How to Find the Best Decor on Amazon

One of my guilty pleasures is browsing on Amazon. I have the app on my phone and it’s a problem because I could easily spend waaaaaay too much time aimlessly looking at one random thing after the next. But as you know–they have EVERYTHING. I mean, they’ve basically taken over the world when it comes to online shopping. You can get anything from shoes to cat food and everything in between. There’s even tons of decor and furniture! The only problem is that it can be overwhelming and down right hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Thankfully I’ve learned some handy dandy tricks that make the process SO much easier, so today I wanted to share my top five tips for how to find the best decor on Amazon!

How to Find the Best Decor on Amazon

  1. My Favorite Shops: Over the years I’ve narrowed down a list of my favorite shops on Amazon that I’ll immediately turn to if I’m shopping for decor and furniture. Hands down, my favorite is Creative Co-Op. They have the BEST decor on Amazon, especially if you love farmhouse style. And the prices are also super reasonable. I also love Bloomingville, Kate and Laurel, Stone & Beam, DII, and LNC Home.
  2. Search for the Brands You Love: Believe it or not, there are tons of amazing brands that have collections on Amazon. For example Le Creuset, Kohler, Ashley Furniture, and Safavieh all have wide selections. Try searching for your favorite brands and see what you can find!
  3. Shop By Style: Most people don’t realize this, but Amazon has a really cool “shop by style” feature. They have everything from rustic, to industrial, mid-century modern, and more. My favorite is the modern farmhouse style page.
  4. Take the Home Style Quiz: If you haven’t done Amazon’s home style quiz yet, you should give it a try. There are six different questions and it starts by asking you to pick which decor style you like best from a variety of interior spaces. Then you get into specifics like how much color and texture you like to use in your home. Finally it tells you which style suits your preferences and you’re given decor recommendations! Here are my quiz results. Apparently I like modern farmhouse with a casual California twist. Sounds about right!
  5. Use the Discover Page: Amazon also has this really awesome feature where you can get instant recommendations based on your likes and dislikes. I have a screenshot below, but you can see how there is a thumbs up and thumbs down below each item. Based on your response it will automatically give you another recommendation to fit your taste. I think it’s such cool feature and very easy to use!

Well hopefully my simple tips and tricks help you find the best decor for your home on Amazon. Be sure to let me know if you have any tips of your own! Now here are a few awesome Amazon finds I just rounded up:


How to Find the Best Decor and Furniture on Amazon

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  1. 7.28.20
    Melissa said:

    Hey, Sarah! I literally didn’t know any of these Amazon tips. Not a one! Just when I thought I kinda had a clue about tech….thanks for the info!!!!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      hahah I hear you Melissa! I’m always learning new things.

  2. 7.28.20
    Ramona Wampler said:

    Wow! Thanks for these tips for navigating Amazon. I didn’t know any of this! What a game changer!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Yay!! I’m glad it was helpful, Ramona!

  3. 7.28.20
    Jackie Lynch said:

    Thank you! I’ve bookmarked this page because it is so helpful! Good luck on your new home!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      oh yay!! So glad it was helpful for you!

  4. 7.28.20
    Ruth said:

    Thank you for the shopping tips and your list of favorites. It will really come in handy!

    • 7.28.20
      Kathy said:

      Thanks for the helpful tips. I had no idea this was available on Amazon. Can’t wait to do ghe quiz.

      • 7.30.20
        Sarah said:

        yes!! The quiz is super helpful.

  5. 7.28.20
    Marilyn Gabriel said:

    I took the quiz!! Modern Farmhouse, Coastal, and California Casual! Pretty much how my home is decorated.

  6. 7.28.20

    Hi Sarah
    Love your style. Love the blog. Always helpful hints and deals. You are definitely a positive influencer. So joyful for your success ❣️

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      thank you!! So glad you stopped by!! xo

  7. 7.28.20
    Cryst said:

    Wow! Great post! Thank you for sharing it’s a ton of great info to unlock the most from Amazon Furinture & home decor. Love it (and you)! 💕

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Ah thank you!! SO glad you enjoyed the post. xo

  8. 7.28.20
    Tammy Ganci said:

    I took the quiz!!!! Modern farmhouse and coastal which is exactly the way my home is decorated. I live at the New Jersey Shore near the ocean and thats the decor I have!!! This post was and is very helpful. Thank you!!!!

