Farmhouse Style Black Accents I Love

Well, you knew this post was coming, didn’t you? I mean it had to happen eventually, right? It’s no secret that I’ve been loving black accents a LOT lately, so I figured the time had finally come to dedicate an entire post to my growing obsession with black decor. I was actually reading something the other day about how every room needs a pop of black. It’s a classic rule of design, although if I’m being really honest I rarely pay attention to design rules. I’m a rebel that way. BUT I do agree that black accents have an amazing way of giving any room a very classic and timeless look. I especially love the high contrast look of black and white, so that’s something I’ve been doing more lately in our home. And did anyone ever notice how often JoJo used black accents on Fixer Upper? They were everywhere and she always blended them in perfectly. Anyway, black accents are the bomb, so today I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorites to share. You know, in case you’ve got a room that needs a little pop of black!

First up is this black framed chalkboard. I have this in our kitchen and LOVE it. And the price is just right.

This oversized black tray is perfect for a large dining table centerpiece. Or it could also work on the coffee table with a few faux plants. There are lots of styling possibilities with this and I love the distressed look too.Farmhouse style black accents. Vintage inspired botanical prints.

You know I’ve been loving botanical prints lately, so I had to include this set of four framed prints. I love the rustic black frame and the prints are black too, which is gorgeous. These would be perfect hanging in the dining room or even over your bed. And they’re on sale right now too!

farmhouse style school house clock

I put this black oversized clock in my office and I absolutely love it. My favorite part is the old school house vibe. And it’s under $30, which is a total steal for a clock this size.

Um, how darn cute is this vintage black fan? I have one just like this and it’s one of my favorite decor pieces.

You know I love my wooden signs and this large black one is so pretty. I really like how the edges are distressed and faded slightly. I’d hang it on a white wall for a very high contrast, timeless look.

I also found this amazing family name sign in black that I am obsessed with. How gorgeous is this?! I love that you can customize it–this would make a great house warming gift.

I very rarely come across black vintage books, so these are quite the find. This leather bound book set dates back to 1906. I think these would be absolutely gorgeous in a simple vignette with some fresh flowers.

You can’t go wrong with a black ticking stripe throw pillow, am I right?! I actually searched for a while to find this one with wide stripes because I wanted the black to be more prominent. I think it’s gorgeous.

This vintage style blackboard is so darn cuuuuuute. I love this thing and I think it would be perfect hanging in a family command center.

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Well there ya have it, ten of my favorite farmhouse style black accents. I hope this was helpful if you’ve been wanting to add a little more black into your decor. And if you’re feeling brave and want to do even more, be sure to check out this post to see how we painted a few of our interior doors black. It’s seriously one of the easiest projects and it makes a HUGE difference. I am still loving our black doors and I can’t wait to do more.

I hope you have the best weekend and I’ll see you back here soooooooon! xo

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  1. Lisa L Duty wrote:

    Love all your posts! Keep ’em coming Sarah!

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  2. Eileen wrote:

    Every time I read your posts I want to go redecorate my I tore house! I absolutely Love your style, but I’m just wondering how on earth do you keep everything so clean with 3 kids? Lol

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  3. Megan wrote:

    I lOVE black accents and black doors! It instantly adds depth, contrast, and coziness! Your picks are perfect!!

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  4. Dina wrote:

    I was wondering why you didn’t trim your stairwell in black instead of the stain. Just sayin!!

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  5. Becky wrote:

    Hi Sarah, The black accents are so pretty. I’m in the middle of changing from primitive to farmhouse. I do have quite a few black accents that I thought would not be the right , for the farmhouse look. Maybe i ‘ok take a second look. You have that touch Sarah! ?xoxo Becky

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  6. Vicki wrote:

    I love to incorporate black accents in my decor! These are some awesome items, thanks for sharing. Thrift stores and yard sales are a good place to find decor items that can be painted black as well, especially metal and wood items. I have really good luck using spray paint on items made of metal, like old polished brass decor from the 80’s. I sand any rusted spots, rinse with water and wipe down with some rubbing alcohol before painting. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Posted 7.13.18 Reply
  7. Faith (NC) wrote:

    Love your style. Wondering on where the plush, pleated thick ivory curtains where purchased from(Beautiful)

    Posted 7.14.18 Reply
  8. Joi P poulin wrote:

    love the pillow…I have 2 just like in but with Navy blue stripes…

    Posted 7.14.18 Reply
  9. Jane wrote:

    Totally doing the same thing. I have black stair railings, an old stove, and large, black framed mirror. At some point I felt myself getting lost in the black accents, and had to pull back. It was supposed to be just a little bit or contrast and it was taking off in a modern way. I eliminated a few things, took some time, and found my way back to neutrals and a vintage vibe. Still have the best pieces with black, but its secondary. You are so right…do everything from your heart!

    Posted 7.15.18 Reply

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