Friday Five: Round Rugs Under $100, DIY Hat Wall + More

Good morning sunshine and happy Friday to ya! I’m currently cuddled up in my favorite pink throw blanket, sipping a hot cup of coffee, and trying to get a little work done while the kiddos rest. It’s heavenly. And I’m excited to be sharing a little Friday Five action today! I have quite a bit to share, including some random tidbits from the week, several round rugs under $100, and a simple DIY hat wall that I put together a few days ago. It’s actually above my clothing rack and I LOVE it. I just used command strips to hang the hats on the wall!

Pretty dang cute, right?! The whole thing took maybe twenty minutes, but this is the kind of project I wish I had done a long time ago. Easy and functional storage solution for my hats! PS: that clothing rack is from Amazon and it’s perfect if you need a little additional storage for clothes or even jackets.

Round Rugs Under $100

Earlier this week I was looking for a round rug that could go in our breakfast nook and I found some really great options under $100!

  1. Round Jute by Drew Barrymore
  2. Oriental Ivory + Blue
  3. Round Braided Jute
  4. Geometric Gray + White
  5. Jute Round Floral
  6. Modern Farmhouse Ivory + Silver
  7. Hillsby Light Gray + Beige
  8. Mistana Gray
  9. Braided Light Blue
  10. Natural Geometric Area Rug
  11. Light Gray + Cream
  12. Natural Jute Hand Braided

Random Tidbits:

  • I’m obsessed with the new holiday collection from Lindsay Letters. I just ordered a Christmas print I can’t wait to share with you guys, but the entire collection is gorgeous. Plus this sweet mama is going through an incredibly difficult time right now with her precious daughter Eva (you can follow her story on IG) and she needs all our support.
  • I shared this mascara combo pack in IG stories the other day and it’s seriously such a good deal. I’ve been loving this mascara lately and it’s normally $24 each, so this is a crazy good deal plus free shipping!
  • I shared this $12 sweater from Walmart last weekend and I’m still so impressed with it. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a basic sweater! The fit is true to size and it comes in several color options too. See it HERE.
  • I’ve been looking into new vitamins we can all take to prevent any more sickness in our house this winter. Someone recommended these elderberry gummies, so I ordered them earlier this week and they are SO tasty. Fingers crossed they help boost our immune system.
  • I have lots of extra posts coming to the blog this month and I’m trying to decide if I should go back to the weekly newsletter we did earlier this year. I know we’ve had this discussion already, but I just worry about annoying all of my lovely subscribers with emails that are coming several times a week. But on the flip side of that, it seems like without those emails less of y’all drop by each day. I honestly don’t know what to do. Let me know what you think/prefer!

Well that’s a wrap for my Friday Five. I hope you have the best weekend and I’ll see you back here sooooooon!

Welcome!! I’m Sarah-- mama to three kiddos + wife to my high school sweetheart. I'm usually over-caffeinated, browsing Amazon + running on lots of grace. Grab a snack + get comfy!

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  1. 11.8.19
    Kelly said:

    I personally love getting your emails! I am not on Instagram so I look forward hearing what you have for us!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Great to hear, thank you Kelly!!

  2. 11.8.19
    Cristin said:

    The daily emails are just fine, it keeps the content shorter so you can get through them faster. I find it more difficult to get through the weekly posts because they have so much content and I don’t have enough time to really focus on it all.

  3. 11.8.19
    Kathy said:

    Personally, I prefer the daily email. I feel like I rush through the posts if they come weekly.

  4. 11.8.19
    Marilyn S. said:

    Please please please DON’T go back to weekly emails. I love seeing your post. Keep ’em coming.

    • 11.8.19
      Deb said:

      I always look forward to your emails and would be sad if you only did one per week. Having said that, you have to do what is best for you and your family. Making us happy shouldn’t be your first priority. 😊

  5. 11.8.19
    Diane said:

    As far as I’m concerned, you can send out as many as you would like each week. I truly enjoy reading them and look forward to them! Have a great weekend!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      That makes me so happy, thank you Diane!! xoxo

  6. 11.8.19
    Cynthia said:

    I personally hope you don’t go to a weekly email. I LOVE getting your emails and look forward to them throughout the week. Now, if you are needing to do it for personal reasons, I completely understand, but please don’t think you need to do it because we are being annoyed by your emails because your emails are a bright spot for me.

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      thanks for your feedback, Cynthia!! So happy to hear you love the daily emails. That’s what I prefer too!

  7. 11.8.19
    Kaaren Scharpe said:

    I look forward to your emails do bring em on!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you so much!!

  8. 11.8.19
    Mary said:

    I have been following you for almost 3 years and still WAIT with excitement for those morning emails with my cup of coffee 🙂
    I have always gotten a lot of inspiration from you and your beautiful home! Blessings to you always!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Ah I need to hug you, Mary!! Thank you SO much.

  9. 11.8.19
    Deb said:

    I always look forward to your emails and would be sad if you only did one per week. Having said that, you have to do what is best for you and your family. Making us happy shouldn’t be your first priority. 😊

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Thank you Deb, I really appreciate that!! xoxo

  10. 11.8.19

    I love hearing from you every week or even more. Follow you every day on Instagram. So send emails as often as you can.

