I’m Launching My Own Podcast!

I’m coming at you with some BIG NEWS today. I’m launching my own podcast!!! This is something I’ve been dreaming about for a year now and after a lot of thought, I finally decided to go for it. I’m so excited to get this journey started and I can’t wait to take you along with me!

The Good Day Podcast by Sarah Joy is available on Spotify, iTunes, and you can also listen here on the blog.

I hope you’ll subscribe and follow along as I have raw and real conversations on topics like faith, entrepreneurship, living with courage, and finding joy in the simple moments so every day can be a GOOD DAY!



Sarah here! Nice to meet you. I’m a mama to three, wife to my high school sweetheart and accidental blogger. We recently moved to our little homestead on ten acres and we're loving the small town life in Colorado. I hope this space can inspire you to create a home you love and enjoy the simple moments the most.


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  1. 2.10.22
    Christine said:

    Wonderful job! It’s great that you keeping reaching for your dreams!!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Christine!

  2. 2.10.22
    Gail said:

    Hi Sarah! I really enjoyed your episode one. I get emails from you already but really enjoyed your podcast! I’m excited to hear your next one. Thank you!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      yayyy thanks for listening Gail!

    • 2.13.22

      Hi Sarah,
      I have just listened to your first podcast, it was so cool to hear about your dreams and how you started your IG and blog, I subscribe your blog already and have done for some time I love to read them and see all that you do with your home. I just we had Target and Home depot in the UK as I would love to be able to buy some of your recommendations . Great job with your first podcast and I am looking forward to the next one. Have a great day!!

    • 2.28.22
      Maribel said:

      Congratulations Sarah, I am so happy you started this podcast. It so amazing to hear your voice and know you more. Even though I been following you since 2018 is always nice to know you. You inspire me and with your blog I started wanting to decorate my home more than what I used to. I will be listening your podcasts. Thank you

  3. 2.10.22
    Patty said:

    I too suffer with anxiety issues. I have been following Sarah Joy lately and honestly , you inspire me. I just listened to your first episode podcast and feel like there really is hope if you put your mind to it. You sound so determined. I loved finally hearing a voice to put to a face. Good luck. You have my vote. Thank you for the uplift

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      Yes, Patty! You are so right–there is always HOPE. Sending you a big hug. xo

  4. 2.10.22
    Amy said:

    Love love love it!!! Congrats and I can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      yayyyy thank you Amy!

  5. 2.10.22
    lorri malloy said:

    Great job, Sarah! You have a beautiful voice and amazing content. I know your podcast will be a huge success!!! Bravo!!!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      you are so kind Lorri, thank you for listening!!

  6. 2.10.22
    Linda Walker said:

    Thank you for sharing more about yourself. I love following you because you are real and authentic.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you Linda, that means a lot to me!

  7. 2.10.22
    Tonya said:

    Loved it Sarah! Congrats, I’m so happy for you!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you Tonya!

  8. 2.10.22
    Sharon Murdock said:

    Congratulations on the podcast –
    enjoy following you – most important – letting your light shine for the Lord – May God continue to bless

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you soooo much Sharon!

  9. 2.10.22
    Elizabeth Bear said:

    Sarah…what a great podcast. Thanks for sharing your journey. What a beautiful story. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing your podcasts.

    Elizabeth @elizabethbeardesigns

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you Elizabeth! Can’t wait to share more.

  10. 2.10.22
    Brenda Johnson said:

    Congratulations Sarah! Good job! I have followed you for years, but it’s nice to hear more of your story and love you are a Jesus girl! He is everything, right?!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      Yes yes yes! I would be nothing without Jesus.

  11. 2.10.22
    Andrea said:

    You’re truly an inspiration…your journey has really helped me to lean into God more and just believe in myself. I’m SOOOO excited for you, I think your podcast is going to be awe inspiring!!! Well done on your first episode!!!💜✨💜

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      That means SO SO much to me Andrea! Thank you for sharing that–appreciate you!

  12. 2.10.22
    Jill McDermott said:

    Loved your 1st podcast!! So excited for more of them. How often are you going to do them?

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      Hi Jill! I’m planning to do a new episode every Thursday, but I might sneak more in throughout the week here and there if I have something on my heart.

