5 Ways to Use a Letter Board

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So a few weeks ago in this post I talked about my obsession with my new letter board and I was seriously shocked at how many of you said you loved them too. Although I really shouldn’t be surprised, we tend to like the same things. High five to that! You guys are awesome. But can I just say how much fun I’ve been having with this thing over the past few weeks?! I feel like a little kid playing with a new toy. I’m completely addicted and I literally change up my board every few days. Given my growing obsession, I thought it would be fun to share 5 ways to use a letter board in your home. The possibilities are really endless with these little gems, despite their simplicity. I just love how they’re a throwback to the past. They remind me of simple days when everything wasn’t digital and instead written word was king. I can remember seeing these boards in bakeries, coffee shops, and churches when I was growing up. You probably can too. But they’re definitely not around much anymore, which is even more reason to love them. Unlike a chalkboard, these letter boards require no artistic ability. No fancy handwriting skills needed here. It’s perfect and neat every single time, which is a HUGE bonus in my book. I’m so excited to share a few of my ideas with you guys today. But before I get into it, let me start by showing you what in the heck a letter board is and how you actually use it.

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board

My letter board is from Letterfolk, which you can find on Etsy. The boards are made in the USA and this incredible company is run by a husband and wife team. They’re offered in 3 different sizes and I actually went with The Poet, which is the smallest of all the sizes they offer. And let me just say how happy I am that I chose the smaller board. Now don’t get me wrong, the larger ones are great too. But if you want to move this guy around your house like I do, I’d definitely recommend the 10×10 size. It’s perfect. Each board is made of felt and has little slotted lines, as you can see. It comes with a full set of letters, punctuation marks, and numbers. It also comes with a little bag for storing the letters, which is really handy.

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board in your Home

Each letter has a little hook like you see here, which allows you to securely put it in the slots on the board. Super easy and quick!

5 Ways to use a letter board in your home

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board

Once in the slots, the letters actually slide back and forth very easily, which makes it great for moving words around as needed.

5 ways to use a letter board

Lastly, it also comes with these convenient hooks on the back, so you can easily hang it on the wall. I was SO happy to see these! Ok, enough logistics. Let’s get into the 5 simple ways you can use this baby around your home.

On the Mantel

This board will fit perfectly on any mantel or shelf. It’s easy, effortless, and a great place to share a favorite quote or family mantra.

5 ways to use a letter board

Hanging in the Entryway

Since the board comes with those handy hooks I showed you earlier, I was able to use a little piece of twine to hang it in our entryway. I LOOOOOVE it in this spot and it’s a great place to see some inspiring words as you’re headed out the door.

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board in Your Home
5 ways to use a letter board in your home

Easy Weekly Menu

If you’re a big meal planner, or maybe someone that wants to be (like me!) this board will be super handy for writing out your weekly menu and displaying it in your kitchen.

5 ways to use a letter board in your home

In a Gallery Wall

You guys know I love a good gallery wall, but I tend to get bored looking at the same things over and over again. I think this letter board is PERFECT for transitioning your gallery wall from one season to the next. Or just changing it up as the mood strikes you. It’s also a great way to display a favorite Bible verse or maybe an important family date. Or the coordinates of a special location! See? So many possibilities.

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board 5 Ways to Use a Letter Board in Your Home

Documenting Sweet Moments & Milestones of Life

This last one is probably my favorite of all and it’s honestly the reason I wanted a letter board in the first place. These boards are awesome for documenting big milestones in life, especially with little ones around. You can use it for those adorable newborn monthly photos, first and last days of school, fun announcements, etc. It’s even perfect for those sweet everyday moments in life. Or just a fun little photo-op like this one I did with Allie. She just wanted to clarify who is really in charge around here. You know, a PSA for anyone wondering.

5 Ways to Use a Letter Board in Your Home

Well there are 5 ideas to get you started, but I could have easily listed 20 here. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination! I seriously love how fun and easy these boards are to use. Like I said earlier, they require zero artistic ability, which has always been my struggle with chalkboards. I’m absolutely awful at writing more than one word on a chalkboard without it looking like a hot mess or something a fifth grader wrote. These are just clean and easy. It looks perfect every single time. Not to mention the fact that they have that old-school, classic look I love so much.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and maybe got a few ideas for your own letter board. Here are a few other sizes and options from Letterfolk:

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5 Simple Ways to Use a Letter Board in Your Home

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  1. 5.22.17
    Heather Hoben said:

    I love it, what fun ideas!! I have something similar that I use; it’s an antique printers tray and I use scrabble tiles to write messages. Thanks for another great post Sarah!

  2. 5.22.17
    Jeanette Vincent said:

    Love the ideas! Thanks!

  3. 5.22.17
    Kellie said:

    oh, Sarah!!! I need one of these!!! love them!! and ok, Allie Elizabeth is a love!!

  4. 8.11.17

    I have one too and now you’ve inspired me to get it out and start using it. Thanks for your ever-continuing inspiration. You’re da BOMB girl.

  5. 8.30.17

    I really like how you hung your letter board near your entry way with twine. I have been wanting to add something new and fun to my house, and a letter board might be a good idea. I can see how it would be nice to hang it near a door, so you can see the saying before you leave each day.

  6. 9.18.17

    Nice tips !