordable!! I looked at a TON of round mirror options and this one was my favorite–I really wanted to go with a brass mirror and the size on this one is just right. It does come in a few color options and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a round mirror! See it HERE. The cute fringe rugs are also from Target.

Lastly we also replaced the light fixture. I was so excited to find this one, which is black with a little of that brass I love so much. It’s just perfect for this bathroom. We also re-painted and I’m soooo glad we did. The color before was just too dark for this small space. I truly never loved it. We painted over it with Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams and I loooooove it so much. Plus it ties in really well with our tile!

It feels so good to finally have this makeover checked off the to-do list. And now we actually have a bathroom with real storage! Hallelujah for that. Plus I feel like it just looks more put together now. Everything feels a bit more streamlined and not so chunky, if that makes! Anyway, thanks for dropping by to check out our master bathroom makeover. Let me know if you have questions about anything. xo

Bathroom Sources:

Paint Color: Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams


Fringe Rugs



Soap Dispensers

Towel Rings

Hand Towels

Light Fixtures

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  1. 1.16.20
    glenda lafont said:

    Fantastic, Sarah.

  2. 1.16.20
    Deedra said:

    Oh Sarah, it’s just beautiful! Everything ties in so well together and looks so vintage! Great job!

    • 1.16.20
      Sara said:

      Love the transformation! So beautiful!

  3. 1.16.20
    Angie Barton said:

    Love the height of the bathroom vanities! The bathroom turned out fantastic! Great job. I know you’re glad its finished!

  4. 1.16.20
    Julia said:

    Bathroom is beautiful- can you come to my house and help with paint colors?-lol

    • 1.26.20
      Lori said:

      Absolutely love it! I too, love the granite tops on the vanities.

  5. 1.16.20
    Dot said:

    Love the finished product!! You AND your husband must be so happy to have another project completed!
    I voted for that faucet!!

  6. 1.16.20
    Kelly Falk said:

    Gorgeous! It looks SO good! Every choice just came together perfectly!

  7. 1.16.20
    Mary said:

    Love it Sarah! It looks fantastic!🙌 Those rugs are such a great finishing touch too! What a lovely space to get ready in the morning🤗

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Mary!

  8. 1.16.20
    Deborah said:

    Dear Sarah,
    What a beautiful, functional bath room make over project completed. You are amazing, it really does come together with the new white vanities in black counters. The mirrors somehow are the jewelry that makes my heart sing.
    I am delighted for you, thank you for sharing your process.
    You and your posts are inspiring.
    Take care and enjoy!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much Deborah, I really appreciate that!!

  9. 1.16.20

    Yes! Everything looks so great Sarah!! I’m sure you’re glad to have more storage space! I’m obsessed with that Target mirror! Great picks! I know you’re glad to have it all finished now!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      Yes, Alyssa! The added storage space is SO much better!

  10. 1.16.20
    Amy Durick said:

    It’s gorgeous, Sarah! Although I also loved the old dresser/vanities, it would drive me crazy with the water issues! I just adore that French Provincial style furniture and I’m actually in the process of refinishing some pieces for my bedroom. Anyway! I love the new look in your bathroom and now you have tons of storage which is always a plus. Those little olive trees (?) are the perfect little touch. Beautiful job!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      yeah the water issue was getting pretty bad! It’s just hard to have a vanity like that in a bathroom you use every single day. Thanks for your kind words!

  11. 1.16.20
    Nikki adcock said:

    Beautiful!! I love everything about it!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks Nikki!

  12. 1.16.20
    Caitlyn Garlock said:

    Your master bathroom is so gorgeous! I love the mixture of the hardwood looking tile with the white and black vanity. The antique dresser was cute but this is very sleek. Well done!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Caitlyn!!

  13. 1.16.20
    Faith said:

    It’s so funny to look back at the 85 comments (aka suggestions) all your followers had in September of the “perfect” combination of choices. In the end, you followed your heart and it turned out beautifully perfect for you! Guess there’s real truth to the old cliche “Follow your heart” and you did! No one knows you better then yourself. Great job!!
    PS. Reading the 85 choices made me giggle, as the scene in Finding Nemo…of the “mind mine mine mine mine mine” moment came to my mind. Lol! enjoy your space!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      ah well thank you so much Faith! I enjoyed getting everyone’s opinion in that post. It’s always fun to see what others think!