    • 11.8.19
      Penny said:

      I look forward to any and all of your emails! I don’t use Instagram so keep the emails coming at whatever pace works best for you! Blessings

      • 11.10.19
        Sarah said:

        thank you so much Penny!!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Gail!! xo

  11. 11.8.19
    Jessica said:

    I am on Instagram but O like the shorter more frequent emails to. The weekly ones are too much! Thanks for the rug ideas! I LOVE following you!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      great, thanks for the feedback Jessica!

  12. 11.8.19
    nikki said:

    I look forward to your emails, so don’t think you are being annoying by sending them. Your blog is my favorite! I just recently got Instagram, but I still love reading your posts.

    • 11.9.19
      Linda said:

      I love your daily post. They are the 1 st email I read. I don’t care for the weekly long post. I signed up with a cpl other bloggers they are boring. I Should probably unsubscribe.

      • 11.10.19
        Sarah said:

        Ah thank you so much Linda!! xo

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Great, thank you so much Nikki!!

  13. 11.8.19
    Melissa said:

    I think that many who subscribe to email newsletters are not necessarily on IG or FB. I think that posting your content to all places is the best option so you don’t miss out on certain segments of your audience. Love your content. 🙂

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      I think you’re right, Melissa!!

  14. 11.8.19
    Brenda Holladay said:

    Your emails are the highlight of my day and I really disliked the newsletter or the once a week email. Please keep them coming! I’m not on instagram so I miss a lot. Love your blog!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      ah yay, that makes me so happy!! Thank you Brenda!

  15. 11.8.19
    Angela Servello said:

    I love seeing your emails every few days. I was really happy when you went back to that. Never too many from you. It’s alittle like our own coffee club. Have a blessed day. Angela🙏💕

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Angela!! Appreciate you. xoxo

  16. 11.8.19
    Roxanna said:

    Keep doing what you are doing, I look forward to your emails. I think once a week is a lot of content to read over. I do not think you send out to many emails. Keep up the good work Sarah!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you Roxanna, I appreciate that!

  17. 11.8.19

    I enjoy hearing from you through the week You are like hearing from family! But you do what you need to do. Have a good weekend!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Yay, thank you so much Sally!! xo

  18. 11.8.19
    Stephanie C said:

    I much prefer the daily email over the weekly. The weekly usually has too much content. I rather spend a few minutes each time you post then a longer time with the weekly.

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      great, thank you Stephanie!!

  19. 11.8.19
    Kristen McNabb said:

    I love getting your emails and am so excited when you’re there to light up my inbox!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      ah thank you Kristen, I’m so glad to hear that!!

  20. 11.8.19
    Laurie said:

    I love getting the emails and look forward to them

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Great, thank you Laurie!!

  21. 11.8.19
    Karen said:

    I enjoy your daily emails. I am not on Instagram and always look forward to your notices. I always think I am missing something beings I am not on Instagram. Do what is good for you and your family. It is easy to get overwhelmed. It really is not about us out here. It is about how you can manage your life with having us in it. I will enjoy the ride however you choose to do it. Be Blessed.

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      That’s great to hear, thank you Karen!!

  22. 11.8.19
    Crystal said:

    Post away. Instagram has gotten boring, plus I don’t like looking at pics on my tiny phone! 🙂

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      yay thank you Crystal!! xo

  23. 11.8.19
    Sheri Ghee said:

    Love the daily emails & IG stories, always enjoy them, that being said, do what’s best for you & your fam. With the 3 kiddos, I’m sure your followers will be supportive either way, I know I will 😘

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Sheri! xo

  24. 11.8.19
    Kathy said:

    I love the emails, I don’t have Facebook or any of the other stuff. I look forward to all your emails. Thank you!

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Great to hear, thank you Kathy!

  25. 11.9.19
    Traci Rotante said:

    Sarah….I love your blog and posts, your decorating expertise and your family values. I look forward to each Friday and often go back to see other prior blogs.

    I guess I’m trying to say is thank you for the time you take creating this blog and all the moments you share with us. So the more blogs or emails the better for me and I’m sure a bunch of other viewers.

    Have a blessed day and look forward to your posts.

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Traci, I really appreciate that!! xoxo

  26. 11.10.19
    Jenn said:

    Are you kidding?! My heart gets happy when I see a new email from your blog! You could never send to many – plus your content is incredible! But do whatever is easiest on you! We aren’t going anywhere. 🙂

    • 11.10.19
      Sarah said:

      Ah thank you Jenn, I am so happy to hear that!!

  27. 11.13.19
    Kris said:

    I just signed up to receive your blog and on day one I ordered two items that were on your “gifts for the outdoors man” section. Thanks for the ideas!

  28. 2.17.20
    Susan Gorges said:

    Daughter in law just told me about your blog. Really enjoy all of it, and I do not have instagram so it is fun to have your antics in my email. Keep up the good work.

    • 2.18.20
      Sarah said:

      oh yay!! So glad she told you about my blog, Susan. Welcome!! Hope you enjoy it. 🙂