      • 2.13.22
        Teresa said:

        Great job Sarah!! I’ve been a follower of your blogs and will also be looking forward to your weekly podcasts! God is SO GOOD!! I’m also a Jesus Lover ❤️

  13. 2.10.22
    Scarlet Franco said:

    Congratulations- I plan on listening to it tonight – which is my routine.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      Yay!! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  14. 2.10.22
    Jackie S Woolard said:

    I am going to love your podcase…and to think I got to start with the very first one. Looking forward to listening to you on, The Good day.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      yay thank you Jackie!!!

  15. 2.10.22
    Candy said:

    Hi Sarah
    Congratulations on your new Podcast! I had no idea what a Podcast was and decided to see what it is about! This is so incredible to hear you speak as I feel I have known you for so long from your Blog. I love everything you do especially your decorating, DIY projects, and sharing your family. What an inspiration you have been to so many of us. Love Candy

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you so much for listening Candy!! You are always such an incredible source of support. Appreciate you!

  16. 2.10.22
    Gina Develin said:

    I am so excited for this! You are a ray of sunshine.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Gina!!! xoxo

  17. 2.10.22
    Jena bunch said:

    I love it! I’m so happy you started this podcast! 💓 I’m super excited for you!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      hank you so much Jena!

  18. 2.10.22
    Candi B said:

    I love that you decided to do this! Great first episode, I can’t wait for more!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thanks Candi!! I debated it for so long. So excited to be going for it!

  19. 2.10.22
    Ashley said:

    Sarah –
    Congratulations on your podcast! I can’t wait for the next episodes to come! I always look forward to seeing what you and your family’s next adventure will be!!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you for listening Ashley!!

  20. 2.10.22
    Mary Byers said:

    Yay Sarah!! Congratulations on this new adventure!! I have followed you on IG for many years and have enjoyed it a lot❤️ Now this…. you will fly far!! Many blessings to you and your family❤️❤️

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Mary, I really appreciate that!

  21. 2.10.22
    Claire said:

    Well I just finished listening as I get some housework done and as the podcast wraps up I’ve realised I’ve been smiling the whole time… cos I’m so excited for you and for myself who now gets to listen regularly to you here in Australia! Love the encouragement with your faith and finding how it all started for you. God is good!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      that makes me so happy!! SO glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for listening Claire!

  22. 2.11.22
    Julie said:

    I’m a 75 YO grandma, I love you, your heart, your decorating and listening to you in general. Keep it up, we need you in the world. ❤️ Loved your blog.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      that means so much to me, thank you Julie!

  23. 2.11.22

    Great job!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you!

  24. 2.11.22
    Cindy Snotherly 😎me😎 said:

    I enjoyed your first podcast so much. Can’t wait for more!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      yay thank you Cindy!!

  25. 2.11.22
    Bev said:

    Loved it! I found you quite by accident when you had the Little Vintage Nest and progressed from there. Congratulations on the pod cast and looking forward to hearing more stories!

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      You’ve been here so long! Thank you Bev. That means so much to me. xo

  26. 2.11.22
    Barbara said:

    Great Podcast! You are so genuine and just bring joy into the world. We need much more of that! Can’t wait for the next podcast. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      I appreciate that so much, thank you Barbara!

  27. 2.11.22
    Sandee said:

    Just finally had some quiet time to listen to your first podcast. I’m so excited for you. Look forward to hearing it and watching it grow. So much love Sarah 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    • 2.11.22
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Sandee!!! So excited!

  28. 2.12.22
    Nancy said:

    Thanks so much Sarah for sharing, so happy for you! Devotions this morning were Proverbs 16:9, about how man’s mind plans his way, but God directs his steps. Thank you for stepping out and sharing your faith, blessings always follow!

  29. 2.12.22
    Debbie said:

    It was sweet to hear your voice; congratulations on your first podcast! Love your authenticity! My favorite themes are change and curiosity which I am exploring at #lilacconnections. You exemplify both! Looking forward to sharing your journey 💚

  30. 2.13.22
    Meredith Hudson said:

    Love you so much and excited to share all things with you through this space. You have been such an inspiration and positive light on IG. You truly are JOY! 🧡

  31. 2.14.22
    Lara said:

    I really liked your first podcast. You’re voice is very soothing and your your tempo is excellent. Can’t wait to take this journey with you and hear all your favorite guests come on. I’m proud that your able to push your fear and anxiety aside to help others out here! Thank you.