  14. 1.16.20
    Loretta DeSpain said:

    This looks amazing! I love the new paint color. Really brightens up the space.

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      Yes!! So glad we repainted. I love the new color!

  15. 1.16.20
    Melissa said:

    You have done it again Sarah!! The bathroom redo is gorgeous!!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Melissa!

  16. 1.16.20
    Amy said:

    The bathroom does look good….but I am wondering what happens to all the old stuff from your home when you are constantly adding new? Do you donate it or resell it somewhere? We are living in such a throw away society, and it makes me sad. Most people cannot afford to change everything in their home every season. There is a beauty in reusing and “shopping” in your own home to change up the look and feel. I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      Hi Amy, I totally agree with re-using and shopping your home. That’s actually what we did with this bathroom makeover the first time we did it. I used old dressers (from Craigslist) and converted them into vanities.

      And yes, I do donate and resell things I no longer use. I love selling on Craigslist–it’s a great way to make money for projects!

  17. 1.16.20
    Candy said:

    Good Morning Sarah
    OMG! I love what you and your hubby did to this bathroom, so beautiful.
    Could you please tell me what wainscotting you used and millworker. I love the style you did. Thanks so much

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much Candy! We did the wainscotting (from Home Depot) and trim work ourselves.

  18. 1.16.20
    Jan said:

    I love how the bathroom came out, it’s beautiful!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Jan!

  19. 1.16.20
    Jayne Finkbohner said:

    Beautiful transformation!!

    • 1.16.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you Jayne!

  20. 1.16.20
    Olivia said:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the round mirrors with the rest of the look!

  21. 1.16.20
    jean said:

    Sarah Joy,
    WOW!!!! You really did a wonderful project and it looks amazing. Love how you painted the hardware, love the mirror, we all need a little brass somewhere in our decor, love the vanity. I looked at it on Wayfair-you really do have storage. Really nice cabinet. I know you will enjoy the bathroom more. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work for 2020.

  22. 1.16.20
    DIANE McLean said:

    You have great taste! It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you end up liking the changes. Life is not a race.

  23. 1.16.20
    Annie V said:

    Beautiful!! Would you also share the paint colors you have in the other rooms of your home? I’m particularly interested in the paint you used in your living room.

  24. 1.16.20
    Ruth said:

    I just love how your bathroom turned out!! Everything is beautiful!

  25. 1.16.20
    Steve said:

    It turned out great! I love the way the new vanities have that vintage furniture look but with the storage of modern cabinets. And the new undermount sinks are so much more practical that those old cereal bowl sinks on the wood dresser tops.

  26. 1.16.20
    Dacia L Schroder said:

    Looks so good. Everything goes so well together.

  27. 1.16.20
    Sharon N said:

    Love it!! Great job!

  28. 1.17.20
    Paula Anderson said:

    I hope you do a book someday. Your tips and ideas are so inspiring. Thank you

  29. 1.17.20
    Arlene said:

    Beautiful makeover! Congratulations – you have great taste and a beautiful home. You are one of my favourite bloggers.
    Silly question: I like your moccasin slippers. Can you tell me where you bought them? Thanks and greetings from Canada 🙂

  30. 1.17.20

    Love your new bathroom and the vanities are a great choice. They still have the look of farmhouse and a bit “dresser” like. Enjoy!

  31. 1.17.20
    Maria said:

    This is a great transformation! I too have a bureau for a vanity and it will have to go…someday. I think the round mirrors make a great impact!

  32. 1.17.20
    Tara said:

    So beautiful, Sarah!! Those vanities are just perfect. Thanks for sharing how you spray painted the hardware…such an easy fix! I just love the black tops, just perfect. I wondered if that wall color was Agreeable Grey…it’s just so darn good! Have it in 2 rooms already. The little olive trees are adorable, I always love all you share w/ faux greenery…you do it soo well! You must be thrilled w/ the new updates. And, I cannot believe that is the same room as the before….WOW!!

  33. 1.21.20
    Shelbi said:

    Hi Sarah! I absolutely love your bathroom makeover! We are in the process of redoing our bathroom and have bought a similar looking vanity… I love the way your floors look with it. Do you know what color/style or where you got them from?

  34. 3.29.20
    Tara said:

    After you redid your dresser with the rustoleum and polycrylic, did it continue to chip and give you trouble? This looks great but I LOOOOOVE the dresser look.