Kitchen Tile Makeover!

You guys!! The kitchen tile project I shared about last week is officially DONE. After four years, my old dingy 1980’s tile is finally gone! All the work was finished on Friday afternoon. I have to say–it’s even better than I imagined it would be. It totally transformed the look of our kitchen and somehow it even feels bigger now. I’m so happy I decided to go with my gut on this one, because this is definitely one of my all-time favorite projects EVER. I have a ton of photos to share, so let’s hop to it. But first, we have to start with a before photo of the kitchen with the old tile:

Kitchen Tile- Before

And here’s how it looks now:

Such a huge change, right?! I can’t get over how much bigger and more open the kitchen feels now. It just feels like a totally different space. So much more character and pizzaz, which is exactly what I wanted.

I was a little nervous about how this white and black tile would look with our cream colored cabinets. I thought the tile might make them look more yellow, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how well everything blends together. This new tile suits the kitchen so well. Plus the black hardware ties in perfectly with the black in the tile! PS: We purchased this tile from a local shop in the area, but Home Depot carries a similar option.

I can’t help but think about all the changes we’ve made to our little fixer upper over the past four years. It was July of 2015 when we moved in and I never would have imagined what a blessing this home would be to our family. It’s been so much fun fixing this place up, making it our own, and just seeing my dreams come to life little by little.This tile kind of presents all of that for me and I’m so grateful. Thank you all for following along on this journey with us!!

Thanks so much for dropping by the blog today!! I’d love to hear what you think of the new tile. And if you have my questions or if there’s anything I didn’t mention let me know!! xo

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 7.22.19
    Ashley said:


    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Ashley!

    • 7.12.20
      Margie said:

      It just brings your kitchen to life. Great choice!

  2. 7.22.19
    glenda lafont said:

    It looks great, Sarah.

    • 7.22.19
      Kaaren Scharpe said:

      I absolutely love this tile and how it transformed your kitchen! I have something very similar in my laundry room. 😀

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Glenda! xo

  3. 7.22.19

    I love it, Before I read your post I thought it looked larger also. Just beautiful! I am so pleased for you and your family. My God keep on blessing you!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Aw thank you so much Sally! xoxo

  4. 7.22.19
    Sharon N said:

    Beautiful!! Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Sharon!

  5. 7.22.19
    Candace Couture said:

    That looks fabulous Sarah!!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks Candace!

  6. 7.22.19
    Suzee Bain said:

    Love it! Love the tile, the cabinets, the accessories …. your kitchen rocks!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Suzee!!

  7. 7.22.19
    Janae said:

    What a beautiful kitchen! The tile makes a huge difference and it’s gorgeous!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Than you Janae, I am so happy with it!

  8. 7.22.19
    Jena said:

    Looks great! So happy for you all! It made a huge difference, funny I thought the floor would be too busy, but it completely made this room!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Right?! I was a little nervous about that too, Jena. So glad I went with my gut on this one!

  9. 7.22.19
    Dot said:

    Your new floor looks fabulous!! Great choice on tile.

  10. 7.22.19
    Kim said:

    It looks FANTASTIC

  11. 7.22.19
    Nikki said:

    I love it!! What a difference. It’s so much brighter.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      yes!! I love how much brighter it is now. Thank you Nikki!

  12. 7.22.19
    Ruth Newton said:

    Wow, what a transformation!! It turned out gorgeous and so worth the wait …you might miss the refrigerator next to your chair though 😉🤣😂

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      hahah you know what I do miss it!! It was so convenient!

  13. 7.22.19
    Chris said:

    Wowser!! Looks terrific, Sarah!

  14. 7.22.19
    Mary Pickett said:

    I Love it. It really pops!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Mary!

  15. 7.22.19
    robin said:

    It looks great – did you do the work yourself and did you have to remove the old ceramic tile?

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      We decided to hire help for this project, which I’m so glad we did! Very much worth it to have professionals help on this one.

  16. 7.22.19
    Janie said:

    Thanks for sharing! The tile is the perfect fit for your kitchen!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Janie!

