10 Awesome Vintage Finds from Etsy

So I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things to do is browse for antiques on Etsy. It’s kinda of like the biggest barn sale ever, except you don’t have to deal with the pesky task of actually going to a barn sale and digging through a bunch of junk. Now don’t get me wrong, I looooove a good day of junkin’, but it’s also pretty cool to shop for antiques while I’m on the couch in my pajamas…eating ice cream and watching Antique Roadshow on PBS like an old lady. Plus Etsy is especially great if you don’t live close to any antique shops or awesome thrift stores. Or even if you do, it’s still hard as heck to find great stuff, particularly if you’re looking for something unique. It’s just so convenient and I could literally browse for antiques for hours, so today I thought it would be fun to do a little virtual antique shopping with you guys. I’ve rounded up 10 awesome vintage finds all from Etsy. All of these goodies are authentic antiques and I think you guys will really like them, so grab your coffee and let’s do some junkin’!

1.These vintage cutting boards are the real deal and straight from a bakery in France. The shop Chase Vintage was able to purchase an entire lot of over 100 French bread boards that were stored since the 1950’s in an industrial bakery. Each one is unique and hand made. How stinkin’ cool is that?! I absolutely love these cutting boards and they are huge too! They’d make great kitchen decor sitting pretty on the counter.

2. Another cool find from Chase Vintage is this large wooden serving tray. This is actually a vintage tulip tray from Holland and I think it would looks amazing on a coffee table with a few old books and a vase of fresh flowers or even your kitchen island with a pile of pretty dishes. This is the kind of piece that you could use all over the house!

3. You know I have an obsession with vintage kitchen scales, so when I came across this old black one I was instantly smitten. I really love black accents lately, so this little guy is perfect. And that rusty patina only adds to its charm. This shop has lots of antique scales and other really unique finds. I also found this white scale that I love too.

Vintage Seltzer Bottles

4. These vintage seltzer bottles are classic farmhouse decor. I’ve seen countless episodes of Fixer Upper with bottles like these styled on a mantel or in a pretty vignette on a coffee table. These are so cool and I actually think Etsy has way better prices than most antique stores around here in Colorado. Many are $60+, so to see these for under $30 is pretty darn good.

5. I came across this striped grain sack pouf and I thought it was so unique. How fun would this be in a living room or kids play room? I love anything with antique grain sacks, so this is a winner in my book.

Vintage chippy corbels

6. Antique corbels are one of the hardest things to find. At least for me anyway, I don’t come across them very often. Corbels can get crazy expensive, but this pair is pretty reasonably priced. And I love that chippy white paint. They would be great styled with some old books on a shelf or you could decorate with them separately.

Antique wooden tray

7. I was at one of my favorite antiques shops a few weeks ago and I came across a vintage cutlery tote just like this one. I almost bought it for our kitchen, but I was getting a few other things so I decided to pass on it. And now I’m kinda regretting it because I would love to have one. I feel like there are so many styling possibilities with this guy! You could use it for silverware or napkins like in the photo, but just a big of greenery in there would be perfect too. This shop has lots of authentic farmhouse decor at really great prices.

Vintage olive buckets

8. Looking for an authentic olive bucket?! Well look no further. This shop has a gazillion of them and they’re actually really well priced.

vintage fan

9. One of my favorite finds EVER was the antique fan I bought at an auction a few years ago. It’s actually sitting on the card catalog in our front room right now and I seriously love it. It’s such a fun piece and I’m always on the look out for a few more. I found this very similar one here and it looks like it’s from the 50’s. Isn’t it cute?!

10. These antique white picture frames are gorgeous, right?! And there are so many fun possibilities for these because you can mix and match the set. You could layer them on your mantel or if you’re looking to do a fun gallery wall with family photos this would be a great option too. They have so much character, I just love these antique frames!

