New Rug In Bedroom + Discount Code

I’m fizzling out on energy today because I stayed up way too late watching Gilmore Girls last night. AGAIN. Ughhh that show is so dang good!  This is my first time ever watching it and I’m hooked. I’m about half-way through season five right now and it just keeps getting better, which is why I have a hard time shutting it off at a reasonable time and going to sleep. It’s a problem. Anyway, we just got a new area rug in our master bedroom, so I snapped a few photos today and I wanted to share with with you lovely ladies today. Also I have a coupon code for Boutique Rugs again!! You can use SARAHJOY62 for 62% off any rug on their site.

I just love the way this new rug looks in here! The classic black and cream color scheme is perfect. And it’s super soft! Plus it’s bigger than our last rug–this is the 9×12. We had an 8×10 in here before and it wasn’t quite large enough for our king size bed.

The black bench at the end of our bed is from Target–I’ve had it several years now and used it alllll over the house (and our old house too!). It’s actually on sale right now. See it HERE.

I also highly recommend grabbing this rug tape from Amazon. I use it to secure all my rugs to the floor so they don’t slip around. It doesn’t damage the floor either. Just do the corners!

One day I’d love to remove that back wall (the one with the three little windows) and do a huge walk-out deck from our master bedroom. We have pretty epic views that direction, so it would be the coolest spot to sit with a cup of coffee. Hopefully one day!






Bed is from Wafair but sold out 

Fiddle Tree

Bamboo blinds are from Select Blinds

Paint color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams

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