  17. 7.22.19
    Linda said:

    BEAUTIFUL! Made a real difference. Does make it look bigger. Great job!!!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Linda!!

  18. 7.22.19
    Diana Reeser said:

    You changed out the sink faucet too! Cute!
    I love the floor. Well done!

    • 7.22.19
      Tammy Albrecht said:

      Diana, I thought the same thing at first but I believe its the same faucet and the new photos are just edited to make it lighter. Either way it sure is pretty!

      • 7.23.19
        Sarah said:

        Yep, you’re right Tammy–it’s the same faucet!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      No it’s the same faucet actually! Maybe just looks different in the lighting?!

  19. 7.22.19
    Lynzee said:

    This looks so fresh and fun! Good choice and thanks for sharing!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Lynzee!!

  20. 7.22.19
    kelly f streeter said:

    im so jealous!!!!!!! Its beautiful

  21. 7.22.19
    Michele said:

    Love it Sarah! So so pretty!
    Could you please tell me, where did you get the kitchen hardware?

    • 7.22.19
      Sarah said:

      Hi Michele! That hardware was here when we moved in 4 years ago so I’m not sure where it’s from. I’m sorry!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      I wish I knew Michele! The hardware was on here when we moved in. I’m sorry!

  22. 7.22.19
    Roxanna said:

    It’s beautiful!, in the pictures it makes your kitchen much bigger I can only what it looks like in person. Looks great!!!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Yes!! It feels so much bigger now. I wasn’t expecting that, but so happy with it!

  23. 7.22.19

    On my gosh! Love it ,every minute of it! Do you think a similar tile would make a small bathroom look smaller? I’ve been thinking of something similar for that. xoxo💖

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh that’s a good question Becky! I think it could make it look bigger. Our kitchen is very small and I feel like this tile had the opposite effect I was expecting–it defiantly looks and feels much bigger now!

  24. 7.22.19
    Gail said:

    Beautiful!! You’re blessed with a gorgeous kitchen! What a difference from before to after.😍

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Gail!! xo

  25. 7.22.19
    Anne said:

    For me, the tile is beautiful but much too busy in such a large amount. All that truly matters though is that you and your family love it. Congratulations on creating a space that brings you joy!

  26. 7.22.19
    Diane said:

    The tile is beautiful! The first thing I noticed was the color difference in the floor & the cream colored cabinets, & then you mentioned it in the blog. The color difference is slightly distracting to me, but that’s just my opinion.

  27. 7.22.19
    Amy said:

    Exactly what I would have imagined in your space. Looks beautiful!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      aw thank you Amy!! I am so happy with it!

  28. 7.22.19
    Rhonda Cesana said:

    It’s just amazing how much lighter it looks in your kitchen now! Just beautiful!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Right?! I can’t believe how much bigger it feels in there now. Pleasantly surprised!

  29. 7.22.19
    Wanda Walton said:

    Absolutely Love It !! Great choice ! Enjoy !!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Wanda! xo

  30. 7.22.19
    Lyndie said:

    Just an opinion on a public bloggers post. I love your tile pattern choice! It’s gorgeous. I have to say I do agree it’s quite busy for this space. I love seeing this style in bathrooms and washrooms (smaller spaces) It makes my eyes shift too much. I feel it closes in your space. I love the look you are going for here though. Enjoy!

  31. 7.22.19
    Martha Brewer said:

    The change is amazing. Before, even though I loved your kitchen, the cabinets sort of blended in with the floor and now, the new tile makes them stand out and brightens the whole area. Love it!

  32. 7.22.19
    Miciah Hecker said:

    Looks great… The new tile makes the cabinets look creamer rather than yellow…

  33. 7.22.19
    Natalie Frank said:

    Looks killer!! I bet you just wanna hang out in there even more now!!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh my goodness, yes Natalie! I LOVE this kitchen now.

  34. 7.22.19
    Karen said:

    WOW WOW WOW beeeeautiful!!! 😍😍

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Karen! xo

  35. 7.22.19
    Tammy said:

    Wow what a transformation! It turned out beautiful and I bet your are so excited you have your kitchen back!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Yesssss!! SO excited to have the kitchen back. It was a long week!