Well that’s it! I could go on forever but I’ll stop here with these 10 finds. I hope you had fun doing a little virtual antique shopping with me today. I’d love to hear what you think of these goodies and if you’ve found anything great on Etsy lately. Thanks so much for dropping by the blog and spending part of your day with me. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo


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  1. 1.26.18
    sandra steele said:

    love your website/blog!!! never saw that chase shop on ETSY! good find! thanks

  2. 1.26.18
    Kelsey said:

    Thanks for doing this round up Sarah! This stuff is speaking to me for real and I might have to go on a virtual antiquing spree😬 My husband will be so happy to see more of my obsession fill the house😂 Have a blessed day!

  3. 1.26.18
    Prudy said:

    Oh my goodness… I rely on Etsy for all of the props for my blog! I actually just found/bought a vintage cookie sheet last night that I’ve been searching for forever!

    And those cutting boards? I have such a love for vintage breadboards, food blog or not, I need to have them in my kitchen, just because they’re so beautiful! These just make my heart pitter patter.. xoxo

  4. 1.26.18
    Betty in Arlington said:

    thank you for your sweet blog! You did the important research! What beautiful things from yesteryear!

  5. 1.26.18
    Julia Crutchmer said:

    I just accidentally found your blog on Pintrest last week!! What a great find. I love everything you do. I’m in the process of redoing my kitchen. I now have shiplap on one wall. I’m in love with it. It is so exciting when I open my email I find you there. I would write more but I have to go to Etsy. LOL. By the way, I feel like Chip and Joanna are my best friends. I’m planning a girl trip to Waco this spring. I’m flat out giddy about that.

  6. 1.26.18
    Darlene Moore said:

    Happy Friday everyone,

    That was a dangerous blog today Sarah . . . . . . I didn’t know this existed. (Ya, I know your’e probably wondering
    what cave I came from!! LOL) OMG, I am going to buy ALL OF THE THINGS on there. You literally created a better
    monster in me!!! Sorry, gotta cut this short . . . . . going on ETSY!! Thanks Sarah!

  7. 1.26.18
    Angela Servello said:

    Great finds. I’ve been looking for small scales forever. A lot I find have clock faces, which I don’t want. The one you picked for today is perfect. Actually, all your picks were right on. Thanks for saving me hours of searching, and thanks for sharing, you are a doll. Are you absolutely sure you don’t want a new husband? I have 2 gorgeous and wonderful sons…..I would love to have you as my daughter in law ( I sure hope my current daughter in laws aren’t reading your blog 🙊). Of course, I’m kidding…hmm am I? Yes, yes I am. Just feeling silly today, and I know you get me. Have a fun, happy day 🙏 Angela

  8. 1.26.18

    Oh My Golly, I want them all! Every single thing! Thanks for posting this. I’m going on a shopping spree!

  9. 1.26.18
    Chels said:

    I totally want that striped grain sack pouf! It’s gorgeous!

  10. 1.26.18

    Those are some gorgeous pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  11. 1.26.18
    Donalee said:

    I would never of thought of looking on Etsy for antiques. This could be dangerous! I’m on the look out for a fan. Thank you for sharing!

  12. 1.26.18

    So your post sent me on a shopping spree, although I didn’t buy anything from all your great finds…which were awesome, but I found myself searching for vintage suitcases and found one I just love and can’t wait to get it. Etsy can be a bit dangerous…LOL. Have a great weekend.

  13. 1.26.18
    Ivory said:

    You are so lucky, I wish I was there with you. So cool. I love them all.

  14. 1.27.18
    Sally said:

    Love Etsy and the great things they sell.

  15. 1.29.18
    Judy said:

    Geez!!! I feel so behind.. I’m still on your January declutter post LOL.. Also was blown away by the NO ELECTRICAL WIRING on your reading nook lights…Now Etsy, this is going to be a very busy week.. Love it !!!!

    • 1.29.18
      Sarah said:

      haha you are too funny Judy! Thanks for stopping in! xo

  16. 9.22.20
    Tali Lev Vaisler said:

    Love it !