    Have a blessed day,
    Love your blog friend

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Love that Tammy!! So fun to take the quiz and see what your style is. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  9. 7.28.20
    Amanda said:

    Does amazon let you save all your favorite shops?

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      I don’t think so, unfortunately. I wish there was a way to do that!

  10. 7.28.20
    Jessica Allen said:

    I had no idea these options were available on Amazon. I just took the quiz and I am Rustic, Modern Farmhouse, California Casual. Now I just want to spend, spend, spend LOL

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Oh love that combo!!

  11. 7.28.20
    Angela Servello said:

    Great post! Didn’t know about any of this. I love Amazon but it is definitely overwhelming. Thank you, I’m on my way to taking the quiz. Have a blessed day, my friend. Happy packing, sending lots of love, Angela

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      YES! Amazon can be super overwhelming. It’s so hard to find good stuff unless you know the tricks! Thanks for stopping by Angela. Hope you are well! xoxo

  12. 7.28.20
    Kim Shields said:

    I had no idea these were on amazon and I have shopped there for years! Thanks so much for these tips!!! I took the quiz and it was spot on, so glad I dived in. Your the best, thanks for the great info and share.

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      ah yay so glad you enjoyed the post Kim!

  13. 7.28.20
    Kyla said:

    This is a great post, Sarah! I just bought a throw blanket from the Stone & Beam line and I love it! I agree that they have a lot of great decor options!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      That’s awesome, Kyla. I love Stone and Beam!

  14. 7.28.20

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I shop alot on Amazon especially at Christmas. I’ve already added an item to my wish list and found a Christmas gift for my Mother in Law! Thanks again!!!!!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      oh wow, you’re on it. Good job Brandi!

  15. 7.28.20
    Stephanie said:

    OMG! So many good tips. I had no idea!!! Great post.

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Glad you enjoyed it Stephanie!

  16. 7.28.20
    Heather said:

    Super great tips! Is there a way to save your favorite shops? I didn’t see a way to do that. I love your blog! Keep up the amazing work.

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      I don’t think so, I’m sorry! But you can pin an image and save this post on Pinterest.

  17. 7.28.20
    Scarlet said:

    Thank you for such a great tip(s). I couldn’t agree more with you and you’ve laid it out nicely. I’ll be sure to give it a look.

  18. 7.28.20
    Ali said:

    I came up with Traditional, New Traditional and Glam style.

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      that’s awesome!

  19. 7.28.20
    Brenda said:

    Is there a way to save your favorite shops?? I didn’t know any of these tips so Thank You!!!!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      I don’t think so. I wish there was!

  20. 7.28.20
    Carol Brunson said:

    Thank you for sharing! So helpful 😍

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Glad you enjoyed it Carol!

  21. 7.29.20
    Tamara_r3 said:

    Wow!! All these years and I’ve been doing Amazon wrong. Thank you for the tips and tricks, especially about the style quiz. That was so helpful!!!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      haha right?! So many people don’t know about these little tricks to make shopping Amazon SO much easier.

  22. 7.29.20
    Cory said:

    That was super informative. I had no idea about much of that. Thanks, Sarah!

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      Glad you enjoyed it Cory!

  23. 7.29.20
    Melissa Renae Geittmann said:

    Can you save your shops or your style?

    • 7.30.20
      Sarah said:

      I don’t believe so, I wish there was a way to do that!

  24. 7.30.20
    Shaylan said:

    This is an amazing resource! Thank you for putting it together! I have it saved to return to once we move to our new home.

  25. 7.31.20
    Cindy said:

    Thanks for the very useful tips. I really appreciate you posting this. Can’t wait to take the quiz…So excited for your new adventure. That house is going to be so fun!..I am also a Tula brand lover because of you. Thanks for tip. It has changed my skin care routine. Praying for your new move. Hugs!

  26. 7.31.20
    Sharlene C Scott said:

    I’m not sure how to access the quiz or the discover page on Amazon. What am I missing? (Loved the recommendations!)

  27. 9.8.20
    Candy said:

    Thanks so much Sarah! I just made note of this. Have a great day!

  28. 1.2.21
    Candy said:

    Good Evening Sarah
    Thanks so much for these tips on Amazon. I have copied the sites down in my book. Would you believe my hubby bought me the Farmhouse rug that you had before, can’t wait