  36. 7.22.19
    Deedra said:

    Oh my what a transformation! Beautiful! And I think it looks great with your Cream cabinets as well.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Deedra, I was so pleasantly surprised by how the cabinets look with the floor!

  37. 7.22.19
    Candy said:

    Oh Sarah, I just love your kitchen floor…so perfect with your style

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Candy, I am so glad I decided to go with my gut on this one!

  38. 7.22.19
    Deborah said:

    Sarah, the floor and kitchen are lovely.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Deborah! xo

  39. 7.22.19
    Brenda Johnson said:

    Oh Wow, it looks absolutely amazing Sarah! I’d be tickled pink with it too! Now it will be a joy to clean your floors…LOL!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      haha well that’s true Brenda!! I will happily keep them clean!

  40. 7.22.19
    Patty Aslin said:

    Your floor look “AWESOME”! KUDOS FOR A JOB WELL DONE 👍

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Patty!!

  41. 7.23.19
    Gayle said:

    Wow Sarah!! Love the tile! Seriously the best transformed room I’ve seen in a while!! Well done 👍🏼
    We built our home as a new build but didn’t do everything straight away…due to a lack of funds! But it’s taught us a bit of patience (which never hurt anyone!!) also we’ve found we appreciate the work that gets done more because it’s exciting to do them step by step when we have the money rather than to have moved into a home with everything already done!!
    I bet you can’t wait to get up in the morning and walk on those lovely new tiles 😂😍

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Ah wow, thank you Gayle!! You are so kind to say that. And I can definitely relate to what you’re saying. This is our third fixer upper and it’s always fun to watch each house improve little by little. xoxo

  42. 7.23.19
    Mary Wilson said:

    You did a beautiful job on your kitchen. The floor is to die for. Turned out fantastic. It looks so airy and bright. Love it!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Mary, I appreciate it!

  43. 7.23.19
    karolina said:

    It is so beautiful, Sarah. I love it.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Karolina!

  44. 7.23.19
    Margaret DiSanto said:

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Can I have your house please? Can you come and decorate mine?!!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      haha you are too sweet!! Thank you Margaret! xo

  45. 7.23.19
    Norma Belcher said:

    I love the floor, you’re cabinets painted a dark grayish would really show up great against the floor, just my opinion!

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Oh yeah, that would be pretty too!

  46. 7.23.19
    Rebekah Pascucci said:

    Amazing! I love how much it opened up your space!! Beautiful. Now on to pinching pennies a so I can get rid of my 80’s tile.

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      Isn’t it amazing how much bigger it feels?! Wasn’t expecting that but so happy with the result. Hope you can do yours soon too! xo

  47. 7.23.19
    Lindsay said:

    Lovely. Takes your kitchen to another level sweetie! xoxo 😊

    • 7.23.19
      Sarah said:

      than you so much Lindsay!!

  48. 7.28.19
    Lori said:

    Your Kitchen came out beautiful. Very updated
    farm house. Love it! Enjoy your kitchen!

    • 7.29.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks so much Lori!!

  49. 7.29.19

    I love the color of the walls and the cabinets!!!

  50. 7.31.19
    Linda Kay White said:

    Amazing!!!! What a difference the tile made. It lightens that whole area up . Great job.

  51. 7.31.19
    Karen said:

    Wow!! Your tile pulls your kitchen together! Awesome job! God bless you and your family!!

  52. 1.27.20
    Anamae Coberly said:

    Just love the way your kitchen turned out. I love the cream cabinets, so fresh looking. The floor looks great.
    Can you tell me the color cream that was used on the cabinets and walls?? I have oak cabinets that I want to change. Thanks

    • 1.30.20
      Maria said:

      Beautiful tiles. I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this, whether real or stick-on. Could you provide the name of the maker please?

  53. 10.14.23
    Patty said:

    I love this tile. Can you give me the name of the shop you got it from please?