Living Room Transformation: 2016-2020

Last night my husband and I were siting in our living room and we got to talking about how much that room has changed over the last few years. Not only has my style evolved, but the room itself has seen some pretty fun changes. And the cool part is that I’ve documented it all here on the blog. We actually bought this house in the summer of 2015 and by the end of that year I started this blog. I didn’t start sharing the living room until 2016, but I thought it would be fun to look back at the living room each year and see how it changed over time. It’s amazing to see how just a few things here and there can totally change the vibe of a space. You can definitely see an evolution in my style throughout the years!



Farmhouse Living Room for Summer Farmhouse Living Room for Summer




It’s pretty crazy to see all those changes over the years, right?! I went from very rustic with lots of white to more pops of color with a little boho flair. It’s also cool to see changes like the barn tv covers we installed, the difference in the white vs black doors, and of course all the changes with the decor and furniture. It’s been such a fun process and I’ve really enjoyed getting to share this cozy little living room over the last few years! Which year is your favorite?! I’d love to hear it.

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  1. 7.30.20
    Tara said:

    I love your living room in 2020. What color is on your walls?

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Tara. The paint color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. That’s the color we are doing in the new house too!

      • 7.30.20
        dogpaws1029 said:

        Wow! Was with you until about a year ago. The changes are amazing. Do like your 2020 style. Love the easy less fuss look. Something I’m try to achieve.

  2. 7.30.20
    Marilyn Gabriel said:

    I think I really like the simplicity of 2019 look best. Although I do like pops of color in the 2020 look.

    • 7.30.20
      DanYelle said:

      2019 with a mix of the 2016 is my fav but i ❤️ “rustic” ! Your original style is what attracted me to your blog! I am not much for color, but all of your transformations are beautiful!

  3. 7.30.20
    Shirley said:

    All are great but 2020
    is the best!

  4. 7.30.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    I like 2019 but then 2020 with the pops of color added is perfection!!!

  5. 7.30.20
    Margaret DiSanto said:

    Loving the 2019 version the best! Just a “smidge” too much pink tones for my taste but beautiful for summer/spring!! But can see how your design skills have increased over the years to just about PERFECTION! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!

  6. 7.30.20
    Jody DuBeau said:

    I am such a pink fan, I love 2020 the best. But every year is so pretty. Cant wait to see what you do in your new home!

  7. 7.30.20
    Robin said:

    I love how you evolved from 2016 up to 2020. Each year just got better!! Looking forward to seeing how you do your new home.

  8. 7.30.20
    Bernadette Anderson said:

    2020 is my favorite transformation year. The style grew more sophisticated and upscale.

  9. 7.30.20
    Dot said:

    I have enjoyed 2019 and 2020 as it was during these years that you added more color to your rooms in the form of colorful throws, pillows and plants.
    Kept thinking I was failing in my decor when you went through the white stage!! I have neutral painted walls, but enjoy color in sofas, chairs and wooden tables. I was happy when you painted the door black and added black frames!!
    I ordered the black lights you had in your bathroom and pillow covers you recommended. Love them!
    So looking forward to watching you transform your new house into your family’s home!!!!

  10. 7.30.20
    Donna J Ryan said:

    Loved your style since day one you started your blog. Wondering though, of the progress of your new Home?

  11. 7.30.20
    kim Craythorn said:

    Hmmmmm toss up between 2018-2019 for me! p.s. I purchased yr white pendant you used as main light (bought 2 loved them so much!)
    What did you decide to do with flooring challenge in new home ?

  12. 7.30.20
    Vicky said:

    Hi Sarah, I love the way you styled your living room. But, I have to say I think 2018 is my favorite! Love the shutters over the tv with wreaths, but really like the white tv stand. Beautiful ❤️

  13. 7.30.20
    Donna said:

    They are all very pretty. I really think I like 2018 the best. I loved seeing all the changes and look forward to the new house pictures.

  14. 7.31.20
    Sarah said:

    2020 is my favorite!

  15. 7.31.20
    Laura said:

    It’s wonderful to see the transformations throughout the years. The wall color to Alabaster made such a difference. You always inspire me.

  16. 7.31.20
    Nichole said:

    I love them all! I would love to see a “plant count” of real vs fake across the house! I have a black thumb and terrible lighting in my house but I just love how fresh and clean all the plants make the space feel! Wondering how many fake plants I can get away with…

  17. 8.1.20
    Kimberly said:

    I love them all change is good keeps mind entertained. Your off white coffee table, I have the match to this but as a side board table, I guess we both have great taste in furniture. LOL
    A new chapter begins in your new home so I can’t wait to see what you have in your beautiful Guinness mind.
    One of your many followers Kimberly from Canada

  18. 8.1.20
    Faith said:

    I loved 2017…but I love the gold tone walls. Every popped against them. I liked the black accents against it. But I’m old, so I enjoy those vanilla colors more. I have Calico Cream in my house. Have never tired of it. It will be fun watching your new house evolve. It’s a never ending story, isn’t it? Kinda like laundry…😬

  19. 8.3.20
    Jessica said:

    You forgot to add when you moved your fridge into your living room! It added an industrial flair that really tied it all together! 😂

    They’re all great, but I like 2020 best. It’s crazy how spaces change so much over a few short years. I was just thinking about all the progress in my own home the other day.

    • 8.3.20
      Sarah said:

      Bahahahaha!! Dang it, I should have included that!!

  20. 8.5.20
    Annie said:

    Where did you get the two chairs you have in 2019 and 2020 picture?

  21. 8.5.20
    Annette said:

    You are very talented! U mentioned that your walls were alabaster, what color are u using for trim? I am painting most of my new house in Alabaster as well! 😊

  22. 8.11.20
    Jayne said:

    Love the evolution of your living area. Absolutely beautiful front the beginning to present. Decorating is such a great on-going process. The joys of Decorating!

  23. 2.24.21
    Sharon said:

    Do you remember where you found the basket with the pink flowers? thank you

  24. 2.10.24
    Melecia Castro said:

    Great decorating …. making changes using neutral basics allows for successful evolution. Your room looks comfortable, spacious & so pretty! I too have an antique door & have been trying to convince hubby that it would look great in our LR. Where did U buy the two low back, rolled arm chairs;think they were in ur 2018 pictures;they would match my sofa perfectly;very comfortable looking chairs. 5 stars on your awesome decorating!