January Amazon Finds

Goooooood morning buttercup and happy Super Bowl Sunday to you! I’m gearing up over here to eat a ton of food and hang out in my sweatpants all day, but I wanted to pop in to share my January Amazon finds! You guys know how much I love Amazon and I pretty much shop there for everything these days, so I thought it would be fun to start sharing my random finds every now and then. I found a fun mix of things this past month, including several new hair products, a water tumbler I’m obsessed with, and a couple of cute tops. Hopefully you enjoy this post if you’re an Amazon-addict like me!


Turkish Towels: I’ve heard people raving about turkish towels for a while now, so I grabbed this set of four from Amazon and I’ve been loving them! They’re super absorbent. I have photos of them in my master bathroom makeover post.

Ring Towel Bar: This is the towel holder we just put in our master bathroom. I wanted something super simple and matte black. This one was perfect and very affordable!

Soap Dispensers: Here’s another find for our master bathroom makeover! I needed new soap dispensers that would work with foam soap and these are awesome. Plus they come in a pack of two and there are two color choices as well. (I removed the twine around the top.)

Water Tumbler by Vera Bradley: I looooove this water tumbler so much. I bought it the first week of January and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I literally take this cup with me everywhere! I don’t know why, but having a cute cup with a straw helps me drink way more water every day.

Tanning Mitt: Nothing fancy here, just a basic tanning mitt to use with my sunless tanner. Because you know, it’s the middle of winter and my skin is practically see through.

Hot Toddy Heat Protectant: I was watching a YouTube video the other day about the importance of using heat protectants in your hair, so I finally decided to cave and buy one. I got this Hot Toddy cream by Dry Bar, which is supposed to be great to use right before blow drying. I’m loving it so far!

Prep Rally Prime + Prep Spray: I’ve also been using this prep + prime spray after the heat protectant and it makes my hair SO soft. It’s loaded with vitamins and all kinds of good stuff to prep your hair before styling. PS: I’m still loving my Revlon dryer, which is also from Amazon!

Kenra Volume Hairspray: One more hair product I picked up this month is this Kenra volume hairspray. This stuff has amazing reviews, so I decided to give it a try. I’m not much of a hairspray kinda gal, but I really do like this! It does the job without weighing my hair down.

Velcro Rollers: I’ve officially rediscovered my love of velcro rollers! I picked a set up on Amazon a couple of weeks ago and they’re great for adding extra volume to your hair. I just heat up a small section of hair with my straightener, then immediately roll the hair into a velcro roller and let it sit until the hair cools down. It gives you big, bouncy hair!

Favorite Lip Gloss: I also stocked up on my favorite lip gloss, which I found for less than three bucks on Amazon! I love the shade Cream Brûlée (it’s my all time favorite), but I also like Fortune Cookie too.

Mama Bear Shirt: I love cozy tops I can lounge around the house in and this mama bear shirt is perfect for that! The material is super soft and it’s a great lightweight material. It also has pockets! I’m wearing a small here.

V-Neck Henley Top: Last but not least is this henley top. I LOVE it! I wore it twice this past week and it’s just so comfy. It does seem to run a bit small, so I ordered a medium and it’s a great fit. It also comes in several different color options!

Well that’s it for my January Amazon finds. Let me know if you’ve found anything awesome from Amazon lately, I’d love to hear it! xo

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  • Karen
    February 2, 2020

    Oh my gosh, your bedroom looks SO different!! I loved the shiplap so so much but it looks so fresh and crisp without it. Is that why you removed it?

    • Sarah
      > Karen
      February 2, 2020

      You have a good eye Karen! Yeah we took off the shiplap and repainted this room! I have a new bed coming and I plan to put up some botanical prints on that wall above the bed. Can’t wait to share the new look soon!

  • Aragona Julie
    February 4, 2020

    Purchased the Henley- thanks for your tips!