Friday Five: An Exciting Project, The Future of Instagram, Finds Under $15 + More

Ah wonderful Friday, we meet again. Did this week fly by for anyone else? It went by super quick over here and now we are bracing for what could be an epic snow storm this weekend. The entire state is going to get slammed and some places are looking at three to four FEET of snow. I’m not thrilled about it, but we I’m trying really hard to get into a positive mindset. We actually bought a bunch of board games yesterday for the kids and we’re just going to make the best of it. Games, movies, I’ll probably bake cookies. It’s going to be fun! Anyway, I have a ton to share today so let’s hop to it!

I went into Target a few days ago and they already have all of their spring patio decor out. I picked up these adorable rubber boots! And this super cute happy spring doormat. I also grabbed this yellow mat to go along with it. We may have lots of snow coming, but at least my front porch is looking cute!

Yesterday on stories I chatted about five things I love under $15! Everything here is super inexpensive, but GOOD.

  1. Mandelic Acid 10% + HA: This is a recent skincare find for me and I am LOVING it so far. Mandelic acid helps with fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, dullness, and even acne. It’s only $6 on Sephora!
  2. Billie Razor: This super popular razor definitely lives up to the hype. But it’s the price and convenience that I love the most–the starter kit is $9 plus free shipping. Four replacement heads (which last me several weeks each) are only $9 too! BOOM.
  3. Prayer Journal: I’ve been using this for several weeks now and I am really enjoying it! Each week has sections for your prayers, weekly highlights, scripture to focus on, and more.
  4. Anti-Aging Hand Cream: This is another great Amazon find! This hand cream is super moisturizing, plus it has retinol, vitamin A, C, and E. I put it on before I go to bed at night. Gotta keep those hands looking young!
  5. Makeup Brush: I have about four of these $8 makeup brushes. They work for blush, bronzer, setting powder, etc. They’re so good!


  • I’ve been working on super exciting project the last few months and it’s finally launching in just a few days!! I can’t wait to share, I think you guys are going to LOOOOOOVE it. It was inspired by one of my favorite things–wildflowers. Here’s a clue.
  • Just got this incredible new Bible.
  • Word on the street is that Instagram is broken. Pretty much every blogger I’ve talked to in the last week has been experiencing massive drops in reach. Our pages are being hidden and it definitely seems to be an issue that goes beyond an “algorithm” update. It’s frustrating to say the least and it gets me wondering about what the future looks like for Instagram. SO many of us, myself included, have spent years building our following on that platform. But it could all go away tomorrow, which is why I’m soooooo grateful for my blog and the incredible community I have HERE. I can’t control what happens over there, but I’ll always be here, and I’m so thankful for that!
  • My MYX bike was finally delivered this week and I am SOOOO pumped to start using it. I’ll share a review after I’ve tried it for a bit!
  • This week I got my first box of wine delivered from WINC and I was so excited. They’re doing 40% off right now too!
  • There is a great deal happening on this five piece It Cosmetics bundle! The brush in this set is worth the price alone.
  • Lately I have become such a fan of all things rattan. I just love the look! It definitely has a very boho, beachy vibe, but I’m so drawn to. World Market is definitely one the most affordable place to find rattan furniture and decor, so I rounded up some favorites!



Wow, that was a long post! Thanks for hanging with me today. See you back here sooooooon. xo

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  1. 3.12.21
    Kathy said:

    On the subject of IG, I think they are censoring anyone who promotes or talks about God. I know it sounds crazy, but this cancel-culture is backed by the devil himself.
    My two cents. 😏

  2. 3.12.21

    Love everything,here in Georgia we’ve had 73 degree days this week and it’s been great.Already decorating for spring/Easter.Have a safe and blessed day.

  3. 3.12.21
    Kellie said:

    I love the round rattan bookcase! Wish I had a place for it somewhere in my house.
    I assume Instagram is using keywords to identify posts with false and harmful information relating to things going on in the world right now, but good posts are getting deleted too.

  4. 3.12.21
    Claudia said:

    Sorry to hear you are going to get hit with a big snow storm. Hope you don’t lose your electric power. You may need to bring those baby chicks into the house to stay warm Good luck

    • 3.18.21
      Sarah said:

      We kept the chicks in and warm during the storm!!

  5. 3.12.21
    Carol said:

    Your front porch looks adorable! I enjoy your stories so much and hope Instagram gets fixed! Stay safe and warm!

    • 3.18.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Carol. Appreciate you!

  6. 3.13.21
    Sharon said:

    I agree. Definitely the work of Satan. As God’s children we must stand firm, keep praising Him and praying. It makes the devil tremble.

  7. 3.13.21
    Julie said:

    Love your blog, your gorgeous home & hearing about your family & faith.

    • 3.18.21
      Sarah said:

      thank you so much Julie, I appreciate you stopping by!

  8. 3.15.21

    Love the boots and doormat.Were getting the ice now snow later. Keep those chicks warm!

    • 3.18.21
      Sarah said:

      thankfully they were cozy warm in the garage during the blizzard!

  9. 3.29.21
    Cathy said:

    Hello. Love Love your posts…. they are very inspiring. I have looked to see if anyone has inquired about the gorgeous sage green pillows w/ flowers you have on here, and where you found them. I looked at Target but no success. Please drop a line as to where you got them. Thanks and keep up the wonderful finds. 🙂